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    Rushden Northants
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  1. lisa vanner


    Soulin The Attic - Rushden Working Men's Club, Giffiths Street, Rushden. Northants. Saturday 05th May 2018. 7.30pm - 12.00pm. DJ's Confirmed: Pete Gent, Nigel Miscali, Andy Felts and resident DJ's Andy Horne & Dave Vanner . £5.00 O.T.D.
  2. lisa vanner

    Soulin The Attic Rushden

    Saturday 02nd December 2017 - 7.30pm - 12.00pm. Rushden Working Men's Club - Griffith Street, Rushden. £5.00 O.T.D. Come & join our Christimas Soul Night with Derek Smiley, Jinksy, Paul Broadway making sure its a party night, with resident D.J.'s Dave Vanner & Andy Horne.
  3. lisa vanner

    Soulin The Attic Rushden

    Griffith Street, Rushden Working Men's Club - Soulin The Attic Come & celebrate with us on the 1st Anniversary from 7.30pm-12pm. Special Guest Guest Fortnum. 1st 40 through the door get a free Anniversary Badge. Still only £5.00 O.T.D. Resident D.J.'s Dave Vanner, Andy Horne. Guest D.J 's Paul Broadway (Baz Bond) & Tracey Church.
  4. lisa vanner

    Soulin The Attic

    Rushden Working Mens Club - Griffith Street, Rushden. Northants. 7.30 - 12.00pm £5.00 O.T.D. Residents D.J.'s Dave Vanner & Andy Horne Guest DJ's: Clint Dennis, Nige Misciali & Baz Bond Additional Parking available at Orbit Tyres, Rushden.
  5. Record arrived today John, Brilliant plays fantastic. Thanks for posting so quickly, much appreciated and thanks for selling! Its been a long time want for Mr Vanner
  6. Brilliant Should have it tomorrow
  7. Hi John I've sent you a message Cheers
  8. Great tune isnt it Gilly, just trying to get hold of one for Mr Vanner. Love to you & Nicola xx
  9. Looking to buy a playable copy on Achillean of the above. If anyone has got this for sale please PM me. Thank you.
  10. lisa vanner

    Soulin In The Attic Rushden

    1st one of 2017 - Come join us at Soulin in The Attic, Griffiths Street, Rushden. Last one was a sell out. 7.30pm - 12pm. Confirmed Guest DJ Ian (Hammie) Hamilton, plus Dave Vanner, Andy Horne & Baz Bond. Still only £5 O.T.D. Tickets can be reserved to avoid disappontment. Call Andy on 07770 898635.
  11. lisa vanner

    Rushden Working Men's Club - The Attic

    DJ Times For Soul In The Attic 7.30pm -8.00pm Steve Scotney 8.00pm - 8.30pm Brian Bates 8.30pm - 9.00pm Baz Bond 9.00pm - 9.30pm Andy Horne 9.30pm - 10.00pm Steve Scotney 10.00pm - 10.30pm Brian Bates 10.30pm - 11.00pm Dave Vanner 11.00pm - 11.30pm Baz Bond 11.30pm - 12.00pm Andy Horne & Dave Vanner
  12. lisa vanner

    Rushden Working Men's Club - The Attic

    Cheers Len, hope to see you and Nina soon xx
  13. lisa vanner

    Rushden Working Men's Club - The Attic

    The ever growing 'Soul In The Attic' soul night. Griffith Street, Rushden. Great room, brilliant crowd, wooden dance floor, pleasant bar staff and great prices. Playing across the board Northern Soul, promoters Dave Vanner & Andy Horne with guest DJ's. DJ times to be posted.
  14. Has anyone got the above on Audio-Ent label promo copy only wanted not issue. As long as vinyl is playable not too worried about condition. Thanks for looking. Lisa.