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  1. Speaking as a drummer , was never a fan John Bonham blew everyone away.
  2. Echoing all the replies total legend and his lists it was the highlight of many collectors his list arriving and seeing what you could afford , dialing again and again till you got through then getting the " yep still got that " awesome. These people built the scene whether they knew it or not . R.I.P old friend.
  3. Amazon delivery and McDonald's plastic toys , two of the biggest 'up yours' to the environment.
  4. Will take Phyllis if still avail.
  5. It's all Americanisms does your head in , "can I get a coffee to go " ??? , go where ? . But have to agree using "SO" is just cringe worthy .
  6. Looks like Tojo is set to go off , but have to say about time it has been pure class for years .
  7. Not a bad guess on the final price , I win .
  8. Looks like the price is going way to silly for the condition, awesome toon though.

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