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  1. WC-605B....Simply stunning and beautiful in equal measure. Thankyou sir.
  2. Great transaction....smooth, easy, no messing. A gent to deal with. Thanks Les

  3. Many thanks for the reply and link. Looks to be the very ones.
  4. Seventeen days now of being furloughed with clearly far too much time on my hands!!! Just thought i'd throw this out there...Whatever happened to 'em? Had a few bits from them mid 90's as i recall. Stay well everyone,Les Ash.
  5. The Peoples Choice - Don't send me away.Recorded at Sigma in Philly.What is soul?....It's here. Les Ash
  6. Did anyone catch the closing price of this on US Ebay the other day? Last i saw was $2550,then i had to go and catch my beauty sleep.Those that Know me can testify it 'aint working!! Thanks all,Les Ash.
  7. I have for sale a set of golf clubs.....Mint unplayed!! Here's the schpiel..I purchased these in 1991 with all best intentions of taking-up the noble game.It never happened and now 25years later it's ever more unlikely to. Tanaka of Japan,right handers comprising no.s 2 & 4 drivers with graphite heads.3/4/5/6/7/8 Pro impact irons. Sand & pitching wedges plus putter.That's eleven golf-bats in all,Complete with carry bag,some balls and the original bill of sale. I'm looking for 50 of her majestys' quids.Buyer would need to organise thier own courier (Parcel2go or similar).
  8. Fills the floor at Gloucester soul nites? !!!!! I've not been out for a while, might just make it a while longer.Staying-in.......It's the new going-out!!LOL.Les Ash,Gloucester.
  9. This bloke is a joke.I ordered a £6 45 from his website last week.one of two listed at the same price of £6.The one i ordered was in ex condition and i made it clear that that was my choice when placing my order.When i confrmed payment had been sent,i made a comment-not the one with the label damage......So what arrives in the post on Saturday? Yep,the one with the label damage ( which is actually also warped).On checking his website the same day i notice the one i had ordered is now listed at £20!! The cheeky git also charged me £3 for post.Ok a couple of stiffeners in a jiffy bag!! Nice!! H
  10. Yeah Ian,but you didn't have the courtesey to reply to my PM on here on April 14th,threatening you with a Natwest cheque or a fist of cash for a record you had up in sales.'Cause i don't or even want to do Paypal.Strange that there are so many lovely guys on here who are more than happy to recieve my 'spondooliks' in the post. Les Ash.
  11. Hey Colin,that Fab Apollas-Determination was a steal.I earned £7-50 a week back then.....Could have bought at least seven and a half of 'em!! Hope you're well sir,keeping the faith..but most of all taking care of that silky voice-over thing that's been going on since 'Dancing in the streets,with Colin Day...what can i say..out 'a sight tonight..baby'!! On a radio station just-up the motorway from me. Not just great but precious times.Les Ash.
  12. That's easy for you to say!! LOL
  13. Four from me,Annabelle Fox-Lonely Girl-Satin.Toni Harper-Someone's Crying-Charter.Suzy Wallis-A time for us-Rca,and......Timi Yuro-Get out of my life-Mercury (enough to make a grown man cry!!) Les Ash.

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