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  1. copy required in ex condition cheers tom.
  2. Have graded conservatively all play well Nancy Wilcox "More than a memory"--- NM-£65 Lou Johnson " If i ever get to love you" -- VG++ £25 Johnny Jones "Soul Poppin" VG++ £30 ZZ Hill " You were wrong" VG++£20 Joe Tex " Old time lover " VG++ £90 Rose St John "Mend my broken heart" VG++ £70 Benny Curtis "Make it now " Ex £150 Ruby Winters "Sweetheart Things" VG+£20 Dolly "The right one" VG++£25 Wi
  3. Hi there Big Tony, I have a friend here who has one in VG+ (going through Ex) that plays an looks well. Would you be willing to make an offer or even a trade (he would prefer i think) I would let him know. Cheers, Tim

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    2. Tlscapital


      He said no ! Too low... But maybe try offer trade ?

    3. Big Tony

      Big Tony


       ill send  a list  that I have for trades.


        thank you  

    4. Big Tony

      Big Tony

      records for trade /sale 

      Nancy Wilcox "More than a memory"--- NM-£65

      Lou Johnson " If i ever get to love you" --  VG++ £25

      Johnny Jones   "Soul Poppin"                   VG++ £30

      ZZ Hill   " You were wrong"                        VG++£20

      Joe Tex " Old time lover "                           VG++ £90

      Rose St John "Mend my broken heart"       VG++ £70

      Benny Curtis  "Make it now "                        Ex £150

      Ruby Winters  "Sweetheart Things"              VG+£20

      Dolly "The right one"                                    VG++£25

      Willie Williams   "Have you ever been played for a fool"  GV++£100 

      Ted Taylor "Mercy have pity"                           VG++ £20 


  4. Linda Jones - You Can't Take It / I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby Warner Bros. Records - thanks Tom.
  5. Carolyn Crawford if available pls
  6. drop me a line with price cheers tom.
  7. Hi Cally If changin is still available pls let me know best Tom
  8. Hi Roger if the Royalettes is still available I’ll take it thanks Tom
  9. hi Joe What's the bottom price you would take on patience valentine . no offence intended
  10. Grade VG+ have you a sound file of the actual record to listen to ?? thanks tom.
  11. Thought you were mine Boola boola
  12. Love is the only solution ,Thelma must be in Ex / M-

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