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    Just another old bloke drifting around the scene. I've loved this life full of great Soul sounds but wish there were young folk filling the floor, like we did. A soul revival, is needed.

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    Duns, Berwickshire
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    The Drifter, Ray Pollard. Does it everytime.

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  1. My most memorable all dayer was one most of you will probably never of heard of. It was Sunday 14th October 07. In the Hibs Club, Easter Road, Edinburgh. I'd heard of it but never been. I was going solo, and to be honest it was a bit daunting walking up to that club. However I was in for the shock of my life. A friendlier most enthusiastic group of Northern Soulers I've yet to meet. The floor policy is simple, fill the floor, and we did. Loved the music, Northern, crossover, modern and Motown, loved the place and still do.
  2. Just seen it. Far better than I thought it would be. It worked and I enjoyed it. There are better critics than me, who've already posted so I'll not bother. Apart from the halfmast trousers I can't really fault the realism. Makes me feel old, but then I am. Shit. I liked the bit when he was off it and listening to the dodgy tape. We've all been there! The kids nowadays don't know how lucky they are buying box sets with 100's of songs on, for next to nowt. I can predict a comeback of those horrible long leather coats and seeing fewer Ben Shermans at do's. lol.
  3. Those guys in the jumpers, you can tell they were waiting for M's to open. Fast forward 4 hours, probably in vests or tops off. I was a skinny sod those days, I could do with a few hours in the sauna that was M's now.
  4. I was too young to go prior to 78 so obviously missed the golden era but it was still exciting as f**k to this young bloke with his eyes on stalks. I liked M's because no one seemed to care, I was too self concious then and was a bit intimidated dancing in the main room as I felt everyone was judging me and they were showing off, which of course they were. I used to migrate towards M's, where it seemed to me that everyone just got on with it. I'm glad I made it but wish I'd been 5 years older.
  5. Agreed, it's only down to the music played the crowd your with and the enthusiasm. Just because it's a massive well known do with no room to dance for elbows and talc and sweaty bodies doesn't mean you've had a good night. I've had some great nights when I didn't expect to.
  6. I realise everyone is nostalgic for the good old days when we were 15 instead of 50 but to be honest, the sheer choice of do's nowadays... God if I was rich and didn't have to work I could go to a different alldayer or allnighter every weekend for years, and as for do's lasting a few hours, well theres loads nearly every night of the week. Do's were few and far between when I was a nipper.
  7. Only one unmissable thing on TV. The Americans. It is Ace.
  8. Hello Mr.J it is, I joined ages ago but don't think I bothered introducing myself. I don't like to just post shite for the sake of it, just to get post count up. I'm sure your contribution will be most welcome. Regards Mike
  9. Like it as an old 60's song but not what I'd expect of a NS one. But as has been said, much worse played week in week out. Not a bad find when all's said n done.
  10. Has anyone else bothered keeping their membership card, even though they are defunct, or just me?
  11. Haha, Pods! God I remember them. In Gateshead then 76-77 it was all patch pockets and star jumpers. Then Dealers came in for street wear and brogues again out on the floor.

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