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  1. Thankyou for getting back to me via PM.I will now spend the fiver on..........BEER!!
  2. Will that be before or after the comedian,bingo & soup in-a-basket?!!!
  3. And worth every penny IMHO. " Only you could teach a robin not to sing" What a line,what a rekkid,far-out!!
  4. Kurt Harris- Emporer of my babys' heart.Procured blind from the US back in the 90's on the back of some buzz surrounding the title on the scene.What a load of complete BOLLOCKS this record is.And people are still after it!!!!!
  5. You'll find it on You-Tube (tho in four parts) if you search.Yes very well put together.
  6. Neil,you said the beer prices had gone-up recently? Will that be more than two-bob a pint then? 'Cause the last time i went out,beer was one-and-ten a pint and Sky Sports was in black&white!!! Hope to join you.Les Ash.
  7. Ooh,i do hope so since i have a whole case of 'em to move on in due course!!!!
  8. Originally commisioned and screened on BBC2 under the Screen2 branding.Well worth finding if never seen,a feel-good production,IMHO.
  9. And an old mate of mine from Quinton in Brum supplied the ice cream van!!!
  10. Thanks for the guiding light.I'm old to soul but new to this forum,so just still finding my feet and checking out how it all works,cause having read numerous threads these last few months,could there be some dodgy geezers about these here parts?LOL And is there any point in offering a rekkid for sale that's already sold? Don't bother replying 'cause i've got the point.
  11. Three already sold within six miniutes of posting,without any reply on this site?that's good business,unless of course i'm missing something!!!
  12. Jerry (Hippo) Hipkiss together with two mirror images of his-fineself!! This guy has championed the radio broadcast of soul/northern soul since the early eighties(not-a lot of people know that) A national treasure in this part of Gloucestershire.Oh, by the way it's his birthday today.Not sure how old but may i borrow your bus pass tomorrow kid, i need to go into town to the bank!!!!
  13. Why do the original Arctic 45 label scans look,by and large,always 'authenticaly distressed' i.e. VG+? or worn to be honest.
  14. Would the Earl Van Dyke be a stereo press?
  15. With Stanley Mitchell- Get it baby, for me possibly my fave Northern track..Relentless Detroit vibe,rapping lyrics meaning not-a-lot but such a feel to want these cinquentarian limbs to want to get up and get DOWN!!! But it's the getting back up afterwards,eh?!! If this one doesn't make you head for the floor,check your pulses kids,you may be dead alrrady!!LOL
  16. Seem to have hit the wrong button just then with my genuine reply to Nige Browns' thread on Shag Conners' & the Carrot Crunchers.Now there was an act guarenteed to make you piss-yourself laughing,even when you didn't need a piss!! A loveley guy and true professional performer together with his live cock (!) on stage with him. Incidentally he lived in or around the Yate area,when Yate was going on.Did anyone ever witness a guy there wearing a yokel smock with a big cock in his hand?? LOL. RIP 'ol Shag. Have the same album Nige, minter and autographed as well,by Shag,not the cock!! Is it worth 'owt? LOL
  17. Why would anyone want a VG+ copy? Such a lovely record and quiet in all the right places!! All that 'crackle & pop' would surely spoil the listening experience?
  18. Checkout the demo copy for sale,it's date stamped.
  19. Embers on MGM.Release date would appear to be Sept 15th 1970.Demo copy for sale at www.chazesrecords.com.
  20. Did you advise the recepient of you're intention to despatch the day before? I suspect not,otherwise the recipient may have been in,to sign for the delivery.I suspect that communication between you's two was at fault here.Otherwise you could have mailed to the place of work. A full time job!!! I remember those days,i wish i still had one!! But common sense and talking to your customers,hey baby,that's where it's at!
  21. Three before eight? It has to be a strong coffee,a ciggie & most days a particularly dynamic number two!!! Only being honest,because we are considering 8AM!!!
  22. The late,great George Williams at his best.Always check-out your 'B' sides. Oh.and the deadwax of course!!

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