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  1. Wade in the water is a very old plantation work song which apparently offered advice to runaway slaves how they might avoid capture by bloodhounds; you've got to wade in the water....
  2. Help please, someone... anyone? My daughters wedding is this Friday 2nd June and I have to find a copy of the instrumental to Ain't no mountain high enough (Diana Ross) to play at the reception. I did find one on YouTube but ....oh the quality! Please ...
  3. Sad news. Francis Terry Thomas- RIP

    Oh bollocks! Bloody hell! Lost for words. Can't believe it. Such a smashing guy. RIP Soul Man.
  4. Crazy northern Instrumentals; Your Fave?

    Talking about crazy instrumentals, did I imagine this, or did I once hear something played out by "Mike the Swinging Monk" (or words to that effect)! A British release if I recall.... Scraping a very deep dark barrel full of odd memories...
  5. Crazy northern Instrumentals; Your Fave?

    Yes, yes, oh yes! Always loved this one. So powerful, so under-rated. The other side is a killer-diller too, of course.
  6. Dean Parrish on a commercial

    I can't stand cow's milk anyway!
  7. Dean Parrish on a commercial

    Not to be a whistle blower but this article strikes me as odd. In it they are claiming that the music is an original composition. I think I'd be onto lawyers if I had a stake in this ... http://tvadvertsongs.com/arla-organic-farm-milk-the-deal/
  8. Dean Parrish on a commercial

    It's funny isn't? this would have been cause for great excitement a few years ago. Now it's "Ho hum... now there's yet another advertiser trying to borrow some cool...."
  9. Saw Beauty and the Beast at the local Roxy yesterday. In amongst the ads before the film commenced was a rather forgettable promo for milk (I think) that featured a very familiar strings and flute led riff with a slightly classical feel. Just as my addled b...
  10. Best intro?

    The Superlatives only needed three notes to inspire dancers to run, leap, dive onto the floor....
  11. Got me thinking…biggest regret

    Selling all my British demos in 1981 and using the money to buy a three piece suite ranks pretty high up there....
  12. Billboard treasure trove online

    It certainly is. I could spend hours and hours reading. The R&B page in the 1960's issues is pretty lightweight compared to country and easy Listening sections etc. but I imagine there might be some great leads for R&B radio DJ names if anyone had ...
  13. Maybe it's been there for ages, but yesterday I stumbled on a back issue of Billboard that Google had scanned and put online. And there are thousands more from every period. I wish I had time to go through all the issues but my job keeps me too busy. ...
  14. Brian Matthew

    Now that really is the end of an era. Massive kudos and appreciation to Brian Mathew and giant of the broadcasting world. Wonder if he's got any demos for sale.....;-)
  15. Intrigues "in A Moment"

    As an aside, one of the first records I ever bought - just snuck in before it was deleted. Can't help feeling this would be the biggest crossover record of all time, if it hadn't been so well known. What a tune! Reckon my copy would sound even better if it ...