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  1. Ruby, you're doing just fine. Welcome to Soul Source. Enjoy browsing the site, there's a wealth of information on here. It'll all make sense when you get out and about a bit. - Kev
  2. Such sad news and it comes as a real shock. Rest In Peace Jon. Top bloke reunited at last with his top lady. - Kev &. Pam
  3. Happy Birthday Dave. We hope you've had a good one, and that we can catch up soon. All the best, Kev & Pam x
  4. Happy Birthday Dave, hope you've had a good one! - Kev
  5. This is a difficult one without knowing the person or his circumstances/family ties etc. Because our music often deals with relationships and issues of the heart that which at first seems suitable can end up being the opposite simply down to a single line. Sometimes it's just best to ignore the detail and go for the general message. I say this as it's a subject I have been mulling over for my own funeral. My current options would include: The Ultimations........Would I Do It Over Johnnie Mae Matthews.......I Have No Choice Joe Walker.........This Is My Last Goodbye And if
  6. Phil, try Loz Doyle of "Sleeve It Out UK". lozdoyle17@hotmail.co.uk I'm certain that he used to have them, and he was still in business when I saw him just before lockdown. - Kev
  7. I can't believe that people polish their tyres without first scrubbing them clean. Pointless exercise, whatever day of the month it is. - Kev
  8. I've no intention of going to a local pub because unfortunately I am too intolerant. When I was working all of my socialising was done in London and that might have been a different matter. I drove to Maidstone on monday to check out a TKMAXX When I saw the long queue of unmasked shoppers I just drove past and returned home.
  9. I do believe that conversation was with myself Steve.....on the "Life skills/tips" thread where I was recommending Meguiars Tyre Gel as a wipe on refurbishment for all exterior black metal/plastic/rubber components. Anyway, nice job, and you're making me feel really guilty for not having done mine yet! - Kev
  10. Thanks Len. I might celebrate very belatedly at that Northampton alldayer in June. First time back on my old stomping ground for a few years. - Kev
  11. Thanks Dave. Looking forward to meeting up again. It's been too long mate.
  12. Cheers guys! I had a good day. A quiet one....but I shall be more than making up for it soon! - Kev
  13. I had side effects from my first Astra Zeneca jab and Pam had none whatsoever. I just felt absolutely drained and lethargic and spent a day and half in bed. That's the perfect situation really for when we get our second doses which we're both looking forward to. Side effects or not I'm gonna make out there is. A lazy day in bed watching TV with Pam well enough to run up and down stairs with tea and biscuits.....Perfect!! - Kev
  14. Cheers Steve, will have to give that a go when I've used up the purple Demon Wheels spray that I'm not very impressed with at the moment. - Kev
  15. Now that the sun has been out, here's one for the car washers..... All that dull grey exterior car trim that was once black - well forget the 'Back to Black' type products that require a bit of buffing up and elbow grease to achieve a half decent result. I use a Meguiars (Maguires) product from Halfords. Not their vinyl blacking cream, but their Tyre Gel. It works brilliantly and is effortless. Use it very sparingly, just a few drops on a cloth or sponge, and just wipe it on. I do all my black plastic grille and trim, rubber edging to windows, metal windscreen wiper stalks etc, etc. Any e

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