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  1. Great stuff. Pardon my ignorance but what is the opening track on this?
  2. VID-20200423-WA0000.mp4
  3. Coalville Tiffanys, 1974ish? My first taste of Northern Soul in regular hours and without medication!
  4. Tallinn is rather good. The old town is stunning.
  5. Snippet of the fantastic Martha Jean Love track:
  6. As usual, loads I don't know. Love going through these H&G playlists, always some gems in there.
  7. Spencer Tracy's last ever scene. He died days after this was shot.
  8. The other side to this isn't too shabby either!
  9. Alas haven't got this to play, but loving listening to it:
  10. Have the following available: Blues & Soul Issues 106 to 176 (excluding 110, 174, 175) Issues 178,184,189,197,200,208,214,215,217,218,219,221,222,223,226,227,229,230,231,232,234,235,236,240, 241,247,249,250,252,256,258,259,260,262,263,265,267,271,345,365 Black Music December 1973, January 1974, February 1974, March 1974, April 1974, May 1974, June 1974, July 1976, February 1977

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