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  1. Thought you were mine Boola boola
  2. Love is the only solution ,Thelma must be in Ex / M-
  3. hi do you still have O’Jays - Hold On / Working On Your Case - Minit DJ (Vg) £35 what is the audio when played as you have stated Vg ?/ thanks tom.
  4. Hi if you still have dolly & fashions I'll take cheers tom
  5. Good clean copy required pm if you have one cheers tom
  6. Nm copy of Harold Burrage Fifty Fifty thanks tom
  7. El Anthony been in love too long, La Cindy Ex copy 275 Bits and pieces, keep on running away, Nasco Nm, 300 Moses Smith try my love Dionn ex 100 Steelers begining to love you Crash VG++270 Greg Perry It takes heart, Alfa, ex 125 Pm if interested Pp F&F Cheers Tom.
  8. 1. BitsN Pieces "keep on running away" nascent Ex300 2.El Anthony "We'ev been in love too long" La Cindy Ex 275 3.Moses Smith" Try my Love" Dionn Ex 100 5. Shirley Wahls" Because I love you " Vouge Ex 50 6. The Royal Esquires" Ain't gonna run" Prix ex120 8. Johnnie Jackson" What you gonna do" J-MER Ex 100 9. The Steelers" Just beginning to love you" Crash VG++280 10. The Entertainers " I'm in love with you" HMC Ex80 11. Seventh Wonder " Captain of my ship" WG Ex80 12. Chuck Overton " Is it possible" kapp WD Ex 65 13. Greg Perry " It takes hear
  9. johnnie jackson "what you gonna do "J-Mer ex, £120 The Steelers "just beginning to love you " crash VG++£300 luther Ingram" If it's all the same" HIB VG++£550 pp f&f pm if interested cheers Tom
  10. Crash records, steelers, just beginning to love youVG++ £325 Dial, Joe Tex, Old time lover, Ex£100 Benny Curtis, Bridges, Make it now, Ex£125 Nancy Wilcox, Kent Ann, More than a memory, Ex£50 Pp,F&F Pm if intetested Cheers Tom
  11. Four great records with dance floor credibility, Nancy Wilcox" More than a memory" kent Ann, M£50 Benny Curtis " Make it now" Bridges M£125 joe Tex " Old time lover " Dial , Ex£100 The Steelers" just beginning to love you " Crash VG ++£320 pm if interested pp f&f cheers Tom
  12. Hi wil take the Roy Roberts reissue on Tina if still available cheers Tom
  13. Johnny Jackson "What you gonna do" J-MER ex £130 The Embers"First Time" jcp ex £200'on hold' charles Farren "You've changed" Hawk ex £120 Benny Curtis "Make it now" Bridges ex £120 Joe tex "old time lover" Dial ex £100 Rose St John" Mend my broken heart" VG++ £95 The steelers "Just beginning to love you" Crash ex £230 Chuck Bridges" Don't you make me cry" ex Scoop £225 'on hold' prices + p & p pp f&f pm if interested cheers Tom
  14. One for sale but seller not responding??? must be in ex condition cheers tom.

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