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  1. Hello all, If someone's got a clean spare of Geater Davis / Don't Walk Off and Leave Me (Luna) I'd appreciate a shout - I know it's a common record but it's been eluding me. EU/UK seller preferred. Not fussed about issue/demo etc. I just want the song. Thank you, D
  2. Mine please, will PM.
  3. I use https://clyp.it/, I believe you need to open an account but it's free, been using it for a while and no issues with it. It's web-based with a dead simple player and will work just as well from a smartphone (also web-based, no app needed). Does not reduce the quality of the soundclips either, as far as I've been able to tell.
  4. Specials please if still there - I'll get in touch shortly. Thank you!
  5. Hello all, Looking for this ideally VG+ or better, might settle for a VG if the grooves are not busted and it doesn't sound like bacon frying (i.e. just hissy). Please DM set price, no offers. Thank you, D
  6. Quite a few of us after this one for "I'll Be Gone", terrific tune.
  7. Might consider it if you can name a set price, not into the offers game. Thank you.
  8. Hello all, Looking for a clean (VG+ or better) original copy of this, not the '70s styrene boot. Both sides must play cleanly, photos and/or soundclip appreciated. Please DM set price and condition, thank you, D
  9. damian


    Hello Dianne, thank you but I'm afraid that the MR-stamped one is the bootleg - "Monarch Recording". Originals are thick heavy vinyl (yours will probably be styrene) and have a "Bell Sound" stamp on the runout. Atb, Damian
  10. Naturals - Color Him Father please Des, not sure if PM went through. Thank you.
  11. Hello all, Looking for a VG+ or better original copy (not the boot with the crappy printing) of this one, please DM set price and condition if you've got one. Thank you, D
  12. Looking for a clean original copy of this if anyone's got one.. please PM with price and condition. Thank you, D

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