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  1. All I know is that young America has been responsible for starting most of the world's dance crazes.....
  2. Records that never quite made it....

    Not that I've been very active on the scene since the late seventies, but from what I've heard, this track by Freddie Scott never made it... or did it? Storming record in my opinion:
  3. LP only tracks?

    Off the top of my head... Marvelettes - Your Love Can Save Me wasn't there an instrumental of Tears of a Clown played from an LP (late days of the Torch)
  4. Your Fave Motown Track.

    Can I vote for an album? It would have to be the Marvellettes - Sophisticated Soul. There is not a single duff track. Every one is sublime, in my book.
  5. Major Lance or Jackie Wilson or Edwin Starr..... ooooh..... it's a three-way dead heat for me!
  6. News: Jerry Ross R I P

    If you ever saw an unknown record with his name credited on the label, you knew it would be worth taking a chance on. Great producer who made some terrific sounds. RIP.
  7. Johnny Taylor for me since it was one of the first Northern records I ever heard, back when they were simply known as "good disco records". My mentor and bro-in-law, John Haithwaite, had realised that the A-side (Steal Away) had not been deleted (it was...
  8. Blue-eyed Soul?

    A little bit tongue in cheek, but you could make a valid argument that ironically, the greatest and most iconic classic records of the scene were made by white singers: 1. Can’t help loving you - Paul Anka - can you actually get more “northern” than this...
  9. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Stemmons Express? Always wondered about that one....
  10. Wade in the water is a very old plantation work song which apparently offered advice to runaway slaves how they might avoid capture by bloodhounds; you've got to wade in the water....
  11. Help please, someone... anyone? My daughters wedding is this Friday 2nd June and I have to find a copy of the instrumental to Ain't no mountain high enough (Diana Ross) to play at the reception. I did find one on YouTube but ....oh the quality! Please ...
  12. Sad news. Francis Terry Thomas- RIP

    Oh bollocks! Bloody hell! Lost for words. Can't believe it. Such a smashing guy. RIP Soul Man.
  13. Talking about crazy instrumentals, did I imagine this, or did I once hear something played out by "Mike the Swinging Monk" (or words to that effect)! A British release if I recall.... Scraping a very deep dark barrel full of odd memories...
  14. Yes, yes, oh yes! Always loved this one. So powerful, so under-rated. The other side is a killer-diller too, of course.
  15. Dean Parrish on a commercial

    I can't stand cow's milk anyway!