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  1. Wow now that is cool .must have been a cheap looking effort compared to todays lavish attempts .wished id have knicked one now ...could you give me a date for that please also a scan if possoble to take a look .that wpuld be brilliant Cretaforme@googlemail.com
  2. can't remember burton.i live nearby and attended 76 club.drill hall the one whete the technics shop is and at some point clowns around this time but thank you for your help.
  3. thank you ,yes the event was scheduled for Dec 1975 .it was cancelled at last minute due to kojaks admittance to hospital.a lot of nastinessvwent on and people lost a lot of money in ticket prices around 30 pounds.very few got money back and the artists all.were cancelled not by kojak but by godin etc etc at this point everything was in good faith.but then a few other things came to light. blues and soul in.godins column covered most of it but last mention was around Feb mar 76 when.kojak.i.believe sent a few.letters out with his version I never.recievef.one and.neither did.godin.so.
  4. Can anyone help me in respect of the cancelled soul convention at norbrek castle hotel blackpool. Did anyone ever get any money back and looked through old forums and old blues and soul mags for information Met kojak on numerous occassions and always seemed committed but following the convention a whole new side of him became apparant soul man or user ??? Notice someone commented om here he was still doing yate until early 77 but i thought following the norbreck fiasco in dec 75 he struggled to work northern .any info appreciated I know he lost a lot of friends godin and c
    Found myself at last minute in shrewsbury,family issue. Thanks to soul source had a quick check on clubs,found this one. Atmosphere friendly and busy, people extremely welcoming with cross the tracks sounds allowing all to dance and participate. All were enjoying the djs and a real old time club feel was generated Massive thanks especially to RUSS REEVES for your hospitality and mark downing and don allen for the sounds.sorry i missed your set russ ...'i will return'. Shout out for 3 lions soul club long may you continue with all those brilliant members
    Pleasant night , obviously attendance down due to other attractions. Nice bunch of people dedicated and interesting definately visit again...forthcoming christmas bash looks good but guess im working 23 dec may make the second friday in december with look. Thanks guys for the welcome and stories x

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