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  2. l have all 30 of the soul sounds series, and it took me over 30 years to get them. Regarding the BJD and Green Light pressings...they were made by London based company "Lyntone" who specialised in small batch manufacture...they also made those awful "FLEXI-DISCS" for magazines like "Practical Motorist" highlighting faulty engine noises etc.. and they played at 33rpm and 16rpm (sometimes) you had to place a coin somewhere between the deadwax area and the centre hole to hold it firmly to the turntable, otherwise it wouldn't play...and the sound quality was shite due to the low speed. l hope
  3. then there were people like myself who owned a record cutter..it's a complicated skill and you need to know a little bit about sound reproduction and physics and most importantly..who your friends are cos you're gonna get a lot of dodgy phone calls from wankers claiming to be from the M.C.P.S. mechanical copyright protection society. I made a few bob (only a few bob) doing this but at the end of the day l was selling a service..it's supply and demand..LONG LIVE CELLULOSE NITRATE (it's the black lacquer on the aluminium disc sometimes called acetate but there's no acetate used at all!!) Tony Wa
  4. frankie..a few years ago i was deejaying in a really flash soul club, l had a rough idea of what l was gonna play simply by listening to what the guy before me played (always a good idea) anyway at 9pm l took to the stage..opened by box and selected my first record..put it on the deck..cued it up and as the playing record came to an end l thanked the previous dj, announced my disc..pushed the start button and 30 seconds later the entire town suffered a power cut and the club illuminations went "fizzzzz" at exactly 2 minutes to 10pm the power came back on and l played the remaining 2 minutes of
  5. Majestics:David & Ruben. LINDA records date back to the 50s and featured some great tunes and turned a lot of young singers into household names. Unfortunately, the majestics "l love her". . .wasn't the simple 2.5 minute sing a long/dance to record that Dick Clark and Jerry Blavatt were featuring on US TV coast to coast, so its quite plausible to suggest that a name change, a new label and more importantly...a record buying public, bored with novelty hits who were turning their attention away from itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot stuff...so Rampart records reinvented them as David and Rub
  6. polly james was an actress with nerys hughes in "THE LIVER BIRDS"
  7. No martyn..that handwriting belongs to Andy Kaggan (aka case) who used the same studio in kettering owned by Derek Tompkins who was a sound recording engineer at BECK Amplification in Wellingborough..which explains why the discs sounded perfect. and just to clarify a definition...EMIDISC is a trade name..E.M.I. manufactured these discs for use in cutting studios to record and instantly play back music or speech to check the sound quality before a "master" disc was cut and processed into a stamper enabling multiple copies to be pressed onto vinyl. Although emi-discs are sometimes refered to as
  8. westrex


    what a great night it was, thank you to everyone who came from all over the uk and thank you mick, declan for allowing me to be part of the experience that is...the CITY SOUL CLUB. Tony Warot.
  9. I've got so many favourite tracks, but here's a few that first got me into soul. 1. baby reconsider. Leon Haywood. 2. baby help me. Percy Sledge. 3. things get better. Eddie Floyd. Tony Warot (westrex)
  10. Before 1970, the importation of US records was a costly business as the import duty was as much as the cost of the records themselves. To make it easier and cheaper, the records were drilled with a small hole (usually on the label) they were now technically "damaged goods" and could not be sold at full price, Albums usually had one of the corners cut off the outer sleeve, and sold as damaged goods. Record shops such as F.L. MOORE in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, and record dealers spcialising in mail order importation of deleted and in-demand 45's, Brian "45" Philips etc, were now
  11. l have a uk hickory demo of this, AND uk hickory issue. its motown meets 4 seasons
  12. hi all, just thought l'd clear up a point about pressing plant similarities, the "Soul Sounds" label bootlegs were made by PRESIDENT records, The "BJD" label bootlegs were made by LYNTONE records. Etchings in the "deadwax" area of the run-off spiral in both labels, in appearance, look engraved. Selectadisc (nottingham) owned the Greenlight, Magic & BJD bootleg labels. Thanks, westrex.
  13. l just hope it doesn't all go pear-shaped with the wheel's future home, so much history exists in that building relating to SOUL, and so many people's lives have been changed forever. Good luck and keep it safe. Tony Warot.
  14. MUSIC TO MY HEART by Patti Austin. still makes the hairs on my neck stand up!! Tony Warot
  15. SLEEP,? Steve l've known you since 1973 and l've never seen you yawn at an all-niter, let alone known you to "nod off" Tony Warot.
  16. Got stopped in the car park across the road from casino by some lads masquerading as D.S. they said "greater manchester drug squad, turn out yer pockets" l replied. . "Sonny AND Cher, now f*ck off" and walked (very quickly) away, my whole body trembled like an earthquake. I don't know where the courage to do it came from, but some friends of mine who were sat 30 yards away saw what happened and called me over to their car, the 2 'squad' officers (ratman & bobin) disappeared into the night and never returned. True Story. Tony Warot.
  17. I remember that night martyn, l got absolutely spannered on "NUN's HABBIT", a real and potent ale, thank goodness for the "medicine", l might have been very ill had we forgotten to bring it along!! ALSO. . it was the night l got "ANYTHING I CAN DO" by Will Collins & Willpower on 'Bareback' records (demo) for £15 off jonathon woodcliffe. As usual we had to stop Bev Lucas from knocking 7 bells out of an innocent victim of bev's lust for skinhead supremacy, but we had aght good night regardless although the journey across the vast county of Lincolnshire was frought with difficulty in
  18. It seems that l've caused quite an argument about "St Ives" and my involvement. l know it's a tough job being a promotor and the risks are high and plenty, at the end of the day, l was only questioning "Honesty" and l've probably left a bitter taste in the mouths of some. Thanks for all the comments made by many regarding this issue, "QUE SERA,SERA" as they say. . it's time to move on. Tony Warot.
  19. paul aisbett, now there's a person who knows his stuff, he gave me a uk demo of barbara randolph l got a feeling TMG 628 for my 40th birthday, thanks mate, l've still got it. Tony Warot.
  20. hi andy, l'm not able to go wherever and whenever the mood takes me, as you know, l'm still out of work and a pain in the welfare state's arse. if l want to go anywhere at all, l've got to plan it weeks in advance and ask around to see if anyone "MIGHT" be going. public transport is far too expensive and time consuming, but it's not gonna get any better unless l get a job and believe me, nobody in the world wants a job more than l do, SO, if there are any engineering company bosses reading this, and have a vacancy for a skilled MIG/MMA welder, then l'd like to hear from you. . PLEASE!!
  21. hi dave, good, good article. if you'd taken john weston with you he could've demonstrated how easy it is to get your face slapped by the "working" girls in the red-light district! (beats having to watch him bugger about with elevators) Tony Warot.
  22. Hi steve, yes l'm fine thanx. are you still into the CRUFTS thing? haven't seen you in yonks but bump into sean quite often, it's about time you ventured out a bit more. tone.
  23. thanks lads for putting me right about "band of gold", the armada orchestra did instrumental of "DO ME RIGHT" l must be getting old and losing the plot!! hope you're all well. tony warot.

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