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  1. In demand and some people got more money than sense
  2. Not really understanding why they would need to do a new acetate when it was originally on Pye anyway? Anyhow, was expecting Eric & Ernie to come skipping along in the background.
  3. Been listening to this a lot lately, the b side of Love’s Philosophy
  4. Sorry but it did make me giggle when John passes it over in a landing net
  5. On Soultownie mint never been played, numbered limited release on 7”. Monster floor filler that was included on Luxury Soul 2020 album. £30 inc 1st class recorded delivery
  6. If anyone has going spare please let me know condition and price. Many thanks
  7. 1st press with higher up teardrop £22.50 includes 1st class recorded delivery. Latin tinged winner.
  8. Any chance of last 2 weeks results please ?
  9. Ex condition £75 inc 1st class recorded delivery to UK
  10. Was just looking and seems everything on Planetary was either written and/or produced by David Gates.
  11. Found this review "Ain't That Love" by Dorothy Berry is a superior, uptempo Northern soul dance floor filler, driven by guitar, harmonica and powerful drumming, female backing vocals supporting Dorothy as she forcefully expresses her undying affection for her man. Cash Box reviewed the record favourably in its 5 December 1964 issue:- Dot's new R&B subsid is underway with an infectious dance-romp. Besides the effective warble by the lark, there's fine percussion-guitar-harmonica work and a femme chorus. Can show speedy chart results. Unfortunately, their prediction did not prove accurate, the record failing to chart.
  12. One of the other interesting facts about YBWO is it was written by David Gates who found fame with Bread in the 70s
  13. Thanks for the info Sebastian, just seem such weird markets to go for. Would have thought UK, France, Germany etc. would have been a better shot for the label to move more product for the same effort if you see what I mean.
  14. Never ceases to amaze me where some of these tracks got issued, not meaning it in a funny way but what sort of market would there have been for a South African or Danish release? Must have only been couple of hundred copies sold at the time if that?

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