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  1. Have the Silhouettes LP paid not very much for it its a prize possession. Think Jock Mitchell is just a perfect Northern Soul record .
  2. There are two records i would probably raid the pension for Jock Mitchell Chance in a Million and Karmello Brooks. All the rest the millionaire's can have . Dave.
  3. Its the old adage "rarity is not always linked to price:. All you need is demand and someone with deep pockets willing to pay an inflated price , but if you want it bad enough and you have the cash good luck to you. Trouble is none of that does the "poor" any good as I am unwilling or unable to pay the high prices that anything desirable seems to be going for nowadays. Dave.
  4. Talking of madness Larry Clinton on Pat Bradys site £7555 6 days to go .
  5. Yes she was on the scene when I first started around 78 iish Tupton , Wingfield, Brim Tavern to name a few . Thats a great shame sorry to hear that. Date.
  6. Hi Jenny Hibberd rings a bell was she from Chesterfield?
  7. It was c/u as that if my memory serves me correctly plus the advertisement of a record dealers site wasn't intentional even so don't see the problem. Dave.
  8. Hi All How nice to hear Carlos Monroe Half a Chance on Rarenorthernsoul front page .
  9. Thanks for posting that don't know how you do it great bit of detective work . Good read cheers.
  10. Ownership seems to be the main priority nowadays hence silly prices and if someone wants it bad enough they will pay . Regarding the Pink issues pretty certain John Anderson was involved and they are less than legit ??? .
  11. Ditto about Dean Parrish amazing price but you're right JMs auction is a world leader , i recon the Carstairs will be another high flyer next week. Dav.
  12. Hi Jon John Manship has a very good 'crack repair' video on YouTube its well worth checking out , he puts loads of stuff on there.
  13. Yep new release from Soul Bowl they all had the address scratched out as well .
  14. Just spotted I Can Tell on Pat Bradys auction page £145 with 7 days to go ????????
  15. Have people been receiving their records as mine have not arrived yet ? Dave Shaw.
  16. Hi Roger I will take the Gladys Knight DEMO if you still have it . Dave.
  17. Mine arrived today all as described nice tune too cheers. Dave.

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