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  1. martin

    need a new email off you to pass on a request from a museum ref one of your articles



  2. It was pressed up by Stan Lewis at Bill's request to promote the band, "If you had a record, you got paid more and got more gigs" (Bill Bush). As far as I can gather although it's never been 100% clear and I don't think anyone could really recall, Stan did st...
  3. Just wanted to chip into this on 'Bill Bush' to set the record straight. In 2004 I tracked Bill down through the local paper, the rest is history and we became friends up to his untimely death in 2014. Over the years I sold several copies of his single I...
  4. News: Bill Bush RIP.

    Just saw this, yes it's a swamp pop ballad.
  5. Bill Bush RIP.

    Some of you may have heard that the musician and songwriter, Bill Bush, died this week after falling at his home. He was 70. Bill recorded 'Velvet Touch / I'm Waiting' on Ronn in the mid 60s and played with the Fabulous Carousels, a.k.a Little Johnny Clark, p...
  6. News: Bill Bush RIP.

    This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Gene Toones For Sale On Ebay

    No more 'off eBay offers' on this please. I'm waiting for one to confirm, but likely to leave it to finish on eBay unless it's too good to pass up. Thank you for your interest but with 24hrs to go I need to draw the line. Cheers, M
  8. Gene Toones For Sale On Ebay

    My original demo copy (Simco 30,000) of one of the most in-demand northern soul records of all time, Gene Toons - What more do you want (from my life). Musically, a masterpiece in every way. A truly superb vocalist coupled with one of the most haunting and co...
  9. Thanks for your replies on this guys, much appreciated. An abridged version is on this month's New Untouchables magazine, NUTSmag http://www.newuntouchables.com
  10. CALEDONIASOUL - Return of the original DJ team

    Return of Caledoniasoul to Glasgow after a long break. 60s newies, underplayed and classic Northern Soul with Scotch Martin, Big Lenny and Keith Keddie. The 02 ABC2, 300 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. 11pm - 3am. Warm up do at O'Couture, opposite the venue on Sauchiehall Street from 8pm.
  11. Caledionia Soul...glasgow

    I'm a bit worried this might be too much for people - it reminds me of that Any Warhol Campbell's soup: double-condensed, extra thick, even more packed into a small tin, and also suitable for sauces - a soul-sauce in this case! I'd like to book a fleet ...
  12. caledoniasoul

    Caledoniasoul ABC2 300 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow 30/7/11 11 - 3 60s newies and underplayed.

    © caledoniasoul

  13. Caledoniasoul, Anyone?

    We're back, any thoughts? 30 July at the 02 ABC2, Glasgow with Lenny Harkins, Keith Keddie and myself (see events).
  14. CALEDONIASOUL, Glasgow

    Caledoniasoul started at the Woodside social club in 2001 and ran until July 2006. The night featured the best of the UK's northern soul DJs including Butch, Ady, Mick H, Mick Smith, Arthur Fenn, Ritson and Russell, Guy Hennigan and many, many more. Infamous for its sweaty atmosphere and full-on, newies/underplayed music policy, the club went from strength to strength attracting local and national media coverage before reaching a natural climax while still at the top of its game, and passing into history. Caledoniasoul returns to test the water on 30 July at the ABC2 in Glasgow with former residents, Lenny Harkins and Keith Keddie, at the controls. This is not a reunion. This is a new night with the same objectives as before; upfront newies, underplayed dancers, killer album tracks and a mix of top-drawer 60s and 70s soul music for dancing. Caledoniasoul is a nightclub first and foremost...a night out, that just happens to play northern soul. Where will it lead, who knows. At the moment it's a one-off so let's see what happens. Get in early for cheaper admission, and bring a towel.
  15. Friday Street

    Let me know if you're going to Friday Street this week, I'll be up in Glasgow from around 5pm and in McChuill's beforehand to get the old adrenalin going. I've got an acetate to try out - Jerry Naylor - That Little Girl - Razzledazzle production (Teddy Randaz...

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