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  1. Rip1Bill


  2. Rip1Bill

    Ila Vann - You Made Me This Way (Reduced)

    Is that the benchmark now? Good luck if it is.
  3. Rip1Bill

    Ila Vann - You Made Me This Way (Reduced)

    Ooooowwww much? Is that the correct price, Cally?
  4. Rip1Bill

    Few Originals. - offers

    Ian - Further PM sent Sunday 9.55am for info...
  5. Rip1Bill

    edwin starr /i just wanted to cry

    Further PM sent 1.10pm Saturday...
  6. Rip1Bill

    edwin starr /i just wanted to cry

    ... & the price is how much?
  7. Rip1Bill

    Sales List 4 Nov 2017 @ Beatin Rhythm

    Beating Rhythm Absolutely hilarious on a wet Saturday morning! Think you might need to reprice cornflakes due to base rate increase & EU uncertainty though...
  8. Rip1Bill

    One for sale- Viola Wills- I got love- Bronco.

    Pm sent 12.40pm...
  9. Rip1Bill


    PM sent Wed 8.15pm...
  10. Rip1Bill

    Magnetics, Instigation, Bobby Taylor plus more.

    I PM sent Rob re the above.
  11. Rip1Bill

    A Few For Sale

    PM sent 10.27am...
  12. Rip1Bill

    Benjamin and the dreamdancers 'Not one more tear'

    PM sent 12.45pm...
  13. Rip1Bill

    Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Yes worthwhile.
  14. Rip1Bill

    Soul 60's, Modern, Disco goin' cheap.

    PM sent 3.30pm...