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  1. Rob I see you were asked before and this is a very old thread but could you explain exactly why HDH used a 1965 track three times for Just Brothers records. When HDH recorded new tracks wouldn't they have the resources to finish enough new songs for flip sides and not have to use Sliced Tomatoes again. Was it just as a favour to the Hollands' sister and brother-in-law or did Just Brothers use the song in their live shows and it had a local popularity. Rick
  2. t . https://www.americanradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Business/Music/Billboard-IDX/IDX/1967/Billboard-1967-07-29-OCR-Page-0018.pdf#search="the shakers" The link above is for the Billboard review for One Wonderful Moment. I found the advert in the 5th August 1967 edition of Billboard but can't work out how to separate it from the rest of magazine.
  3. Whilst vaguely watching The Pale Horse on BBC, Sunday 9th Feb I noticed a very brief scene was filmed on Underbank in Stockport. The setting was for a shabby part of London in the 1960s so where better than Stockport. They used CGI to remove the scruffy shop front but kept the bridge and some of the the older frontage. Then after that had finished the same location was used for the Sport Relief BBC advert but this time as it is now with some startled locals. About 50 yards further along was the shop used for a program last year set in Scarborough with Jason Manford. Anyone else had their locality used for filming? The clip here is the Sport Relief ad. The shop, shown on the left at the start, fifty years ago was Ralph's Records, supplier of Soul Sounds bootlegs amongst imports and new releases. Behind the shop was supposed to have been a club where Jimi Hendrix appeared but I suspect that is a myth.
  4. I can't find it now but I've seen a full page advert for One Wonderful Moment in Billboard magazine online archives promoting it as a new release. I don't think it had a photo of the group, maybe some clever person could find it and post it .
  5. I was told a story by the late Terry (Francis) Thomas about Scott's on Swingers. Anyone who knew him will know that Terry would always try to speak to the artist at a show and get something signed, usually a sleeve or a photocopy of the single. When Edwin Starr was touring in the late 70s following his disco hits ,Contact and Happy Radio Terry took along his Scott's on Swingers and showed it to Edwin. He was amazed to see the record and demanded to know how and where he had got the single as no one was supposed to be able to buy or sell the disc. It was the first copy Edwin had seen since it was made and he wanted Terry to sell it to him, no chance. My recollection of the record is that it started as a rumour amongst collectors around 73 or 74. I originally thought it was the product of an over stimulated imagination or another wind up like the infamous 6x6 vocal and The Spy vocal, courtesy of Dave McCadden . Fairly soon after that it turned up and I got a copy from somewhere as someone must have located a decent quantity, I'd think around 50 -75 . They were double sided and all unplayed. I don't know who found them, John Anderson or Martin Koppel would be the most likely but I have a feeling it might have been Neil Rushton. Neil was getting some very nice rare stuff , he had quite a few Bari Track around this time . Maybe @Neil Rushton could confirm or deny this. As it wasn't a "must have" for DJs the price wasn't a lot and I don't think it went up in value for decades. I sold one in 76 and don't remember a big price i.e. over £10. Rick
  6. Stephen, I wasn't commenting on the records but on the fact that northern soul is now used on the TV , radio and other media so much that it's use on Cold Feet is just another regrettable appropriation of our music by the mass media. I wish they'd leave it alone. Rick
  7. or maybe this one? or going back to the sixties Anna King did Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own as a female take on JB, on YT
  8. Yes, saw that as well but judging by the lack of response on here I guess we all are so used to hearing such records on the media that it's not as special anymore. Was going to mention The Great Pottery Throw Down on C4 had Tainted Love, Cool Jerk and I've Only Got Myself To Blame within half an hour, but so what.
  9. Marginal , or someone else, must have redone the above CD with two extra tracks, You Got The Power and Someday The Sun Will Shine. On the Solid Smoke LP the last paragraph of Ollie McLaughlin's sleeve notes he says that they recorded several songs that were never released . Four are on the album but it is not clear if they are the only ones or "several" means more than the four. Ollie may not have rated Someday The Sun Will Shine or he may not have had the tapes for some reason. I think we can be fairly certain the CD version was not done from any proper tapes. Sorry the photos not too clear.
  10. Hi Chalky I had a feeling that I had heard something about the Atlantic tape vaults so had a quick search which revealed that a fire had destroyed the tape vaults housing the original studio tapes . More details here under the heading- Long Beach Warehouse Fire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_Records The Deon Jackson studio tapes could still exist if Carla/Karen kept the original tapes and only sent Atlantic the mixed tape. Same goes for other labels that Atlantic distributed but ,as you say, it would be great if the big labels opened their vaults for CD compilation before it's too late. Rick
  11. Hi Siz- Hope you're keeping well after all these years. Thanks for posting, interesting to see the prices other types of music are fetching. I'm surprised to see Jazz and Classical albums are going for four figures, knew they were going for hundreds but not thousands. Do you know what was so special about the Led Zeppelin album that made it go for $2597 instead of $2.59. Rick
  12. Try this one, hopefully this should make you very happy James Barnett- Take a Good Look
  13. Nothing against Lulu but To Sir With Love getting plays- NO NO and thrice NO, dreary song and a bit creepy.,same goes for Petula Clark. Lulu has a fairly good version of You'll Never Leave Her that could just about get plays as a beat ballad type thing. A UK recording but produced by Bert Berns on a trip over here.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/nov/30/are-things-going-wrong-with-the-uk-beloved-dr-martens-brand More stories about Dr Martens here
  15. Up In The Streets Of Harlem - One of their best sixties sides and a Bert Berns composition and production so got to be good.

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