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  1. The Highs

    Mod & Soul Night

  2. The Highs

    Funky Soul Shake

    Tickets https://www.wegottickets.com/event/516496?fbclid=IwAR3D15YqGED0bxG6IPXteKw-y1q3W0n8C9f9W5IanEx_8YMfzGsDsoqDLZk#tickets
  3. Albert's Home for Discerning Modernists presents The Shha La La's & Dr Bird live. Great pub, free entry
  4. https://www.newuntouchables.com/tickets/?product=sha-la-las-live-6pm-show-group-of-4&fbclid=IwAR2BSgCzdDF3BDpcAJxzUz9RUBHxBNsrZQy2AHiLoTPn0XnqZsc5lNQ6GRQ https://www.newuntouchables.com/tickets/?product=sha-la-las-live-9-30pm-show-group-of-2&fbclid=IwAR2fdIDRTZhoIE6_UQL910tJXt1pqnbSomW3A-5HjC146bmr-ru8YKt8cUo DJ’s: Dr Robert & Guests There are just 60 tickets available (30 for each session). The band will perform twice, first at 6pm and then 9.30pm. Choose which performance time you’d like to see the band and purchase tickets in groups of 2 and 4. 1 ticket admits all, please arrive together. All ticket holders will be provided a table at our covered al fresco drinking spot Paper Dress Yard from 3pm where DJ Dr Robert & guests will spin Garage Rock and Psych to get your toes tapping whilst the bar staff dish out delicious cocktails and craft beer. This event is following the Venue COVID19 guidelines.
  5. The Highs

    Mods & Soul Night

  6. The Highs

    March of the Modcasters

  7. The Highs

    Mod & Soul Night

    Everyone's favourites, the Sha La La's kick off our first gig in 2020. With tremendous support from The Face, in a top class music venue - it promises to be a top night. Free entry.
  8. The Highs


    The Last Great Act Of Defiance SC 35th Anniversary two of the scenes best bands of the moment ,plus, two of the scenes best DJs plus guests.
  9. Come and have a pre Xmas Celebration with the wonderful The Sha-La-La's and The Past Tense with The Mynd Set plus Special guests Robby Allen from The Kite Collectors ,Martin Holt 65MPH /The Loop DJ Jeff Saturday November 30th 2019.
  10. Tickets: https://tickets.halfmoon.co.uk/events/2019-11-09-geno-washington-and-the-ram-jam-band-55th-anniversary-half-moon-putney A special 55th Anniversary show celebrating the time since Geno first appeared at the legendary Flamingo club in Soho and subsequently joined the Ram Jam Band. Always ready to rock the house, the King of the Swingers Geno Washington is the incarnation of all things '60s. Hipsters and flipsters, movers and shakers alike, are all rendered incapable of having a bad time, when the Good Time Guru gets his army of fans on the good foot! The old Geno magic still drags them in and sends them home high. Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band are an English based Soul band originally active from 1965 to 1969. Now going stronger than ever! Members: Geno Washington (Lead Vocals); Geoff Hemsley (Drums); Steve Bingham (Bass and Backing Vocals); Billy Burke (Guitar and Backing Vocals); and Alan Whetton (Tenor Sax). Geno Washington and The YoYo's play a more Blues oriented set and are the band minus the saxes. LINE UP Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band The Sha La La's
  11. The Highs

    Mods at The Suburbs

  12. Tickets: https://www.musicglue.com/grapevine-promotions/events/2019-10-26-the-sha-la-las-the-highbury?fbclid=IwAR07ToBLXzdzjnXbRp9VMKREe7ID9D-g3YuJ3Zly12eMQ5Exoj0MHYTNkq8

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