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  1. hipshaker 05

  2. Recommend a soulful party band? Midlands

    Can highly recommend a band we've worked with many times called The FLiKS ....... Portsmouth based but gig all over the country. Mostly soul and motown, they can also put w few popper ones in if necessary ..... and the bloke in the band are also doing a few h...
  3. How Did Your Footy Team Do Today - Season 2015/16?

    things looking up at pompey ....... unbeaten in the league and top of the table.
  4. What's Your Favourite Funk 45

    Loving that selection ....... we do a night in Portsmouth called FUNK KLUB (well, I help out with the funk klub DJs) once a month. Only in a bar, but plenty of funk! We have a guest DJ each month too, this is the recent one with Dom Cater as guest. His ...
  5. Portable Record Players

    Like the colour of that, I've not seen it before. I've accumulated this set up
  6. Headphones?

    I've got a set of these ….. can be picked up for £50. Do a good job. http://www.whathifi.com/akg/k451/review
  7. The Best Record Boxes For Sale

    and i should have said, the ones in the pic are around 60 or 70 LPs and 150 singles I think.
  8. The Best Record Boxes For Sale

    A mate of mine has a couple of boxes for sale. A matching 12" and 7" pair ……. looking for £90 plus postage i think: He can also make them to order, he does about 4 different sizes from 100 x 7" upwards. I can find out but i think they are around ...
  9. The Best Record Boxes For Sale

    a bit bigger ….. and not a box …… but i've got one of these. light and easy to carry, keeps records safe too due to the padding. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/magma-7-single-bag-150-ii-black/341640-01/
  10. Soul Source Favourite Motown Song

    Marvin & Tammi - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for me (just shades Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back") - neither rare but fantastic tunes.
  11. South London Soul Train - Opinions Please On Young Soulies ?

    Good luck with it Rob …. sounds like a great gig.
  12. The Brits

    I didn't watch it on tv ….. but saw the clip. one of our friends (local soulie and DJ) was dancing. i thought it looked like a bit of fun, no harm at all. not sure her "costume" was her own though
  13. Portable Record Players

    i've got a couple of columbias and a mixer ....... i like them but would worry about playing valuable 45s on them due to the weight of the stylus and what i can only guess is a magnet drawing it to the record (you can play them upside down!). i ...
  14. I Want Two Of These

    love a pair of those!

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