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  1. Steve, can you hold the Toilet Brush for me, but only if there's no marks or ring wear. Thanks, Kev.
  2. Titles and artists might help. There could be an awful lot of people that are unaware of the numbers. I certainly am not and there's no way I'm trawling through my boxes to check. On the other hand I would know instantly if I had such and such by so and so. Just a thought. - Kev
  3. Thanks for reading Ady. Yep tickets is a good idea and I don't know why I didn't think of it until I'd already posted and then read Jayne's post above. Good luck with whatever decisions you have to make, I don't envy you! - Kev
  4. Unbelievable! Take my advice and visit your local police station. If you speak over the phone you may (or may not) get issued a Crime Number by the clerk who answers your phone call, and you won't know how/if things are progressing. Gather together or note in sequence all of the details that you have and pay that visit. Wear a mask (not a balaclava lol) and gloves so that they can't make that an excuse for not being able to see you, and visit that front desk. They are public servants, if you don't feel that they are taking things seriously or if you are not happy with the treatment you receive, ask to speak to the Duty Inspector. Best to go mid morning to mid afternoon IMO and avoid lunchtime. That should ensure that a CID or other relevant officer is available to help. Failing all else, visit the Tooting address and create havoc. I'll be up for that. - Kev
  5. By all means approach your bank but if you don't get instant satisfaction get the police involved. Fraud is a criminal offence so don't let the police fob you off and insist on them taking action, especially as it is still ongoing. I suspect they will get more of a response from both PayPal and your bank than you have been able to. When I had cheques stolen and cashed years ago my bank would only refund me if I signed to agree to bank and/or police investigation, so it sort of confirms it as the route to go. Be nice too if they found where the pizzas were delivered to, and what a coincidence if their details matched the false security details applied to your account. Good luck.
  6. That's a fair enough reply. I just thought it was a bit ironic, is all. I do think though that most of what you will be asking is the sort of stuff that comes out in conversation, either outside venues or in the forums on this site. I'd sooner have a bit of banter and chit chat than do a survey. Besides, I've already given out far too much info on myself on this site and others. Lol. Good luck if you pursue it though. - Kev
  7. I think that membership is likely to become a necessity, and not just for nostalgia or "keeping out the p!ssneads" purposes. I'm going to use the 100 Club as an example but what I am suggesting could presumably be the same for any event. My view of the very near future is this: Venues with membership will stand more chance of being allowed to open. This is due to the importance of contact tracing which does not yet have a proven effective system but which will become more of a requirement with the threat of a second wave or localised outbreaks of Covid-19. Example: "You have tested positive for Covid....where have you been and who with?" "Err, I was at the 100 Club with Trickster, Billy Whizz, Butch and a load of people from Manchester, Doncaster, Bristol, Market Harboro' and Spain." or "Hello 100 Club, could we have the addresses, emails and phone numbers of members present on this date please?" Sorted. Membership should be available on the night (for anyone that is deemed worthy of it). The important thing is having registered details. Also you only have to show your card and have your attendance noted, and not be stamped with something that has been in contact with a couple of hundred other people. I have heard that in Spain, sunbed vendors are just now forced to reduce their available rentals by 30% and hotels are being allowed only 50% occupancy. So another consideration will be venues running at an enforced reduced capacity. I will gladly pay well over the odds, twice or even four times the usual door tax, to attend a decent allnighter. So, hopefully events won't fold because they're not covering their costs. But what if you get there and three lots of 2 couples have been inquisitive enough to convince the door staff that they deserve entry? That's 12 people that, though I'm all for newbies discovering the scene, are denying entry to 12 people that really need to be there. Membership can overcome that problem. I know I suggested that membership and therefore entry should be available on the night. Currently I believe this should be allowed for travelling members of our current community rather than interested (or not) outsiders. There are other ways in which membership could be used. Could you imagine the first allnighter in the country re-opening. Capacity could well be reached before many of us from around the country arrived to find we'd had a wasted journey! I would feel bad too (just a little bit) if I'd travelled 200 miles and denied a local regular from being able to attend his usual haunt. I think we would have to accept that promoters should have the right to advertise an event as "current members only", or even not to advertise but to make it an "invitation only" event. That allows for a (reduced?) "full capacity" to consist of invited known regulars or, with details available from the membership register, to consist of only those from a geographical area, i.e local or local + guest DJ locality. Promoters choice. I expect to come in for a bit of flack here and I'm really just mulling over ideas. What I do think though is that the promoter who takes membership seriously, today, is a step nearer to re-opening. Ady, can we retain membership No1 for Sean please, and give me a low number too? - Kev
  8. Sorry but I am not at all keen on this. If I want to know anything about someone I might look at their site profile. I looked at yours and there's absolutely nothing there. For 'gender' you have stated "not telling", the rest is blank. Count me out. - Kev
  9. Garden Centres and hardware stores, the likes of B&Q, have been open for a while now so will be considered 'old hat' by those who want to shop. They will hopefully be empty - so I might visit them for the first time and avoid the queues in all the newly opened stores. - Kev
  10. Fair enough if you want to remove the ' disagree ' feature,.....but for misuse? Really? What was the misuse? I may have been responsible for hitting the disagree button on one, maybe two, occasions on the thread that prompted the review. No one has contacted me as part of the ' looking in to these concerns ' process so I am confused as to whether I am supposed to have misused the feature. I didn't post comments supporting my disagreement - it's not obligatory, and believe me I was far to angry to do that in a reasonable fashion. Further to that I fail to see how disagreeing with a post can me deemed misuse, unless someone is automatically disagreeing with every post a member makes (happened to me once). Surely the removal of this option can only lend weight to the increasingly considered thought that opposing views are being suppressed? On the other hand I may have read this all wrong - but I'd like to know. - Kev
  11. Nice choice but I never have and never will regard this as a 'disco' tune. Nice soul tune, not Northern, not Disco. Saw them perform it live at the Tin Hat in Kettering many years ago. - Kev
  12. Four Tops...Baby I Need Your Loving. And I request that it be the FIRST tune played at the 100 Club to mark the end, not of the night but of lockdown. How nice it would be to take someone in your arms and dance to this. Or even just to have everyone clap along and get as emotional as they normally do when it's the last tune and end of the niter. - Kev
  13. I thought we were supposed to leave up the prices of sold items. Helps others to assist with pricing in the future. - Kev Oops!! Sorry should have read the post properly and/or minded my own business!!
  14. Top man Steve. I'll enjoy listening to these tonight. - Kev

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