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  1. Got a spare copy of The Five Stairsteps - Dont Waste Your Time on Windy C label. Its a VG++ copy, plays lovely check out the Youtube clip. £25 P+P £2.50 First Class Recorded (UK only) Payment; Paypal F&F
  2. Hi again sorry for late reply ive possibly managed to find one for £120. Cheers again
  3. Bit too much to pay for me mate but cheers for the offer, good luck with the sale in any case.
  4. Apologies ADMIN i seemed to have posted twice?! Is there any way of deleting one of the posts?!
  5. Im looking for a copy of The Persianettes - Call On Me , on the Strata label. PM with offers or info, cheers
  6. Cheers Pete for the reply,yep i saw the 45cat info before. A mate of mine argued that 45Cat have got info wrong before, but whats interesting is the forris woods release seems to command a higher price for some reason in guide price books ?! Cheers again mate much appreciated.👍
  7. with regard to the two releases which one came first? The Abbott release or the Radnor label? I've seen in one price guide the Abbot release is a good £20 more does this mean its more desirable, rarer, the first version?!
  8. The place to be for soul music in Stroud, playing a variety of the best in northern soul oldies and obscurities. The aim is always to be 100% free event that brings people and soul music together in the Gloucestershire area. This time round we have special guests Little Ian, Steve Stranger from Gloucester, and Vince Hill and Tani Gagliardi from Stroud, + regulars Wardy and Foyle. Strictly membership only, if you wish to acquire a members card send me a message (07791088240), its free! Cheers to all the current members for all their support and love for soul music.
  9. Ben Aiken - Satisfied LOMA rarer issue VG++ (lite hairline scuffs, one very small chip on edge as seen in image) £115 incl Special Delivery (Paypal as Friends and Family). Plays beautifully, can send soundfile to e-mail address. Any questions send me a PM cheers
  10. Yes i know what ya saying there and completely true, half of the time people were so blocked up with comestibles they didnt know what they were even dancing to! There were more or less 3 choices to sweat it all out 1) spend all night at the record bars (that was me most of the time) 2) as you mentioned get on the dance floor and stay there as people sometimes didnt have any control over leaving the dance floor due to the comestibles 3) talk the arms and legs offa somebody with copious amounts of verbal diarrhea (that was also partly me, though talking about records again!) them were the days LOL....
  11. The fact is all them years back we used to dance to a hell of a lot of tunes that got you up onto the dancefloor because they had that beat, rhythm and vocals that in a lot of case didnt sound "white". There are literally loads of big tunes that made the scene what it was (and is....)that were sung by white singers...list is endless maybe we should start a list, but the one that blew me away and was an all time fave of mine back in late 70s was Jimmy McFarland Lonely Lover, who'd a thought he was white?! what a voice!
  12. Still got some more tunes to sell and move on for a friend, most all originals and most in nice condition.I dont normally grade M- (which is why ive used between VG++ and M- grading) it avoids building up peoples expectations as M- grading is very subjective at the end of the day! I can provide sound files for all the records for sale. Any questions send me a PM. Payment: Friends and Family Postage: First Class Recorded (up to 3 records, £40 value in UK) Special Delivery £7.50 (over £50 value in the UK) Betty Everett - Getting mighty crowded - FONTANA UK VG++/M- £ 25 Gene Chandler - I can take care of myself CONSTELLATION VG++/M- £60 nice clean stars copy Jerry Butler - Moody woman - MERCURY white demo VG+/VG++ £25 Olympics - Same old thing ACTION UK VG++/M- £50 One of their best by far! Samantha Jones – Surrounded by a ray of sunshine UNITED ARTISTS (pic sleeve) VG++/M- £50 Ben Aitken - Satisfied LOMA rarer issue VG++/M- £150 The Fantaisions - Unnecessary tears SATELLITE VG++ £35 Fantastic Chicago double sider Lee Andrews - Nevertheless CRIMSON VG++/M- very nice condition! £60 SOLD Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - One way out TAMLA MOTOWN demo (WOL but vinyl is nice in comparison) VG++ £90 Major Lance - Investigate OKEH ( white demo) VG++/M- £60 Great oldie tune and best way to own is a nice white demo! SOLD Jewel Aiken – I’ve arrived ERA demo VG+/VG++ £50 Ann D'Andrea – Don’t Stop Lookin’ VG++ £40 nice olive issue SOLD East Coast Summer In The Parks VG++ (rip on flipside label coloured in with green crayon!) £25 Formations – At The Top of The Stairs (wol) VG++ £15 Incredibles – Theres Nothing Else To Say VG quite a few marks it but plays quite well, few pops but no skips. £30 SOLD Judy Clay – You Busted My Mind VG++ £30 Occaisions – Theres No You VG++ £30 Towanda Barnes- You Don’t Mean It VG++ reissue £20 SOLD Benny Spellman Fortune Teller French Polydor VG++ (rarest format to own + picture cover) £60 Bill Cosby Little Ole Man – United Artists French VG++ £20 Gene Chandler Such A Pretty Thing VG+ £5 SOLD James Carr – That’s What I Want To Know VG+ £20 SOLD
  14. All originals and most of them in great condition, between a VG++ and M- (dont grade EX). Have sound files of all of them and can send via e-mail, as I always recommend listening to what you are interested in. Any questions send a PM. Payment : Paypal Friends and Family. Postage UK: Recorded Delivery £2.50 (under £40) and Special Delivery £7.50 (over £50 value) Beverly Ann Hes coming home RCA Victor Demo VG++/M- £130 SOLD Janie Grant – My Heart Your Heart PARKWAY (much rarer issue) VG++/M- £125 SOLD Ben Aitken - Satisfied LOMA issue VG++/M- £150 Dottie Cambridge - Cry Your Eyes Out - MGM demo VG++/M- £100 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - One Way Out TAMLA MOTOWN demo (WOL) VG++£100 Gene Chandler - I can take care of myself CONSTELLATION VG++/M- £70 Joe Murphy - So blue - VIVID VG++/M- £40 SOLD The Montclairs - Hung Up On Your Love PAULA VG++/M- £100 SOLD Jerry Butler - Moody woman - MERCURY white demo VG+/VG++ £25 Olympics - Same old thing ACTION UK VG++/M- £50 Nolan Porter - If i could only be sure ABC VG++/M- £100 SOLD Samantha Jones – Surrounded by a ray of sunshine UNITED ARTISTS (pic sleeve) VG++/M- £50 Betty Everett - Getting mighty crowded - FONTANA UK VG++/M- £ 25 The Fantaisions - Unnecessary tears SATELLITE VG++/M- £40 Lee Andrews - nevertheless CRIMSON M- Nice very clean copy! £60 Major Lance - Investigate OKEH( white demo) VG++/M- £70 Jewel Aiken – I’ve arrived ERA VG+/VG++ £50
  15. Pink issue of The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl VG+ couple of marks (listen to YouTube clip). A couple of VG+ ones on Discogs for £100. Selling for a friend who wants £80 all in (incl Next Day postage) Cheers any questions give me a shout.