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    Phil Beckwith
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    Golf, Freemasonry and rare soul.
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    Grays Essex
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    Yvonne Baker "You Didn't Say A Word"

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  1. philb

    Not Bootlegs

    As the title suggests I’m not talking about bootlegged 45’s or lookalike copy’s I’m talking real fakes, now the art and antiques word has been fooled for years with amazing fakes of real works, not just collectors but the experts too, my question is with the continuous rise in prices, especially some of these auctions, will we ever see proper undetectable fakes of high end soul 45’s hitting the market?
  2. philb

    Jerry Washington

    Hi all, Has anyone got a Jerry Washington - Don’t Waste My Time - Glades they would like to sell in EX please. PM with price Thanks
  3. Always cheers me up me up when I hear this.
  4. philb


    Hi, looking for an EX or above copy of the following; Satin - Your Loves Got Me - Shell Please pm with price. Thanks Phil.
  5. philb

    Donna Colman - The Story ?

    Not sure myself but believe she maybe a jazz singer.
  6. Another from me (I’m home ill and have too much time on my hands) you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great records.
  7. Just bought an original of this modern skipper.
  8. philb

    I won!!

    Thanks Steve, you too.
  9. philb

    I won!!

    I wouldn’t normally broadcast it but I can’t actually believe it myself, I never win anything I enter however yesterday I took delivery of a brand new Fiat 500s which I won in a competition and thought I’d share my good news. Now do I keep or sell and buy loads of rare soul? Phil.
  10. philb

    Vivian Reed 'Save Your Love For Me ' ATCO

    https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/rare-soul-over-100-pound/c/1/ One here Tony.
  11. Seeing as the Continental Showstoppers- Not too young - Seventy7 is only the third popular, see poll, who would like to sell me one in Ex or better condition? ta Phil
  12. philb


    Don’t Wanna Be Your Fool - Cotillion in Ex cond, please pm with cost please. Thanks Phil
  13. philb

    Charade Rotherham

    Capones is my limit.
  14. philb

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    A Discovery Of Witches for me, I’ll get me coat.


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