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  1. I have clean copy.please let me know.
  2. 3 to go Roy Wright-Hook line&sinker Mica Vg++ 120USD incl shipping Seeburg Spotlite band-No where To Run Discotek Ex 130USD incl shipping Lee Edward - Need I Say More / Be My Own Boss Lantic VG++to EX Xol 50USD inclshipping If intereting please let me know. Thanks for looking.
  3. Lee Edward - Need I Say More / Be My Own Boss Lantic VG++to EX condition Xol $50 + shipping clip from not my copy https://youtu.be/B2lPF7m-H6Q https://youtu.be/fQMVlCwX3To
  4. ※※Buy 2 records free shipping※※ Porgy & The Monarchs-That's My Girl Sylves VG++ DH $60 + shipping Chuck Jackson-Hand It Over Wand VG++ $40+shipping The Olympics-Mine Exclusively Mirwood EX $20+shipping The Mugwumps-Bald Headed Woman / Jug Band Music Sidewalk VG++ $20+shipping Roy Head-Treat Her Right Backbeat VG+toVG++ $15+shipping Sir Douglas Quintet-The Rains Came Tribe VG++ $15+shipping Payment as paypal gift only ※※Buy 2 records free shipping※※ Thanks for looking.
  5. Cozy Corley-It's All Over Malaco EX $90 Seeburg Spotlite Band-No Where To Run Discotek M- $170 Shirley Lawson-So Much To Me / Sad Sad Day Enterprise EX $80 Winfield Parker-I Love You Just The Same / My Love Rujac EX $400
  6. Vala Reegan-Fireman Atco WD VG++ to EX $234 free shipping https://youtu.be/yfNDYa9oq1Y Bill Pursell-Heartbeat Spar EX $156 free shipping https://youtu.be/1RSyedzqlHg
  7. Al Freed-Baby Workout /Jimmy Grant-If You Wanna Be Happy Peak VG++ 25 plus shipping R&B popcorn Bill Moss-Number One Ben EX 30 plus shipping 60's soul https://youtu.be/_D3e-3ZbdW8 Billy Shields-I Was A Boy Harbour M- 20 plus shipping great middle tempo northern soul https://youtu.be/rwW554eIXb4 Bob Brady-I Love You Baby/Illusion Chariot VG+ SOL 30 plus shipping great double sider The Headliners-I'm So Tired Val EX 25 plus shipping https://youtu.be/3WN40ZO6GZw The Jordan Bros,-Its You Girl Golden Chariot EX 20 plus shipping Pete Cooke-Little Darlin' Dimension EX 25usd plus shipping Deep soul
  8. Les Très Femmes-Listen To Your Mama Phil La of soul EX 100USD plus shipping Tim-I Need You Love Celtex EX 60USD plus shipping Otis Clay-Got To Find Away One Derful EX 40USD plus shipping The Sensations-I Won't Be Hurt EX 30USD plus shipping Willie Parker-I Live The Life I Love M-pac M- 30USD plus shipping
  9. Bart Jackson - Dancing Man Decca pink promo EX $50 Bethea - Whenever I Look At You Sabu EX $40 Bob and Earl - The Sissy Chene EX $20 Bobby Angelle - Too Much For You Money EX $200 The Cold Brothers - Hold Me , Hold Me Bullet VG+ $15 Earl "Duke" Jenkins - Misusin' Me Bee NM- $30 Frankie & Robert - Love Tragar NM- $50 Jay Lyle - How Good Can It Get? Angel city EX $100 Jimmy "Soul" Clark - All Your Lovin' / Nothing Like A Mother Teek VG+ $50 Rare one from him Lee Edward-Need I Say More Lantic EX x on label $70 Oliver Bush - Please Come Back My Love Jubilee WD EX $50 Scientists Of Soul - Be's That A Way Sometime Kashe VG+ to VG++ $25 The Sharades-Wild About Your Lovin Fascination NM- $50 The Spokesmen - Better Days Are Yet To Come Decca SOL VG+ sound clean $60 Tee Fletcher - Would You Do It For Me / Down In The Country Tragar NM 60 Willie Harper - But I Couldn't Alon WD EX $20 Payment via Paypal Gift please shipping will be $14 for over sea Thanks for looking.
  10. daimon


  11. Jeanette Williams Lance and the Spirits Lewis Clark Luther Ingram Reasons For Being Yvonne & The Violets sold
  12. Bethea-Whenever I Look At You EX $50 Bill Pursell-Heartbeat EX $100 Bobby Lee Watson-Very First Time M- $200 Cozy Corley-It's All Over M- $150 Gerri Hall-Who Can I Run To "No drum roll start" version VG+ plays great offer Jeanette Williams - Something's Got A Hold On Me EX $250 Lance and the Spirits-The Perfect Combination EX $70 Lewis Clark-I Need Your Lovin' So Bad EX- $400 Luther Ingram-I Need You Now / Run For Your Life EX $350 Prince Ella and Sidney Jones-Baby I Got To Cut You Loose / Baby Sugar I Love You Pink Label Orig issue M offer The Reasons For Being-Changes VG+ $100 SeeBurg Spotlite Band-No Where To Run M- $150 Shirley Lawson-So Much To Me M- $80 Sy Risby-Hope We Have Rare 60's Canadian Original NM $180 Vala Reegan-Fireman VG+ + $250 Winfield Parker-My Love / I Love You Just The Same EX $350 Yvonne & The Violets - Cross My Heart WD M- $200 Thanks for looking.
  13. Payment by paypal only. The Prophets - Talk Don't Bother Me Jubilee M- $30+ shipping Jimmy "Soul" Clark - Nothing Like A Mother TEEK VG++ $40+ shipping The Fabulous Apollos - Some Good In Everything Bad Valtone M- $70+ shipping Hold The Spidells - If It Ain't One Thing CORAL Ex $80+ shipping Sold Ricky Rezell - What You Bet PONCELLO EX $100+ shipping Jounior Wells - That Will Hold Me Bright Star EX $20+ shipping Frankie Coe - Little Bitty Pretty One / Once there was a man Brunswick yellow label EX $70+ shipping Tom Dooley - Plastic Saddle M- $60+ shipping Scientists Of Soul - Be's That -A-Way Sometime on Kashe VG++toEx $15+ shipping Tyrone Davis - I Wanna Be Good Company Hit Sound M- $10+ shipping Mike Finnigan - Bread & Water Rhythm & Soul Ex $25+ shipping Billy Harner - She's Almost You Open VG++toEx $20+ shipping Jimmy Bee-Talkin' 'Bout Love on 20th century fox VG+ plays good $25+ shipping The Sharades-Wild About Your Lovin on Fascination M- $40+ shipping The Catalinas-Laughin' Through Tears on Pagoda EX $40+ shipping Hold Al"TNT" Braggs-Out Of The Pain / Joy To My Soul EX $20+ shipping Earl"Duke"Jenkins-Misusin' Me Rare WD EX $25+ shipping Sy Risby-Hope We Have Rare 60's Canadian Original NM $200+ shipping Thanks for looking.
  14. Luther Ingram-Run For Your Life / I Need You Now on HurdyGurdy EX $345+shipping Seeburg Spotlite Band-No Where To Run on Seeburg EX $200+shipping Bobby Lee Watson-Very First Time on Maureen EX $130+shipping Payment via paypal gift. Thanks for looking.

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