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  1. Hi Dave Fine thanks, hope you're well. Bob found me some really good stuff at first , one offs like Double Cookin' and a Carstairs when it first started getting played. For titles like Celeste Hardie he must have bought all the unsold stock from the record company which is why it didn't turn up in quantity later on. It sounds like if he couldn't get enough original copies from the label he got extra copies pressed up via the record company. I'm sure if he ordered 1000 copies a small label would be happy to oblige but then they cut corners on label designs and vinyl quality, the Cassanova Two copies he had were rubbish. Rick
  2. I found this letter from Bob Cattaneo a.k.a Daly City Bob or Soul Odyssey, which is his invoice from April 1975 for some records I ordered which includes 3 copies of Celeste Hardie at 50p each. As I ordered 3 of this but 20 Don Thomas it gives an idea how it was rated then. I don't remember it being played at the Mecca but as we left early to catch the best chippy in Blackpool before last orders we missed the famous last hour. I think Ian played it early doors at the Sale Blue Rooms but it wasn't really a major floor filler. As others have mentioned it sold for around a couple of pounds and was one that sold slowly and lots of people had it for sale. I think the guys from the West Midlands were buying in bulk from Bob so they must have had loads of this. It's possible that Bob discovered this and bought all the remaining stock for a few cents each. For a few years around the early 70s Bob Cattaneo was finding some great records for the UK. He soon learnt what was wanted and raised his prices. When stuff from the 70s started getting plays he could probably buy up loads of stock from the local record labels. Apparently he was quite a character so if anyone knows more about him I'd like to know. Of the other records on this invoice the Casanova Two was a nasty thin pressing which he vehemently denied being a bootleg , maybe he had a deal with the record label. The Johnny Baker could have been Shy Guy as I think Operator Operator was exclusive to Neil Rushton. The postage was a whole £5.00, extortionate, being 25% of the records total, but at least he declared the records as a "gift". Rick
  3. JJ I haven't had a catalogue from Ace for years ( at least 8 ) so don't think they do them anymore. All their releases are on the website but the nice full colour catalogues were very nice. https://acerecords.co.uk/home Rick
  4. This is one of a handful of records where the backing track is so strong, having a lot of instruments, top session musicians and solid production that even the best vocalist struggles to compete. Same goes for Crying Over You and Festival Time. Like others have mentioned Exus Trek brings back memories of The Pendulum and The Torch so that tips it for me.
  5. That explains a lot. I used to buy DMs for work from the early 1980s. I'd get them from workwear/ outdoor type shops for around £30. Even wearing them five or six days a week walking on concrete floors all day they'd last ages. Then around 12 or 15 years ago I noticed they didn't last as long, the soles were thin and the leather stiff and cracking, also the cost shot up. I stopped buying them but other shoes were just as bad but at least they didn't cost over £90. Probably the accountants took over and cut the quality just to save a few pounds. Now they are aimed at the fashion buyer quality doesn't seem to count as much. Rick
  6. Millarman Plagiarizing or sampling? now there's one for the lawyers. Using a couple of bars from I Got Plenty of Nothing as the intro I always liked as it sets the scene for the song. So sample, tribute or variation on a theme possibly, but still a great record. p.s. I see this is your first post, so first of many hopefully. Rick
  7. Does sound similar to Jan Jones but probably a coincidence. Tony Clarke lifted the opening and organ instrumental break straight from Gershwin's I Got Plenty of Nothing , I assumed this was something to do with being an entertainer and a sort of reference back to old songs. No songwriter credit to Gershwin though, which was a bit naughty.
  8. Always one of my all favourite records from when, as a little lad, I first realised that there was a whole load of music that Radio One ignored. Not sure where or when first heard it but still never tire of hearing it again. Tony Clarke never made a bad record so what else he could have done we'll never know. Rick
  9. Gil Scott-Heron with his own opinion- Whitey on the Moon
  10. Not really soul but a great Moon record anyway. Dinah Washington Destination Moon. A great vocalist who always seems to imply a different meaning,(nudge nudge wink wink) to the lyrics.
  11. Bobby Bland with his version of the old classic Blue Moon
  12. Since the imminent collapse of HMV back in 2018 the company was saved and the new owners had plans to revive the shops by refreshing the stock so that buyers would always find something unexpected and interesting. Since then I've been in the Stockport shop a few times but not noticed any change until this week. They have reduced the Soul CD section by about 75% and other CD categories by about 50%. Instead there is now loads of vinyl LPs in bins that make the shop look just like one from the 60s. The soul section is fairly small , mainly back catalogue but a few new recordings. If this is the way forward I'm not sure I'll buy much but it would be a shame if HMV couldn't survive the troubles affecting the High Street. Anyone else noticed changes in their local HMV. Most of the new CDs I buy I try to get direct from the label or small distributors as this, hopefully, gives them a better margin than going through Amazon. Just got the latest Soul On The Real Side CD from Outta Sight which I doubt even the biggest HMV would stock. Where do others get their CDs from? Rick
  13. OK fair enough, pay the women less as they'd only spend it on shoes, handbags and makeup. !!!!!
  14. Don't know,ask the Wimbledon management. Some of the other big tournaments play three sets for both men and women and I'm sure the women could easily do five sets. Do they only practice 3/5ths as much as the men?
  15. Because the women are amazing athletes and tennis players and have to do just as much hard work to reach the top so why shouldn't they get the same as the men. The amount paid to top athletes might be too high now but that's another argument. Rick

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