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  1. Cheers Steve, will have to give that a go when I've used up the purple Demon Wheels spray that I'm not very impressed with at the moment. - Kev
  2. Now that the sun has been out, here's one for the car washers..... All that dull grey exterior car trim that was once black - well forget the 'Back to Black' type products that require a bit of buffing up and elbow grease to achieve a half decent result. I use a Meguiars (Maguires) product from Halfords. Not their vinyl blacking cream, but their Tyre Gel. It works brilliantly and is effortless. Use it very sparingly, just a few drops on a cloth or sponge, and just wipe it on. I do all my black plastic grille and trim, rubber edging to windows, metal windscreen wiper stalks etc, etc. Any e
  3. No problem, I'm a bit touchy after this year of virtual house arrest! I was hoping that what I'd inferred from the article was correct. Always willing to listen to unbiased and considered views of knowledgeable people on here. Thanks for making things a little clearer. - KeV.
  4. Not really. Those are my words relaying what I read. If you want to find and criticise the original article go ahead. -Kev
  5. Start-up company You Check will be collaborating with the Music Venue Trust and already have Government approval to introduce 'health passports' to music venues, writes Joel Munoz in Far Out magazine. Yes it involves testing, which currently means "you're good to go to a show for 48 hours." The 100 Club and Bristol's 'The Exchange' seem to be first in line for testing this for live music events, though at a reduced 25% capacity. If successful it will be rolled out to other venues and capacity will be increased. Light at the end of the tunnel for me. I'm vaccinated and really nee
  6. Met Dave one Christmas a few years back. At first he wasn't going to let me in his gaff 'cos he thought I was a bailiff. He told me all about the time he lived near me - at a certain Institution in the village of Borstal nr Rochester. A very engaging character and I enjoyed his banter over the years. Condolences to friends and family. RIP Dave Kilworth, a true original.
  7. You and me both mate! First one will be the best reunion ever.
  8. Happy Birthday Ste. Hope you've had a good one! - Kev
  9. Makes perfect sense to me. The guy has sold his copy or copies. As it's so common he knows he'll get more. So, rather than close his listing he has adjusted the price to something that no one will possibly bid on. When he gets another copy he will re-adjust to a proper price and will have saved himself the bother or cost ( guessing here as I don't sell) of opening another listing. Happens a fair bit on eBay, but not so much with vinyl sales. I gave a similar answer to Julian B's thread recently so maybe it's something we'll be seeing more of. - Kev
  10. I've bought gym equipment on eBay previously and discovered that some suppliers when out of stock would have their items listed at similar outlandish prices. I don't sell on eBay but am guessing that there is some advantage to keeping a listing open at an impossible price rather than closing and then re-listing if and when the item is back in stock. I'm guessing that is what is occurring here. He has sold his vinyl so puts the price at something no one will bid on, then when he gets more stock will adjust the price to something more attainable. - Kev
  11. I'd sooner have found out the result from watching clips myself. You couldn't remove the spoiler from your title by any chance? - Kev
  12. As much as an electric vehicle wouldn't suit me now I will eventually have to bow to the inevitable. Not really a problem as I'll be 80 in 2032 and there'll still be petrol cars around then plus I'll probably have packed in long journeys and nighters anyway. What I am concerned about is that my 17yr old grandson has ambitions to become a motor mechanic and he's currently studying mechanics at a 6th Form College. I raised the issue of the move to electric with him and my son, but as yet they seem to take a blinkered approach. Fact is, from what I've discovered motor mechanics will b
  13. Same here except I'll stick to petrol. I want the freedom to drive anywhere in the UK for a night out, without stopping en-route and then having to search for a charging station near to a venue. A couple of years ago I drove 1510 miles back from a weekender in Spain with just two stops, one for fuel and one for fuel + rest, and couldn't imagine having to make numerous stops through Spain and France. I fancy doing the same trip next year. 300 miles just isn't good enough - it's a day out if the mood takes me.

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