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  1. any record shops on guadeloupe or nearby ?
  2. thank you - but this is royal mail, sending from uk, isn't it ? I'm looking for a quote from the us.
  3. I just asked a us based seller about insured shipping to europe for a 700 usd record. Answer was approx. 70 usd. Does this seem about right ? ta, Mick
  4. you got pics of the record ?

  5. hi all, looking for an original copy on quaint - thanks ! M.
  6. thanks for that ! think this was one of the records that got us (over here in mainland europe) into the whole thing. Just dug out my old copy, unfortunately not with the foldable cover, so I missed out on these sleeve notes. cheers, m.
  7. nice bike, but a 56mm carb might be a tad to big for a 186ccm kit

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