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  1. Mick Boyle

    Nottingham - Soul In The Park - Charity Night

    Respect to you an Sam Moore for your support and services on the night
  2. Mick Boyle

    Nottingham - Soul In The Park - Charity Night

    As mentioned before here is a list of some of the prizes available on the night. There will be auction items, raffles prizes and game prizes available. Auction prizes 2 Passes to Southport Motown weekender September 6-8th 2019 reserve price £40 2 Passes to Southport Motown weekender September 6-8th 2019 reserve price £40 2 tickets to Stoke Allnighter reserve price £15 2 IMAX tickets for Cineworld at The Corner house reserve £10 2 IMAX tickets for Cineworld at The Corner house reserve £10 2 Tickets to see Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal reserve £10 2 Tickets to see Notts County Football reserve £10 2 Meals from the brunch menu at Revolution Bar Hockley reserve £5 2 Meals from the brunch menu at Revolution Bar Hockley reserve £5 2 Meals and a Cocktail at Revolucion de Cuba reserve £15 Hair & Beauty £100 voucher at Raferty reserve £45 Overnight stay at The Lace Market Hotel for Two + Breakfast reserve £50 Nottinghamshire Cricket bat with signatures past and present reserve £25 A round of golf at Mapperley golf club for four plus + bar meals reserve £50 Mapperley golf club carvery for two reserve £10 Harts Hotel & Restaurant afternoon Tea for two reserve £20 Loakes Luxury shoe Valet box reserve £ 45 Paul Smith woman eau de toilette natural spray 100mls reserve £ 25 Paul Smith man eau de toilette natural spray 100mls reserve £ 25 Raffle prizes 1 Luxury food hamper £1 per ticket 1 Pamper hamper £1 per ticket 1 Large framed scooter picture Squash court charity game £1 per beer mat Various prizes Whiskey Hit a prize with a beer mat to win Wine Chocolates Vouches Watch Perfume etc etc Please note the normal Soul night will be same as normal with OVO and the seating area off the dance floor. Auction/raffle/buffet etc will be held in a separate room
  3. Mick Boyle

    Soul in the Park Nottingham

    Brilliant words from Lisa. I don't have the same talent expressing myself in words. It will be a pleasure to be the guest dj at this brilliant event and I am honoured to be taking over from Bryn in the future. I would like to thank Bryn for many good nights at Soul in the Park and wish him all the best for his future decisions. Thanks again, Mick
  4. Mick Boyle

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    Count me in mate
  5. Mick Boyle

    Dave Clegg

    So sad - Only met him a few times, he was so welcoming and so knowledgeable. RIP - M&M
  6. Mick Boyle

    Kenni Lewis

    That would make sense. RT told me his set had been recorded but Richard on the radio sounds more feasible.
  7. Mick Boyle

    Kenni Lewis

    The original acetate was found by John Poole in Max Kids basement with no name or song title on it. It was covered up as Kenni Lewis due to the Max kid / Kenni Lewis Shrine connection. Andy Rix and Rob Thomas made it a top unavailable sound about 16 years ago, the title and artist were guess work. Rob Thomas eventually let it go to Lou Stanley and Lou sold it on to Kitch (Nottm soul collector - DJ - record dealer - manfromsoul.co.uk ) To my knowledge Kitch still owns the 1st copy to this day. A couple of years ago a second acetate turned up this one was recognised by one of the guys in the bands who said it was sung by Leroy Taylor. The Shrine - connection pops up again so looks very creditable. I have bought 3 copies of the new release on Federal Green Records for myself and two close friends. The playback is 100% perfect. Well done Federal Green. There was a white labelled bootleg about which came from a dodgy recording of one of Rob Thomas's DJ sets - Sound quality was very poor. I don't know of any Pete Smith connection but pay homage to John, Andy and Rob for discovering a record that has stayed in my top 5 for longer than I care to remember. Personally I think Federal Green Records got the title wrong (The Marrying Kind) and think it was meant to be called Not The Marrying Kind Mick
  8. Look forward to high flyers each month. Nice to see present-day prices on records I have owned or still own and ones Id like to own, Surprises me how some are overpriced and others quite reasonable
  9. Mick Boyle

    Nottingham - Soul In The Park - Charity Night

    Addenbrookes Hospital was the place, Tony Gallagher was the Patient. Tony is probably better known to the soul world via his daughter Alex Gallagher. Alex is Nottingham's most up and coming dj and is only 16 years young but has already dj'd everywhere. Tony spent 25 years as a fire fighter and put his life in danger every working day saving countless lives (just another day at the office to him) He ran to the places everyone else ran from. Tony took early retirement last year but very soon found himself urgently needing a transplant. Three months on the transplant waiting list and the life saving call came through. The team at Addenbrookes Hospital performed their daily miracles and sent him home four weeks later. Tony is on the road to a full recovery and can look forward to everything we take for granted. This charity night is to say thank you and to help the transplant team continue with their life changing work. All takings will go to Addenbrookes Hospital Auctions and raffles on the night Auction items and raffle prizes will be added to this post in the near future Your support would be gratefully appreciated (and needed) Mick
  10. Mick Boyle

    Nottingham - Soul In The Park - Charity Night

    Soul In The Park are proud to present a charity soul night Please see charity details posted below. 8pm - 1am Door Tax £5.00 (All to Charity) Dj for the night - Sam Moore - Ashley Fellows - Alex Gallagher - Mick Boyle - All Djs are providing there services for free Quality Northern - 60s - 70s - Motown - R&B - all Night (original vinyl only ) Superb location, fantastic intimate venue, great sound system and a warm welcome from Lisa, Nick, Alex and Mick. Only £5 on the door and reasonable drinks prices what more could you want in a night out! Car park directly outside the front The Nottingham Squash Rackets Club, 4 Tattershall Road, The Park Nottingham, NG7 1BXQUASH RACKETS CL
  11. Mick Boyle

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Devotions £1021 about 10 years ago. Played it for 6 years then sold it to a mate for £1000 cuz he had sat on his copy and he wasn't the lightest person on earth.
  12. Mick Boyle

    The Brit Nottingham

    Start 2019 with a night not to be missed. Once again the legendary Brit club will open its doors for a night of top quality soul music. This iconic venue has been the source of the best soul music on the scene in the midlands since the 70s. The DJ line up for the night will be - John Poole - Mick H - Glyn Sisson - Mick Boyle - All have many many years of providing the quality sounds this venue is so well known for. Alex Gallagher will be joining the team for her 1st set at the Brit - You wont be disappointed. Doors open 8 til 1 - Door tax £5.00 The Nottingham Britannia Rowing Club Trent side North, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5FA
  13. Mick Boyle

    News: RIP Don Gardner

    Very sad news. Had the pleasure of his company for many hours at Preststyn and in the States. Deepest regards to his family.
  14. Mick Boyle


    Probably not the best but this always did it for me
  15. Mick Boyle

    has a boot been bootlegged itself?

    I remember the guy having an eBay name of Brooklyn Born or something similar - He was also selling shed loads of Aint Gonna Run No More. I got both for $100, the Fredric Hymes were judged to be legit but the Royal Esquires were a little bendy. He seemed a genuine guy. These were not boots of boots - Maybe a little suspect though


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