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  1. Hi, I know it's been a while since you posted it and it's probably been sold but have you still got The Huns Review for sale? Thanks. Lisa.
  2. New Year's Eve Soulin The Attic - 7.30pm - 1.00AM £10.00 Ticket Only Event. Paypal to or 07507 876783 Andy Horne. Party Night with DJ's Baz Bond (Paul Broadway), Kimbo Parker, Dean Olphert & Resident D.J.'s Andy Horne & Dave Vanner. Nibbles, balloons, cheap bar and cracking tunes. Record Dealers Welcome. DJ TIMES 30.12.18.docx
  3. Wanted - Liberation Street Singers Love Is In The Air on Pentagram. Playable copy. Please PM me. Thank you.
  4. 2nd Anniversary - Griffiths Street, Rushden. 7.30pm - 12.00pm Car Parking available at Orbit Tyres.
  5. Soulin The Attic - Rushden Working Mens Club, Griffiths Street, Rushden NN10 ORL Resident D.J.'s Dave Vanner & Andy Horne. Guest D.J.'s Pete Gent, Geoff Ware, Kev & Denise Draper. £5.00 O.T.D. 7.30pm - 12.00pm. Enquiries or Reservations: 07770 898635 Andy H. Parking available at Orbit Tyres on Skinners Hill if needed just around the corner. Record Dealers Welcome - Let us know if you want to reserve a table.
  6. Soulin The Attic - Rushden Working Men's Club, Giffiths Street, Rushden. Northants. Saturday 05th May 2018. 7.30pm - 12.00pm. DJ's Confirmed: Pete Gent, Nigel Miscali, Andy Felts and resident DJ's Andy Horne & Dave Vanner . £5.00 O.T.D.
  7. lisa vanner

    Soulin The Attic Rushden

    Saturday 02nd December 2017 - 7.30pm - 12.00pm. Rushden Working Men's Club - Griffith Street, Rushden. £5.00 O.T.D. Come & join our Christimas Soul Night with Derek Smiley, Jinksy, Paul Broadway making sure its a party night, with resident D.J.'s Dave Vanner & Andy Horne.
  8. lisa vanner

    Soulin The Attic Rushden

    Griffith Street, Rushden Working Men's Club - Soulin The Attic Come & celebrate with us on the 1st Anniversary from 7.30pm-12pm. Special Guest Guest Fortnum. 1st 40 through the door get a free Anniversary Badge. Still only £5.00 O.T.D. Resident D.J.'s Dave Vanner, Andy Horne. Guest D.J 's Paul Broadway (Baz Bond) & Tracey Church.
  9. lisa vanner

    Soulin The Attic

    Rushden Working Mens Club - Griffith Street, Rushden. Northants. 7.30 - 12.00pm £5.00 O.T.D. Residents D.J.'s Dave Vanner & Andy Horne Guest DJ's: Clint Dennis, Nige Misciali & Baz Bond Additional Parking available at Orbit Tyres, Rushden.
  10. Record arrived today John, Brilliant plays fantastic. Thanks for posting so quickly, much appreciated and thanks for selling! Its been a long time want for Mr Vanner
  11. Great tune isnt it Gilly, just trying to get hold of one for Mr Vanner. Love to you & Nicola xx
  12. Looking to buy a playable copy on Achillean of the above. If anyone has got this for sale please PM me. Thank you.

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