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  1. Mine this morning Did she go coloured vinyl? Mines red but was wondering if there are other colours?
  2. Or could have set a reserve but hey it is what it is, took a chance with auction without one and someone got a bargain.
  3. I am having a little ironic chuckle to myself thinking if I’d originally put up a swap for 3 or 4 tunes like Salvation I’d have been quids in
  4. The chance you take with auctions Also if I’d pulled it (and others pull when not getting high bids) how can the auction have any integrity and that wouldn’t have been fair on John let alone anything else
  5. The David Gage was mine and yes went for less than expected but some you win and some you lose Tbh I much prefer the Otis Busch version which is more my style hence why let this go. I had before put the David Gage up for offers and only had one person come back to me which in all honesty I thought was astonishing but their offer was low. It’s a funny old lark this collecting game as so many inferior records that are less rare make big money yet a quality rarity like David Gage didn’t in this instance Btw I didn’t pull it as thought would be unfair to do so.
  6. Drake & The En-Solids - Please Leave Me on Alteen M- condition £165 inc 1st class UK post payment by PayPal F&F
  7. 1st issue limited pressed higher up teardrop mint (never played) £25 inc. 1st class UK post.
  8. Back in about 2005 I had really lovely mint demo of Jimmy Fraser. It arrived on a Thursday from the states and I was pleased as punch. On the Saturday I took it to play it out and we were using my decks, the guy who was on before me asked if it was ok to use his cartridges so I said yeah of course. Yep you guessed it, when we swapped over it was the first record I played (vocal side ) and his crappy carts caused cue burn on it Was absolutely gutted
  9. YOP was to promote the stay in school ethic and not released commercially, Jimmy Fraser was commercial release that didn’t sell well - issue copies are much harder than promos.
  10. Richard


    Prices include 1st class UK post. Payment by PayPal f&f. The Charades M- rarer issue £120 Bettye Swann Ex £35 The Drifters Ex £30 The Ad Libs M- £120 Betty Harris Ex £40 Sold Eddie Lee Mattison Ex+ £40 Sandra Richardson M- £35 Betty Everett Ex £20 The Mighty Marvellos M- £20 Sold Donnie Elbert Ex £30 Sold Ted Taylor Ex- £25 Z Z Hill Ex- £30 Mighty Clouds Of Joy M- £25 Cre-Shendos Ex £100 Sold Exsavyons Ex £100 Sold Sunday Vg++ £100 Sold Delacardos Ex £30 Benny Latimore M- £40 Al Robinson Vg++ £35 Alfreda Brockington Ex £45 Sold Chandlers M- £65

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