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  1. Zan, there's a name from the past. I think he was from Manchester or Stockport area. As a youngest I was told about some of the things that could happen to a stranger at the Wheel. One involved being relieved of money , records or a nice jacket by characters like Zan. Probably totally untrue.
  2. Rick Cooper

    Sufferin City duet version

    Played at The Central and Pendulum ,Manchester and possibly The Torch. I think it mainly got played as being another version of a big record, it's a bit jerky for mass appeal. Do you know who Johnny and Lilly are/were? Always assumed Johnny is Johnny Copeland but that could be the obvious theory at the time.
  3. Rick Cooper

    Test Pressing

    Steve When I was working at Global / Cream records in 1972 to 1976 the pressing company (Lintone or Orlake I think) would always send three test pressings for each release. I don't think we had a choice as to the quantity. In those days no one did special white labels /promo or such like marketing tricks. I've still got one of each but don't know where the rest went. I'm not sure about US labels but probably similar. It's quite likely that bigger labels would get quite a few extra done so they could play the record to the salesmen and favoured radio DJs. I've seen an Atlantic/Stax test pressing for Wendy Rene Bar B Q that had a note from Jerry Wexler with it. The writing on your Sandra Philips doesn't look like 1960s US handwriting and there is no pressing plant name on it, but that may not be significant. Rick
  4. Rick Cooper

    Recycling Furniture For Records Storage

    Martin Nice use of materials and recycling instead of ending up in landfill. I'd think it would be a good idea to use glue on the joints unless you want to take them apart. I find that MDF doesn't hold screws under pressure or splits when driving the screw in. If you make a few of these have you considered getting a biscuit jointer to connect the parts. What about painting them as this seems to be the thing at the moment. Using a face mask when sanding MDF is probably a good idea, not just Health & Safety gone mad. Rick
  5. Rick Cooper

    The Rise And Fall Of HMV

    The branch of Fopp in Manchester is a far better shop than any of the HMVs so I hope they can be saved if HMV folds. A better selection in all genres, more unusual CDs and an interesting selection of books. The shop tries to involve local public participation by having posters and info on local gigs and events. Last time I was there they were playing a CD that sounded interesting so I asked what it was. It was a Numero CD of obscure US Garage bands and the assistant was really enthusiastic and had a genuine passion for the music. Sadly this is lacking in the Stockport HMV. Quite agree about Derek Howe's singles counter at HMV Manchester, if only we could go back in time with a load of cash. Rick
  6. Rick Cooper

    The Rise And Fall Of HMV

    If the HMV shops don't survive it could be the end of the type of record shop that most of us grew up with. Spending Saturdays going round the record shops was a way of life for a lot of teenagers from the 1950s onwards. Even if you didn't buy anything you'd meet up with other people with similar tastes, not the same thing as downloading or streaming. The Manchester HMV shop in the 70s had a great selection of singles when Derek Howe was there and was the busiest shop in town. I usually go in HMV in Stockport but never find anything worth buying. The stock seems to consist of loads of 2 for £10 CDs of tired back catalogue major label releases and the same old compilations of past hits. They don't stock any Kent, Outtasite , Soul Brother or other similar labels. In other genres they don't seem to have the stock to attract regular buyers. Could be the staff either don't know how to, or aren't allowed to stock any thing that could bring in committed customers. It doesn't help when they can't get the category for the artists right, this week I saw Jerry Reed and Bobby Bare in the Jazz section when, as I'm sure you all know,they belong in the bin, sorry that should be C&W section. Rick
  7. Rick Cooper

    European 60's soul

    Los Canarios- Spanish? . Massive early Wheel record on UK Major Minor
  8. Rick Cooper

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    So.. I'd put people in Room 101 who start an answer with "so".....
  9. Rick Cooper

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    Not The Nine O'Clock News had some great sketches , this could be one of the best
  10. Rick Cooper

    The Neptunes, Hal Hardy and P.W. Cannon Story

    The P W Cannon record- Hanging Out My Tears To Dry- was a massive track in the Netherlands Surinam community in the late 70s. It was one of the most in demand records so was probably made available somehow. It's one of my favourite records of this type and for anyone who wants to know what they liked, give it a listen. Dancing permitted but it has to be a slow smooch with your partner. By a strange coincidence there is a UK company called P W Cannon that makes radiator grilles.
  11. Rick Cooper

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    It's usually on as Gill watches it , I find it fairly amusing apart from some of the nasty characters such as the one played by Maureen Lipman. For a small street everyone seems to have an "issue" unless it would offend the advertisers, so no obesity, food banks and brexit. Thankfully the Rovers Return is too small to have a Northern night. Julian, if we get a glimpse inside Bentley Towers I'll definitely be watching. Rick
  12. Rick Cooper

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    Christmas is coming so are all the fancy adverts. I can live with M&S, John Lewis and the supermarkets with their talking veg or happy smiling families around the dining table but what reallys winds me up are the expensive perfume ads. A petulant smug woman flouncing about doing daft stuff then some meaningless voiceover in a French accent. No I won't be spending £50+ on a tiny bottle of your smelly water. Rick
  13. Rick Cooper

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Thanks for that ,Dave. Another bush next to this one, but not a firethorn, had a pair of blackbirds nesting this year but something killed the chicks and threw them out, magpies probably but could have been one of the many local cats.
  14. Rick Cooper

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    This summer a bush just outside the kitchen window had loads of flowers , and visiting bees. It now has masses of berries which attracts a blackbird every day around the same time. After about five days I managed to get a decent photo just as it picked a berry.


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