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  1. Can highly recommend a band we've worked with many times called The FLiKS ....... Portsmouth based but gig all over the country. Mostly soul and motown, they can also put w few popper ones in if necessary ..... and the bloke in the band are also doing a few hammond instrumental numbers too.
  2. Loving that selection ....... we do a night in Portsmouth called FUNK KLUB (well, I help out with the funk klub DJs) once a month. Only in a bar, but plenty of funk! We have a guest DJ each month too, this is the recent one with Dom Cater as guest. His set for the first hour of this and then a bit of a free for all for the second hour: https://soundcloud.com/funk-klub/dom-cater-281114mp3
  3. Like the colour of that, I've not seen it before. I've accumulated this set up
  4. I've got a set of these ….. can be picked up for £50. Do a good job. https://www.whathifi.com/akg/k451/review
  5. and i should have said, the ones in the pic are around 60 or 70 LPs and 150 singles I think.
  6. A mate of mine has a couple of boxes for sale. A matching 12" and 7" pair ……. looking for £90 plus postage i think: He can also make them to order, he does about 4 different sizes from 100 x 7" upwards. I can find out but i think they are around £60 or so plus postage. great quality.
  7. a bit bigger ….. and not a box …… but i've got one of these. light and easy to carry, keeps records safe too due to the padding. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/magma-7-single-bag-150-ii-black/341640-01/
  8. Marvin & Tammi - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for me (just shades Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back") - neither rare but fantastic tunes.
  9. I didn't watch it on tv ….. but saw the clip. one of our friends (local soulie and DJ) was dancing. i thought it looked like a bit of fun, no harm at all. not sure her "costume" was her own though
  10. i've got a couple of columbias and a mixer ....... i like them but would worry about playing valuable 45s on them due to the weight of the stylus and what i can only guess is a magnet drawing it to the record (you can play them upside down!). i think soundburger is my favourite though ... most portable and private for listening to tracks.

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