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    Exits, "Under The Street Lamp"; Big Frank/Essences, "I Won't Let Her See Me Cry"; so many more!

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  1. Quite a few of us after this one for "I'll Be Gone", terrific tune.
  2. Might consider it if you can name a set price, not into the offers game. Thank you.
  3. Well, one did sell on Ebay for around $800 last year so I guess they're being hopeful. Although I do agree that it is completely nuts. As for rarity, the yellow CMB one seems to pop up less often? In any case, it has some extra backing vocals towards the end of "Told You" that I'm not a big fan of, having heard the other version first.
  4. "I Done Told You" is very sought after by the lowrider crowd. And it IS a superb tune in that regard. "Missing You" on the other hand.. eh.
  5. Hello all, Missed out on a copy today by a few minutes so putting feelers out for a decent playable copy, does not have to be M- but the styrene must not be blasted (a soundclip would be very welcome). Ideally would love an "octagon" label demo. Please DM with details, set price, no offers thank you. Cheers, D
  6. Looking for a clean (VG+ and up) original copy of the International GTO's on Rojac, please DM with set price/condition. Bell Sound stamp, vinyl not styrene, etc. etc. Thank you, D
  7. Hello all, Looking for a clean (VG+ or better) original copy of this, not the '70s styrene boot. Both sides must play cleanly, photos and/or soundclip appreciated. Please DM set price and condition, thank you, D
  8. damian


    Hello Dianne, thank you but I'm afraid that the MR-stamped one is the bootleg - "Monarch Recording". Originals are thick heavy vinyl (yours will probably be styrene) and have a "Bell Sound" stamp on the runout. Atb, Damian
  9. Naturals - Color Him Father please Des, not sure if PM went through. Thank you.
  10. Hello all, Looking for a VG+ or better original copy (not the boot with the crappy printing) of this one, please DM set price and condition if you've got one. Thank you, D
  11. Looking for a clean original copy of this if anyone's got one.. please PM with price and condition. Thank you, D

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