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  1. Hi Mark, Could you let me know if you posted the Gladys Knight record, and what date? To date I haven't received it. Regards Des Jones
  2. HI Mark, Could I order a copy of the Gladys Knight double header. Regards Des Jones.
  3. Hi PJF, Have you posted the Wales Wallace record yet? Regards Des Jones.
  4. HI, I would like to buy Wales Wallace- Somebody I know £40 Regards Des Jones.
  5. Cheers Steve. I don't do paypal, my son does. I will contact him tonight and get the money to you. He is called Dean Jones. My name Des Jones, 30, Brooksbottoms Close, Ramsbottom, BL09YP. Telephone 07905337275. Regards Des.
  6. Have you still got the Stoppers- Come back baby, I am interested. Regards Des Jones.
  7. Have you still got "The Stoppers" for sale?
  8. Really sad news. RIP Skippy Sue. Our thoughts are with you Pete & family. Love Des & Bev Jones.
  9. I am looking to purchase Stoppers-come back baby. Regards Des Jones. Tel: 07905337275
  10. Hi Laurence, Could you reserve 3 of those records James Walsh, Four Wonders and General Johnson. thanks Des Jones x
  11. DJs for this month, Residents Des & Bernard. Guest DJs Shaun Callon & Alan Coulson.
  12. Really looking forward to tomorrow night. Great place to play something different, usually a very appreciative crowd. Spoke with a number of friends who will be there on the night. See you tomorrow, Des.
  13. Hi Roman, Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to playing at this iconic venue, been a while since I last played there. See you all on Saturday.
  14. If last months anything to go by, get there early. It was rammed. The DJs for this month are Des, Bernard, and guest's Christine Howard & Carl Dixon.
  15. Can't believe it's 7 years since you started this popular night. Well done Vance & Linda. Also, thanks for inviting me to play a few tunes on the anniversary night.
  16. This Sunday, first one of the year.The DJs are Des, Bernard, Clarence & Sean Callon.
  17. Cheers Frank. The DJs for this day are Des, Bernard, Clarence, Sam and Karl. This event is extremely busy, so get there early. regards Des.
  18. Diamond1

    Ramsbottom Soul Night

    DJ Times: Des 8-9. Andy 9-10. Ted 10-1130. Steve 11-30-12-30. Des 12-30-1.
  19. Looking forward to playing some tunes tonight. Box ready, good mix. Des.
  20. Diamond1

    Ramsbottom Soul Night

    Some fantastic soul music is a guarantee this Saturday. Mr Ted Massey gracing the decks. Get there early, should be busy. DJ times will be added on Friday.
  21. Diamond1

    Darwen Soul Night

    Really looking forward to this night, and raising lots of money for Macmillan. The night runs from 8-1 and its pay on the door. We are also celebrating the lovely Louvain Birchenough's birthday. The DJs are Des Jones, Shaun Murphy, Andy Childs & John Birchenough. Raffle prizes will be graefully accepted.
  22. Des Jones, 30, Brooksbottoms Close, Ramsbottom, Lancs, BL0 9YP. Mobile 07905337275.
  23. Hi Neal, Money sent to you via PayPal. Regards Des Jones.
  24. I don't have PayPal. My son Dean Jones will pay on his account. This will be tomorrow evening. Hope thats okay? Des Jones.
  25. Hi Neal, I would like to purchase the Intrigues. How do you want paying? Regards Des Jones.

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