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  1. Cameo Parkway was never in the same league as Stax, Shrine, Chess, Okeh etc but surely someone could do a better selection than this. Looks like a US compiler for Abkco thought they knew what to pick. Some tracks are 100% classics but others should have been left off. The best tracks are scattered on other compilations or the dubious Cam Park releases.The price is low so I'm not expecting extensive , or any, sleeve notes. It's a shame Abkco don't let other companies lease tracks for C-P only compilations or access the tape archives. Imagine what Ace/Kent could do with the RnR and soul tracks.
  2. Steve GJA 33D (li150). HDB 67D (SX200) and XTC 67H (GP150) but can't remember the reg of the car sat outside.
  3. Hi Blackpoolsoul I think John Manship used to post on here, sometimes an old thread pops up with his contribution listed under "Guest". Agree that there are lots of people such as Tim Brown who could contribute but either don't look on here or can't be bothered to post. The Soulful Detroit forum used to have some interesting discussions but I've not looked at it for a while as it went downhill some years ago. Maybe you could ask Tim about the Martha Reeves credited Hit and Run, he might reply. Rick
  4. Nice pic, bet you were over the moon, freedom at last. Looks like a SX150 so wouldn't have been cheap . This is my first scooter also from 1969. Li 150 trying to imitate a SX200. My sister on the back.
  5. The CD lists Hit and Run as a demo version so would this have been done just as a guide for any singer to use when learning the song melody and lyrics. It wouldn't be for release so if Martha Reeves was hanging around could she not have just sung Hit and Run as a favour or some other reason. If it doesn't sound like her that's not surprising, with no producer pushing her for their interpretation of a song. When Goldmine listed Martha Reeves as the vocalist they must have some information to back this up, Tim wouldn't put MR as the singer for no reason. However the information that Tim has could have got mixed up way back when the tape box was labelled. I know we all like a mystery but maybe in this case there isn't one. Rick
  6. Hi Gilly It's on the CD "Thelma's Detroit Collective" Goldmine GSCD 69 as Hit and Run (Demo version) but the sleeve notes give no further info. It sounds like a very basic rhythm track with sparse vocal backing .
  7. On the sleeve notes for "The Groovesville Collection" CD Goldmine GSCD 56 it states- "Another classic is "Hit and Run" by Rose Batiste, put out as Revilot 204, however our research shows Batiste's version as presented here, was never actually released; Instead the wrongly credited version by the Debonaires was coupled with Rose Batiste's "I Miss My Baby" on Revilot 204" I thought this means that all copies of Revilot 204 have the version of Hit and Run recorded by the Debonaires on it due to a mistake made at the time the track was labeled or mastered. Rose Batiste's take is only on the CD. The Gwen Owens version is on GSCD 130 and the Pat Lewis version on GSCD 87. I have seen a listing on the US magazine Record World for some best selling singles on various indie labels from 67 that has "I Miss My Baby" listed as a good regular selling single. I can't find it now. Billboard 24/6/1967 lists Revilot 204 on a list of "Cream of the Blues singles" so the record was rated at the time and could have a couple of pressings but all on the grey label. Rick
  8. Robb The late Terry Francis Thomas was one of the people behind Real Side Records and finding the track on the studio tape. As there was no artist name on the tape box he made up the name ,Gloria Shannon, but only found out about the real Gloria Shannon much later. So there is no connection to any singer (or anyone else) named Gloria Shannon. He never told me any more about who the vocalist could be as no one who they leased the record from could shed any more light on who was the singer. I don't think we'll ever know for sure but feel free to put forward your theories.
  9. Not heard that one before but shows the sort of pride in the high standard of his work. Can't agree that carpenters are "woodbutchers" , take a look at a cathedral or church roof to see what they could do, mind you it helps when the client has loads of money.
  10. After a few changes, mergers and a takeover, by the mid 80s I found myself working for Our Price Records. This was the era of the yuppie, Go For It, greed is good and other jargon. This was not my way but I had a succession of regional managers who thought they had to make everyone's life a misery before they continued their journey to burn out at 30. In 1989 I quit Our Price and started on my own doing antique furniture restoration from my parents garage. Dad used to make stuff for the house so he had a bandsaw, table saw and planer plus hand tools. After six months I moved to a unit in an old mill for three years then to a place on a small farm near Macclesfield. The building used to be a slaughter house , hence the fridge room white door. This is inside the workshop with a couple of chairs that look old but about 50 % of each is new as woodworm had munched their way through the seat and backs. The building was a bit rough and freezing in winter. With retirement coming up, three years ago I built a shed in the back garden so I could do a few paying jobs and make stuff for myself. This is the garden shed, very cramped but I've got most things I need, especially the CD player. Recently finished this chest of drawers using wood I've had for 25 years. For people in my age group (65+) we seem to have had it fairly easy with steady jobs, protected benefits and retirement at 60 and 65. I feel sorry (and angry) for young people with tuition fee debts, unaffordable housing, unpaid internships, part time and zero-hours contracts. I have a few nephews and nieces who, although under thirty have been made redundant or changed jobs three or four times.
  11. Not posted anything here for ages, never seem to have a camera when needed, but this little chap spent over 30 minutes trying to fly through the shed window .
  12. I don't remember the Sunday open days for dealers. If I was working there when Balbier had these he didn't ask me to come in, just as well as I wouldn't have been at my best on a Sunday. I suppose he would have had most of his children helping. The eldest sons , Gregg and Brian, would have been in their late teens and the older girls around ten to thirteen, so could have taken care of purchases and the buffet. Did Ed let you go everywhere in the warehouse? usually access was strictly limited, also what was the name of your shop? He had another special promotion/competition for dealers whilst I was there. Over a few months the dealers who had the biggest increase in their purchases would win an all expenses paid trip to the Munich Beer Festival. I think it was probably the top five, plus a partner or guest, who went. As well as the winners all of the staff went and all of Ed's eight children, so quite a party. I have vague recollections of the trip but as you can imagine this is a bit hazy. Somewhere I have a photo of everyone outside the hotel but I've not been able to find it. As Mark has said Ed Balbier was a very hard working man who made , unknown to him, a contribution to the early days of northern soul. Mainly due to his decision to come to the UK in 1971 and especially locating in central Manchester and not London . Perhaps he had done some research before coming over. Rick
  13. Not a mistake by the musicians but whoever edited or transferred the tape left the count-in and someone, Clarence? coughing on the master tape. Could be mis-labeled tape or the engineer doing the mastering slipped up . Anyway I always quite liked it but can't see a radio station wanting to play it like this.
  14. The other side of the disc, Without Your Love, is on a 2006 Goldmine CD ,Beat Ballad Heaven. Tim Brown's sleeve notes for the track state that the record was withdrawn as the publishing details were left off the stock copy labels. A scan of the label shows the left side of the label blank, without publishers name. Without checking I think OKeh often didn't have publishers name on stock copies so maybe not required except for promo records. He also speculates that Charles Brandy could be Robert Banks, which judging by comparing the vocals sounds possible but without evidence I'd say it is just another unproven theory.
  15. Rob I see you were asked before and this is a very old thread but could you explain exactly why HDH used a 1965 track three times for Just Brothers records. When HDH recorded new tracks wouldn't they have the resources to finish enough new songs for flip sides and not have to use Sliced Tomatoes again. Was it just as a favour to the Hollands' sister and brother-in-law or did Just Brothers use the song in their live shows and it had a local popularity. Rick

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