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  1. Edwin basically grabs it by the bollocks.
  2. Dayo

    How the hell is this not massive??

    That Devonns track is a belter isn't it?
  3. Dayo

    How the hell is this not massive??

    Played at the Wheel and others, but an absolute belter for sure.
  4. Dayo

    A Showstoppers Pictorial ...

    Imagine if it hadn't charted! Surely this would have been the monster of all monsters?
  5. Exactly! People have all kinds of negative associations with the term disco, but that's how my bro-in-law called it who was a regular DJ on the Midlands Soul Scene in the late 60's early 70's. . For myself I was pleased as punch to find my first rare "disco" record in 1971. Ironically it was Chubby Checker's (at the) Discotheque, but that's just a co-incidence, it could easily have been the Invitations, Timmy Willis, Dobie Gray etc.
  6. Years ago I had a trawl through my old copies of Blues & Soul to try and find when the term started to be used. In all honesty I can't recall the result, but it's probably much later than most people think. In 72 there were tons of references to the North, usually in John Abbey's snidey record reviews; "Here's yet another forgettable record that's sure to find favour in Northern discos" etc. There was the Northern Soul Club, o..
  7. The scene - yes that rings a bell. "So-and-so is on the scene - do you know him?" etc.
  8. Before that term started being bandied about they were simply known as soul records, or, believe it or not, "disco records".
  9. Dayo


    Yes. I was there and remember it clearly. Sounded amazing on that lovely sound system there. I don’t recall that it split the crowd anything like as much as Shake and Bump or Don’t Depend On Me.
  10. Dayo

    surprised by your own collection?

    Actually I found a big handful of stuff while clearing out my late Mum's house just this weekend. Maybe 20 or 30 records I'd stashed there 40 years ago. My heart was pounding a weenie bit faster. Some of the labels and artists looked so promising but I couldn't remember any of them too well. "Oooh - here's a couple by the Saphires that I don't recall.... this one by the Sydels looks promising... hmmmm almost unplayed..... and what..
  11. Dayo

    Tv Adverts & Northern Soul

    Sounds like a track from a music library. There are a few of them that feature NS pastiches.
  12. Dayo

    John Abbey

    Apparently he is managing the Three Degrees. Contact details from their website pasted below: Contact Us If you want to get in touch please call using the number below or send us a message using the contact form on this page Management: John Abbey Representation Tel: +1 770 928 1864 Fax: +1 770 928 1926 e-mail:
  13. Dayo

    John Abbey

    Queens Hall - what a gathering that was. Awful night, but so many souls in one room was an awesome thing.
  14. Dayo

    John Abbey

    So no-one knows what happened to John E. Abbey? Surely one of the most influential figures in all of the UK soul scene? If it were not for Blues & Soul my teenage life would have been so very different.... He deserves a huge amount of respect. What happened to him? Anyone else get their soul packs from Contempo? Such excitement! Pretty sure that I saw Kokomo on that Al Green tour too (B'ham Odeon). Yes, they a..
  15. Dayo

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    How about Stella Starr? Was she a white singer? In some ways I prefer the production on her version of Bring Him Back. More oomph!