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  1. cheers mate thanks for that .
  2. hey that's great i'll take both please
  3. hi what's the going rate for bobby hutton-come see and kenny shepard- what difference in m- condition thanks in advance the phillydog.
  4. hi after the angels-more than ever now-river city records must be E condition or above thanks the phillydog.
  5. hi after jim nabbie-look hear girl-rpi top condition please.
  6. hi did silky hargraves -love lets try it again- ever come out on cd thanks in advance the phillydog.
  7. hi did gary sole-holdin on ever come out on cd thanks in advance the phillydog.
  8. hi after baby's gone away -dawn-abc in top condition please thanks in advance the phillydog.
  9. thanks for the reply but after one in m- condition atb phil.
  10. hi after harry deal-I still love you-eclipse top condition please thanks in advance phillydog.
  11. hi after tommy mosley-for her love -uptown top condition please atb phillydog.
  12. thanks for the replies regards phillydog.
  13. hi how much does tommy mosley-for her love-uptown go for thanks phillydog.

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