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  1. I'll never forget us article. I could even recall phrases from it. It might even contain his first mention of "the northern soul scene". As a 13 year-old wanna be Soul Boy, I poured over it endlessly and pictured myself stepping through those hallowed doors to the Highland Room. I guess it was two years later when my teen-dream came true (thanks to Dick Warburton who gave me a lift in his Triumph Vitesse and helped blag the terrifying doorman that I was 18). Still the greatest venue there ever was. The best sounds, the most knowledgable and sharpest dressed crowd. God bless you Dave, wherever you are. You inspired me more than you'll ever know - and countless others too.
  2. Thanks for posting the "chart". Nice reminder of why I stopped going to Wigan in 75.
  3. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I just had to express my full-on hatred of Suzy's Serenade too! I knew it was big at the Torch and I absolutely loved All Turned On/Hungry For Love, so couldn't wait to hear it. What a disappointment it was when I heard it down at the Wax machine in Gloucester (Richard Selwood had an emi-disc he was trying to flog). There's something about the chord changes and the arrangement that makes me feel physically uncomfortable. It reminded me of the theme tune to some awful BBC programme like Man Alive or the Wednesday Play. As an aside, I feel almost the same way about Nothing But Love by the Tartans + Kaddo Strings, though I don't get quite the same nausea.
  4. No takers? Alright... I'll keep 'em coming: Lovely song....
  5. One more and it's over to you. One of the first Soul records I ever bought...
  6. And here's some more rare footage, but rather more soulful:
  7. So how about a topic to pull together the amazing live videos of scene classics that are lurking out there? Just now and then I've stumbled on some gob-smacking rare footage on YouTube, but it does take a little digging. I'll kick it off with this one, which I'm afraid confirms all my worst fears about this somewhat guilty pleasure...
  8. Not one single person blocked up in those pics then!
  9. Loved the venue. Heard so many great record for the first time there. All the big name DJ's played there. Good times.
  10. It doesn't look too good does it? It will be another sad day soon, I'm afraid....
  11. What a shame. I missed the email. Wife’s birthday. Disaster. What happened on Jools Holland?
  12. And I’ve just turned up to to see her but it’s canclled. gutted.
  13. Edwin basically grabs it by the bollocks.
  14. That Devonns track is a belter isn't it?

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