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    james carr "the dark end of the street"
  1. bobt

    SAD NEWS: Chips Moman R I P

    R.I.P. Chips
  2. bobt

    Lee Moses - Time & Place Lp (Album) - Maple Records

    Hi. Are you still looking for the lp? Thanks Bob.
  3. bobt

    Sugar - Extremely Brave Rec

    the andrew brown 45 is a cover of tyrone "wonder boy" davis on 4 brothers. harold burrage in the credits would support a chicago connection.
  4. hi.track 1 "say it" by j.p. robinson(alston)-flip to "please accept my call".also the same song done by john "rootman" henry on amber antique records.ta bob.
  5. hi.are jo armstead,honey and the bees,and walter jackson still available?thanks bob.
  6. bobt



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