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  1. ben summers

    R&B x 4

    Buddy Hottinger, 'I Need Your Loving' Tanya M- £100.00 Pat Hunt, 'Why Do You Do Me Like You Do' Grand ex £50.00 Wilee McEwen, 'Hello Darling' STYB ex £75.00 Johnny Soul & The Manchesters, 'Always Hurt Her So' M- Dome £75.00
  2. ben summers

    Ambassadors, 'Too Young For Me'

    The Ambassadors, 'Too Young For Me/Pork Chops' Fleet vg++ wol £150.00
  3. ben summers

    Slow and Low, Bristol

    Slow and Low special 4.00pm - 1.00am Sweet, deep and lowriders all the way with Tommy Charles, Ben Summers, Jason Starr, Will Em and others tbc... outside, under cover, excellent pub
  4. ben summers

    A few more 60s midtempo...

    Dean & Jean, 'Lovingly yours' Rust M- £25.00 Billie Dearborn, 'You need me to love you' Bell DJ vg++ xol £40.00 Dynamics, 'Old shoes and rice' SAA-CE vg++ £75.00 Phil Flower, 'Comin' home to you' Columbia DJ M- £40.00 Four Puzzles, 'Especially for you' Fat Back ex £50.00 Milton Harris, 'You should have told me' Mutt M- £40.00 Major Lance, 'Too hot to hold' Okeh vg++ £40.00 Ketty Lester, 'Please don't cry anymore' RCA DJ M- £40.00 Gloria Lynne, 'You don't have to be a tower of strength' Everest ex £50.00 The Opals, 'I'm so afraid' Okeh M- £80.00 Mr Tears (Paris), 'Don't lead me on' 4J ex £50.00 Larry Williams, 'This old heart' Okeh M- £75.00 Please PM for postage and any more details. Thanks, Ben
  5. ben summers


    PM sent
  6. ben summers

    lenny williams - i couldnt find nobody - fantasy

    Are you still looking? If so, I'll do a little price research! Ben
  7. My incredibly brilliant soul novel is now available on Amazon as a paperback at the extortionate price of £11.50 (of which I get 30p). It's still there on kindle at £2.99. 'Recommended! Funny as hell, sharp as a knife, bittersweet and exciting!' according to some bloke called Hans. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1980675619/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1528890900&sr=8-11&keywords=ben+summers
  8. ben summers

    Group midtempo x 8

    The Epsilons - The echo - Stax M- £50.00 The Intentions - Don't forget that I love you - Philips (black) ex £75.00 The Invitations - Hallelulah/Written on the wall - Dynovoice M- £40.00 The Mandells - True love is hard to find - Jubilee DJ M- £40.00 The Matadors - You'd be crying too - Keith DJ vg+ £100.00 The Players - Why did I lie - Minit ex £40.00 The Prophets - I don't love you no more baby/Don't you think it's time - Jubilee DJ M- £50.00 The Varios - Operator operator operator - Amy vg++ £50.00 PM for more details. Thanks, Ben
  9. ben summers

    A few crossover...

    The Enchanted Five 'Try a little love' CVS ex £75.00 Forbidden Circle, 'Hangin' on a thread' Down Home M- £75.00 Virgil Henry, 'I'll be true' Colossus ex £50.00 Al Jones, 'I'm gonna love you' Amy M- £30.00 The Kittens, 'How long' Chess M- £25.00 Annette Poindexter, 'You'll get it right back' Brena ex £25.00 Smoke Sugar Company, 'Save a little love for a rainy day' Teri De vg++ £75.00 Sheryl Swope, 'Run to me' vg+ Duo vg+ £40.00 Wales Wallace, 'We're not happy' Bashie WDJ ex £60.00 ALL SOLD EXCEPT THE ENCHANTED FIVE
  10. ben summers

    A handful of northern...

    Sir Guy Armond, 'God bless the woman' Scamm DJ M- £150.00 Gary Carl & The Orchids, 'Baby stay and make me happy' Philips M- £150.00 The Colt Brothers, 'Hold me, hold me' Bullet M- £75.00 EJ & The Echoes, 'Treat me right' Diamond Jim vg++ £50.00 Chuck Flamingo, 'Love love love' Rojac vg++ wol £40.00 Billy Floyd, 'Sweeter than candy' 20th Century DJ ex £50.00 Willie Hutch, 'Can't fight the power' Soul City DJ M- £50.00 The Invincibles, 'Woman is the soul of a man' WB DJ vg++ £40.00 Lawrence & The Arabians, 'I'll try harder' Hem vg++ £75.00 The Magnificent Men, 'I've got news' Capitol M- £50.00 The Sadly Mistaken, 'Golden earrings' Marc vg+ £75.00 Marvin L Sims, 'Now I'm in love with you' Mellow ex £60.00 Beverly Shaffer, 'I simply love him' One-derful DJ M- £50.00 The Themes, 'Bent out of shape' Minit DJ M- £80.00 Marty Thompson, 'Whirlpool' Sir Ben M- £60.00 seriouslysoulful.com
  11. ben summers

    Richetta Osborn, 'My Sweet Baby'

    Richetta Osborn, 'My Sweet Baby' Blue River ex, storming northern £200.00
  12. ben summers

    Eight lovely beat ballads

    Oh yes! A mistake.
  13. ben summers

    Eight lovely beat ballads

    All white demos: Freddie Scott, 'Mr Heartache' Columbia ex £75.00 April, May & June, 'He went away' RCA vg++ £50.00 The Wanderers, 'After he breaks your heart' UA ex £40.00 Roger Pace, 'You better know what you're doing' Twirl M- wol £40.00 Roy Hamilton, 'I am' Epic vg++ wol £40.00 Jimmy Dotson, 'I used to be a loser' Volt M- £40.00 Vickie Baines, 'Losing you' Parkway ex £75.00 Kenny Carter, 'I've gotta find her' RCA vg++ £50.00 SOLD seriouslysoulful.com
  14. George Jackson, 'I don't have the time to love you' Mercury vg++ £175.00
  15. Then you should have this:


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