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    Collecting vinyl & dancing, playing guitar.
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    Go Go Baby - Sleepy Travis (Invert)

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  1. Haydn


    No, it is intact with all three legs!
  2. Haydn


    Lorne sausage in the bag, Was out gettin haggis early this morning, shot two!
  3. Haydn


  4. I played with straights one night and at least 4 records ended up jumping roughly in exact same location. If the cartridge is as straight as the arm, this will happen because I noticed the stylus bending as it played towards centre. This will stress one side of the groove and feck your record, I wouldn't use them again!
  5. Is this the Sean Chapman gig?
  6. Haydn

    Les Mccann Sad Little Girl

    Lp only but have heard of a Spanish ep, unconfirmed though as yet.
  7. Haydn

    Detroit Strings - In The Pocket

    Chris King and Neil Rushton finds licensed from Richard Wylie. Heres another......
  8. Haydn

    Tunes That Can Bring You To Tears

    About 4 years ago, I had travelled to friday and saturday gigs to catch up and mingle with old mates. Sunday just flowed along like rest of the long weekend, catching glimpses and stories in a continued phase that I never wanted to end. Monday morning comes and I head back to the slog of work, reminiscing. Mobile phone popped into ears as the music player honed random mp3s into my ears as I weaved the alleys on course to a humdrum day. This song hit me as the strings introduced, the female vocals instructed me that her words were genuine, was that rain? A tear nips out from the corner of my eye, I feel the emotion, the words......and the depth. Almeta Lattimore - These Memories
  9. Haydn

    News: A Xmas Soul Source Shout to All

    Merry Christmas, Let Jesus touch you!
  10. Haydn

    Pineapple Soul 8th Anniversary Christmas Bash

    Cracking line up fellas, unfortunately am offshore for it For those that have never been, you're missing out on one of the best clubs up here, do yersel a favour!
  11. Haydn

    Scratch/jump Removal On 45

    Tabletop magnifier helps to be hands free when freeing up the groove, take your time ;)
  12. Haydn

    Tommy Hunt Live

    Also a vintage fair throughout the day.
  13. Haydn

    Tommy Hunt Live

    You can now pay at the door at this event.
  14. Haydn

    Tommy Hunt Live

    Tommy Hunt Live in Glasgow with local DJ's


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