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  1. Let's face it if the Scene can play Fascinating Girl it can play Red Light imo.
  2. Well it looks like Frankie Karl is going taken off the Wants List it's going skyward.
  3. I think what was achieved at Motown was nothing short of incredible and it involved a hugh amount of talent . If Berry Gordy was in fact responsible for orchestrating all this talent and making final decisions then you have to say he was indeed a good Boss.
  4. The advert with the woman with a secret weapon in her pants FFS shut the f**k up.
  5. Or start a bloody sentence with SO .
  6. Thanks for putting the info up Geni is a prize record love it has a slight Karmello Brooks feel to it. Thanks again.
  7. Monster sound late 70s great memories for me.
  8. Had the LP for years and now via the SilverFox it is joined by the very elusive single loved it since it rattled round Wigans sweaty walls.
  9. Another great release thanks very much to all involved.
  10. Have the Silhouettes LP paid not very much for it its a prize possession. Think Jock Mitchell is just a perfect Northern Soul record .
  11. There are two records i would probably raid the pension for Jock Mitchell Chance in a Million and Karmello Brooks. All the rest the millionaire's can have . Dave.
  12. Its the old adage "rarity is not always linked to price:. All you need is demand and someone with deep pockets willing to pay an inflated price , but if you want it bad enough and you have the cash good luck to you. Trouble is none of that does the "poor" any good as I am unwilling or unable to pay the high prices that anything desirable seems to be going for nowadays. Dave.

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