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  1. Not got many but the Sitting In The Park compilation is one of the best CDs on any label. A fitting tribute to Bob Abrahamian, every track great with Cindy and the Playmates a real gem. The Dean Rudland compilations -All Night Long and Extra Added Soul also worth getting. Does anyone know of a UK supplier, except Amazon, for back catalogue Numero CDs. I've looked for some of the above recommended CDs but not found much. The Numero store in the US has some I want at $10 but will shipping and customs push the cost sky high. Any help appreciated.
  2. I missed that one but it's loads better than his usual selections which range from cringeworthy to dire. Paul O'Grady always plays a northern track on his Sunday radio show which is usually fairly reasonable but a bit predictable.
  3. I've not heard of Avro so I'll have a look at them. Martin Lewis always comes across as a good guy , but I'm not sure about some of the other price comparison sites. I'd agree with you on Smart meters, not smart for users.
  4. That's what I'd heard about smart meters, but the companies seem intent on pushing them. Hopefully Bulb will be better than British Gas.
  5. Gas and electricity prices are going up in April so I thought I'd look at switching and maybe going "green". The ones I've look at are Bulb, Ecotricity and Ovo. The prices are not much different to other suppliers or my current one (SSE) . Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with these companies or any other better recommendations. I've been resisting having a smart meter fitted so far as I heard about problems with compatibility and accuracy. Also the companies make claims for them when basically they want to automate another worker's job and make more profit. Any advice or horror
  6. No comment on the price but this review of Chuck Cockerham from Blues and Soul is quite interesting. In 1968/9 they had started reviewing some new US releases on Amy/Mala/Bell. I think this was because EMI had set up the UK Bell label instead of issuing the label's output on Stateside. They had issued quite a few singles as well as the two volumes of Bell's Cellar Full of Soul LPs so were trying to push Bell as a distinct sound. Even though B&S reviewed the records I don't think they were available outside London, or more specifically the Soul City shop. As a teenager then, I think I
  7. Before that twice measured cut- Leave as long as you can for as long as you can.
  8. I found this picture for the Garrard rc 80. The big column shown here is the same as the one I remember on my dad's turntable and like the US RCA one. They didn't seem to catch on here so we got stuck with the old system that had a habit of dropping 2 or 3 singles at a time. https://www.vinylengine.com/library/garrard/rc80.shtml
  9. My reading of the RCA advert is that the 45 disc had the large hole specifically for the RCA invented automatic record changer. The problem of damage and wear to previous 78s was solved by "non-breakable vinyl plastic". I can't see a large hole reducing friction providing the holes were always accurate and a consistent diameter. The old small hole wouldn't have any friction as the spindle turned with the turntable. I've had a few UK discs that were a very tight fit on the spindle but played fine. I suppose removing a tight fit record could lead to damage on the brittle edge of a 78 but vinyl h
  10. Hi Pete, After a quick search it seems the record player my dad had was a Garrard Type A from the late 50s early 60s. A YT video shows one in use but, although the commentary mentions the 45 stacking adaptor it doesn't show one. It looks like the one in 45cellar photo but , as you say, was a cream colour. It seems odd that a UK company would make a turntable that could only use large holes 45s for multiple plays. Maybe the industry thought large holes would become the norm here. The turntable could also play at 78, 45, 33 and 16 and stack 10 inch as well as 12 inch LPs so it looks like th
  11. As Simon T has already said I understood the large hole was mainly because of the jukeboxes. Trying to get the small hole of a record onto a spindle was probably too hard for the selection system, easier to have large hole and a bevelled dome. In the mid 1960s my dad had a Garrard turntable that instead of the Dansette type 45 stacking system had a large hole stack adaptor that could be fitted in the small centre hole of the turntable. It wasn't much use as he only played LPs and I didn't have any US singles. He got rid of the turntable just as it would have been useful, I've never seen
  12. Interesting article about Morris Levy, boss of Roulette, and his dealings with Tommy James. The story of how the record Hanky Panky went from local plays to million seller eighteen months after a DJ picked up on it sounds familiar. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jan/22/tommy-james-pop-star-robbed-interview
  13. From very early on when deleted US records started being imported in bulk (1969 /70) Ric-Tic and associated labels were fairly common, with a few exceptions . Everyone owned All Turned On, Backstreet, Real Humdinger, Festival Time etc. Blues and Soul were selling them via their Contempo mail order, Selecta Disc and Global had loads. As you say, during the mid to late 70s Ric-Tic (and Golden World) were everywhere but Ric-Tic mania had been cured by then and most titles were hard to shift at 50p. There were a few exceptions, I don't think Fantastic Four- Can't Stop Looking For My Baby, was
  14. Mike I can't think of anything I'd like to see less of, it's easy to quickly see what the topic is about and read, join in or move on . Compared to Facebook groups there's plenty of time to catch up with posts days, weeks or years later. Some subjects may seem overdone but for new members they may have missed the commotion from ten years ago. Could there be a monthly "Ten years ago" reprise for some hot topic. CD and vinyl releases are quite often listed , which I find useful but maybe it could be done in more depth with inclusion of overseas labels . Maybe invite reviews from member

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