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    girl across the street moses smith
  1. phillydog66

    robert knight

    just heard about the sad passing of Robert knight to me one of the all time greats r.i.p.
  2. phillydog66

    price please

    thanks for that pete.
  3. phillydog66

    price please

    hi how much does the buddy smith-when you lose the one you love -goldmine connoisseurs go for thanks.
  4. phillydog66

    3 song ids

    hi thanks for the info best regards phil.
  5. phillydog66

    3 song ids

    hi found these on the end of a c60 tape no title or artist about a minute of each any help will be most appreciated thanks. track 1.mp3 track 2.mp3 track 3.mp3
  6. phillydog66

    san remo strings now sorted

    hi after the san remo strings hungry for love cd on marginal in top condition please thanks.
  7. hi I have for sale the following records payment by paypal friends & family. Marilyn powell-have another dream on me-cbs E+ £40 uk nice midtempo item don Charles-the drifter-parlophone E+ £50 uk great version sold oliver bond-I saw you all alone-parlophone E+ £50 uk rare beat ballad pat Thomas-the long long night-verve E+ £50 the other side to I cant wait until I see my babys face awesome spine tingleing beat ballad have another dream on me.mp3 the drifter.mp3 i saw you all alone.mp3 the long long night.mp3
  8. phillydog66

    tamla motown for sale

    hi I have the following tamla motown records for sale payment by paypal friends&family p&p £3 no one could love you more/Gladys knight and the pips tmg 864 £90 e+ no one there/Martha reeves tmg 843 £110 e+ time/Edwin starr tmg 725 £50 m_ love's gone bad/chris clark tmg591 £140 m_ hurt a little everyday/Brenda Holloway tmg 581 £75 m_ come on and see me/tammi Terrell tmg 561 £180 e+ since I lost my baby/temptations tmg 526 £80 m_ i'll keep holding on/marvelettes tmg 518 £100 e+ name in biro on the middle never say no to your baby/hit pack tmg 513 £140 m_ all for you/earl van dyke tmg 506 £120 m_ that's all for now thanks for looking regards the phillydog.
  9. phillydog66

    kim weston helpless

    hi I have for sale kim Weston-helpless-tmg 554 £120 in vg++ condition plays really well no problems payment by paypal as friends&family thanks for looking the phillydog.
  10. phillydog66

    the four tops

    hi I have for sale the four tops-ask the lonely/where did you go tmg 507 vg ++ £75 record has smol plus small writing on b side which is not noticeable unless tilted to the light payment by paypal friends&family
  11. phillydog66

    Cajun Hart/Got To Find

    hi mick got a m- copy with sleeve £45 plus p&p would not be able to post until Monday working away from home regards phil.
  12. phillydog66


    sorry stuart after a top condition one atb phil.
  13. phillydog66


    hi after 70s pressing of the triumphs-coming to your rescue-okeh must be in top condition thanks the phillydog.
  14. phillydog66

    the four tops

    hi after the four tops-shake me wake me-tmg 553 must be in top condition thanks the phillydog.
  15. phillydog66

    just the two

    hi I have for sale 2 brilliant beat ballads payment by paypal friends & family thanks.listen on utube. walk away like a winner-Robert henry-Philips £80 m- uk the drifter-don Charles-parlophone £80 m- uk that's all for now regards the phillydog.


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