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  1. Emile griffith , his story is well worth researching
  2. until

    Looking for two tickets Fingers crossed Anyone help
  3. Ardwick lads club (it was mixed) for me , Vietnam Jimmy cliff , my baby must be a magician marvelettes , Angie girl Stevie wonder, wet dream max Romeo, there was another sexually explicit reggae number , wreckabuddy ??
  4. anyone got 2 spare tickets for this ??
  5. Pips was nice 'n easy and time and place knocked into one club that boasted 9 rooms it did have a northern room briefly
  6. almanc



    All areas wristband for sale collect at venue 8pm
  7. almanc

    Openshaw Soul Night

    Ovo ?
  8. almanc


  9. I always thought connie van dyke was the first white artist on motown
  10. Currently enjoying detroit 67the year that changed soul , recommended!
  11. He once owned a bar in Manchester, had a sign up saying please don't ask mick for autographs.
  12. background music sign on the dotted line the bbc keepin the faith .....
  13. the new audi ad on tv does it sample tribute or is it just me
  14. Any coaches/minibuses from manchester/tameside/Stockport ??
  15. that's through paying too much attention to my one finger typing skills !
  16. is there another version of this , besides the tom jones one ?
  17. few years ago , channel 4 documentary about trainers played shoes , bobby bland , also when the euros were in portugal itv finished their coverage of portugal v holland ( i think ) with frank popp , hip teens

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