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  1. KevinKent

    Some car insurance Q's

    Yes Dave, I had that at one stage with Liverpool Victoria. Once I'd had a rant at them they suggested I take out a 'new policy' with them rather than renew my old one. Worked a treat and almost halved my quote. Now they automatically suggest that if it's to my advantage.
  2. KevinKent

    Some car insurance Q's

    I recently got my wife to change to Liverpool Victoria as they were far cheaper than anything her broker was offering her. I got her as a named driver on my LV policy too at zero extra cost - if I remember correctly it may have decreased the cost of my policy slightly to have her as a named driver. - Kev
  3. KevinKent

    reviews on events you didn't go to

    A bit like this you mean?
  4. KevinKent

    Car CD player

    CD player? Why?!!!,.......
  5. KevinKent

    Kent Soul Club Christmas Function 22nd Dec 18

    Be good if you made it Haydn. I said to Pam at the last one that we just needed a couple of good friends to share the nite with.
  6. KevinKent

    Kent Soul Club Christmas Function 22nd Dec 18

    Now under new management! I enjoyed the first one in October after not visiting for a few years and will be back for more. Hey, I might even become a regular again. - Kev
  7. KevinKent

    record shops in London

    So how did it go? Any luck? - Kev
  8. KevinKent

    record shops in London

    Try Hanway Street just off the eastern end of Oxford Street and a stone's throw from Tottenham Court Rd underground station. There's a couple of shops there worth looking at. Nearby and easy walking distance is Berwick St and surrounds where there's always been a handful of shops worth checking out. Good Luck, Kev.
  9. KevinKent

    100 Club

    Yeah and I'm gonna have to drive all the way from Gillingham! Either that or an hour on the train but I'd have to wait till about 9a.m. to get one home in the morning, and that's not on. See you in the Blue Posts Andy.
  10. KevinKent

    Queen Street Soul Club

    Haha, that photo reminds me of when the police raided the niter at Earls Barton dog track. May pop in if a future night coincides with one of my infrequent visits to Northampton. Pity about the non ovo thing but top marks for stating so upfront. Good luck, Kev
  11. KevinKent

    100 Club 39th Anniversary

    And don't forget, if you bought multiple tickets in order to get multiple copies of the single - it doesn't work like that anymore. One copy only per entrant. Spare tickets should be easy to get rid of. - Kev.
  12. KevinKent

    Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom


    Driving up from Kent for my first H&G Chillout and it's a long overdue visit for me. Will make a weekend of it, so any hotel recommendations would be welcome - preferably walking distance to the Horse and Groom. As I have Pam with me it must have carpet and curtains and more importantly it must have its own car park (not pay & display or street parking). Oh, and an address for the alldayer would be good too. - Kev. Edit .......SORTED. Hotel booked, and found the address for Saturday. See you at the Go-Go.
  13. KevinKent

    Technics SL 2000 Lid

    Bearing in mind that you can buy generic "one size fits all" lids, I'd be very surprised if the Technics lids weren't interchangeable. I bought a NEW lid for a Lenco L90 deck for £30 - £40 a couple of years ago from the Lenco website. It was by far the cheapest lid I could find and would have fitted numerous other brand decks. - Kev
  14. KevinKent

    Russian Spy

    C. Contaminate the door as he is certain to touch it. Success, plus my anonimity and escape would be most likely to be guaranteed by this method. - Kev
  15. KevinKent

    Northern Soul Amsterdam

    You can ignore me all you like.....I'm still coming!


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