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  1. 5000 45s, 1000 Lps, lots of soundfiles and useful/useless information. Have a peek! seriouslysoulful.com
  2. Just finished having a good look through the 45s and adding 100s more to the site. I thought some price increases might be called for, but in the end far more went down than went up! Now nearly 5000 45s. 60s, northern, crossover, 70s and lots of deep and ballads. Go on. Have a peek. https://seriouslysoulful.com/
  3. The sound of soul city.... Pick up on this! I recorded all the shows in the early 80s. Friday, 6.00 o'clock... highlight of the week! And, for me, the first mention of Kent LPs and all that entailed. I wrote to him once about a record and received a long, handwritten and very considered letter. Thank you PY.
  4. Articles and discographies on the Supremes, Martha & Vandellas, Gladys Knight, Kim Weston, Marvelettes, Mary Wells, Velvelettes, Claudette Robinson, Brenda Holloway, Tammi Terrell... Free to an appreciative home. Maybe someone collects these?
  5. Buddy Hottinger, 'I Need Your Loving' Tanya M- £100.00 Pat Hunt, 'Why Do You Do Me Like You Do' Grand ex £50.00 Wilee McEwen, 'Hello Darling' STYB ex £75.00 Johnny Soul & The Manchesters, 'Always Hurt Her So' M- Dome £75.00
  6. The Ambassadors, 'Too Young For Me/Pork Chops' Fleet vg++ wol £150.00
  7. Ben Summers

    Slow and Low, Bristol

    Slow and Low special 4.00pm - 1.00am Sweet, deep and lowriders all the way with Tommy Charles, Ben Summers, Jason Starr, Will Em and others tbc... outside, under cover, excellent pub
  8. Dean & Jean, 'Lovingly yours' Rust M- £25.00 Billie Dearborn, 'You need me to love you' Bell DJ vg++ xol £40.00 Dynamics, 'Old shoes and rice' SAA-CE vg++ £75.00 Phil Flower, 'Comin' home to you' Columbia DJ M- £40.00 Four Puzzles, 'Especially for you' Fat Back ex £50.00 Milton Harris, 'You should have told me' Mutt M- £40.00 Major Lance, 'Too hot to hold' Okeh vg++ £40.00 Ketty Lester, 'Please don't cry anymore' RCA DJ M- £40.00 Gloria Lynne, 'You don't have to be a tower of strength' Everest ex £50.00 The Opals, 'I'm so afraid' Okeh M- £80.00
  9. Are you still looking? If so, I'll do a little price research! Ben
  10. My incredibly brilliant soul novel is now available on Amazon as a paperback at the extortionate price of £11.50 (of which I get 30p). It's still there on kindle at £2.99. 'Recommended! Funny as hell, sharp as a knife, bittersweet and exciting!' according to some bloke called Hans. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1980675619/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1528890900&sr=8-11&keywords=ben+summers
  11. The Epsilons - The echo - Stax M- £50.00 The Intentions - Don't forget that I love you - Philips (black) ex £75.00 The Invitations - Hallelulah/Written on the wall - Dynovoice M- £40.00 The Mandells - True love is hard to find - Jubilee DJ M- £40.00 The Matadors - You'd be crying too - Keith DJ vg+ £100.00 The Players - Why did I lie - Minit ex £40.00 The Prophets - I don't love you no more baby/Don't you think it's time - Jubilee DJ M- £50.00 The Varios - Operator operator operator - Amy vg++ £50.00 PM for more details. Thanks, Ben
  12. The Enchanted Five 'Try a little love' CVS ex £75.00 Forbidden Circle, 'Hangin' on a thread' Down Home M- £75.00 Virgil Henry, 'I'll be true' Colossus ex £50.00 Al Jones, 'I'm gonna love you' Amy M- £30.00 The Kittens, 'How long' Chess M- £25.00 Annette Poindexter, 'You'll get it right back' Brena ex £25.00 Smoke Sugar Company, 'Save a little love for a rainy day' Teri De vg++ £75.00 Sheryl Swope, 'Run to me' vg+ Duo vg+ £40.00 Wales Wallace, 'We're not happy' Bashie WDJ ex £60.00 ALL SOLD EXCEPT THE ENCHANTED FIVE
  13. Sir Guy Armond, 'God bless the woman' Scamm DJ M- £150.00 Gary Carl & The Orchids, 'Baby stay and make me happy' Philips M- £150.00 The Colt Brothers, 'Hold me, hold me' Bullet M- £75.00 EJ & The Echoes, 'Treat me right' Diamond Jim vg++ £50.00 Chuck Flamingo, 'Love love love' Rojac vg++ wol £40.00 Billy Floyd, 'Sweeter than candy' 20th Century DJ ex £50.00 Willie Hutch, 'Can't fight the power' Soul City DJ M- £50.00 The Invincibles, 'Woman is the soul of a man' WB DJ vg++ £40.00 Lawrence & The Arabians, 'I'll try harder' Hem vg++ £75.0
  14. Richetta Osborn, 'My Sweet Baby' Blue River ex, storming northern £200.00
  15. All white demos: Freddie Scott, 'Mr Heartache' Columbia ex £75.00 April, May & June, 'He went away' RCA vg++ £50.00 The Wanderers, 'After he breaks your heart' UA ex £40.00 Roger Pace, 'You better know what you're doing' Twirl M- wol £40.00 Roy Hamilton, 'I am' Epic vg++ wol £40.00 Jimmy Dotson, 'I used to be a loser' Volt M- £40.00 Vickie Baines, 'Losing you' Parkway ex £75.00 Kenny Carter, 'I've gotta find her' RCA vg++ £50.00 SOLD seriouslysoulful.com
  16. George Jackson, 'I don't have the time to love you' Mercury vg++ £175.00
  17. Any interest in this? Excellent condition.
  18. Ace Spectrum, 'Don't Send Nobody Else' Atlantic ex £40.00 The Futures, 'Party Time Man' PIR M- £30.00 Buddy Miles, 'Just a Kiss Away' Columbia vg++ £150.00 James Walsh Gypsy Band, 'Cuz it's you girl' RCA M- £100.00
  19. Roy Hamilton, 'You Shook Me Up' RCA WDJ M- £200.00 SOLD
  20. Seriously Soulful - it’s a Springtime Sunday ShindigMay 6th 2018. 2pm until the witching hour. Clare, Ali & Lloydee have been drafted out of the reserves and are the hip new gunslingers for the ongoing biannual Seriously Soulful events. Keeping the Thrower/Summers legacy alive by bringing our favourite disc spinners together; so who is up for a Spring Bank Holiday frolic in Bristol ?Spearheading the soul attack is Cliff Steele, a name that needs no introduction to the vinyl cognoscenti but really should belong to a TV detective. Always able to surprise with his classy box of delights, Clif
  21. Review by Hans of Fingerpoppin' Soul: For soul people this is a must read. The book is full of intimate references to the core of what constitutes soul music and the passion people have for it. The book also has a great plot that reveals itself gradually. It is also a philosophy book about life. There is also superb humour in the book: records buried in a grave, a dog named after a famous soul dj, hilarious also for those not in the know... read this book to understand soul music and why it is the greatest artistic achievement of humanity. (The record's in the post.)
  22. News/Article/Feature Highlight: News about a new ebook book now available by member Ben aka @ben summers Looking for Romance (with Steve Davis) View full article

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