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  1. Happy Birthday Denny! Hope to see you in Mojacar soon once all this is over. - Kev
  2. Kevinkent

    100 Club On-Liner


    I'm with you guys - no Facebook for me! Top marks for putting this on, just a pity I'll miss it. - Kev
  3. Fantastic response from all my neighbours! Same goes in Canterbury where my son (ambulance crew) and his wife (hospital cleaner) live. Unfortunately, where my daughter (midwife) and her husband (NHS technician) live, just a mile away from us, they heard nothing. Wish I could see them all, and the grandkids too. - Kev
  4. Hmmm, I do have a package that eBay shows as 'delivered', yet tracking shows as 'Arrived USPS Facility Chicago' on 18 March and 'International Despatch Ready' on 22nd March. Fortunately it's only an expensive dvd box set and not vinyl. In the current climate I'm not too bothered. - Kev
  5. Yes mate, in Green and a new blue one - when I can find them. Still can't do a decent canister change ! Also got a couple of the half mask 3M respirators I mentioned from when I was doing a lot of laboratory work.
  6. I guess it all boils down to what you call a dust mask. In my local B&Q today the shelves were empty but the rails for where the N95 FFP2 should have been they were labelled as such but also as dust masks, hence the possibility for confusion which I was trying to straighten out. The same probably goes for the term 'surgical mask' which could be thought of as the comparatively inefficient disposable paper mask we often see NHS staff wearing. Not seeking to argue with you guys as I agree with you, but simply attempting to clarify the issue. Doesn't really matter to me personally - still got my gear from the training I did at Porton Down. - Kev
  7. This is actually untrue and misleading. The European standard for both disposable and re-usable masks and including masks with valves and half face masks or respirators has 3 classes. These are FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. I've also seen FFP2 called N95 and FFP3 called N99. These N numbers maybe an American Standard but I am unsure. Sometimes these masks are called 'Dust Masks'. The same masks may also be called Industrial or Paint Sprayers masks, or any similar title. 3M are one of the better known manufacturers. Their website now shows that respirators to FFP2 and FFP3 standard are unavailable as all stock is currently being used to supply Hospitals. FFP1 is the least filtering mask (80%) and is actually often used as a dust mask. FFP2 gives a minimum of 94% - mainly used in agriculture, construction, and healthcare. Currently used as coronavirus protection. FFP3 gives a minimum filtration percentage of 99% and is even better protection. A 'surgical' mask can, if it has a waterproof layer, protect against splashes of biological fluid. It will NOT protect against airborne infections or contamination from such as Coronavirus. A surgical mask is better worn by a victim/patient to prevent them cough splashing their surroundings. Please don't take this as gospel. I am probably meant to show links etc, but that is beyond me. If you wish, use any of the above for your own on-line research and make up your own mind. Stay safe. - Kev
  8. As it hasn't been 'tagged', and just in case you didn't spot the info buried somewhere above, this event is.... .....CANCELLED.
  9. I would guess that a lot of promoters are not updating their function in the events section. Couldn't we have a CONFIRMED notification similar to the CANCELLED one introduced recently? Obviously the onus will be on the promoters to provide this information but we'll just have to ignore all events without a Confirmed/Cancelled tag. If necessary all events that have failed to notify could be removed from the calendar in order for a clear picture to be provided. Presumably changes to the Confirmed or Cancelled status could be made, as necessary in a changing scenario, by the promoter? - Kev
  10. Keep it going Mike. It is now an international guide. I don't know if anywhere in the world remains unaffected by Covid19 to the extent that they can hold functions, but if so shouldn't we give them the opportunity to broadcast the fact? Secondly, the government is issuing advice not instruction. I for one would love to see who is ignoring this advice and carrying on regardless - both promoters and attendees. That way I might have some idea who to avoid, both now and in the future. Finally, the circumstances we find ourselves in now won't remain the same forever. Who knows when they will change, and how do you decide when to re-instigate a closed guide? Keeping it open may give us some hope when we start to see the first UK events appearing back on the calendar. Whichever you decide, good luck. Your sensible approach to all such related issues is appreciated. - Kev
  11. Kevinkent

    Mother's Day

  12. Just friendly advice.......Funky? Blue eyed? Gospel? Your generally incorrect description almost put me off opening your list. Good luck though, - Kev
  13. Damn, I feel sh!te. Just a cold and not even pretending it might be Corona Virus, but if my defences are lowered it's a worry. In '89 I was really ill for a couple of weeks and later it was discovered that the source of the London Piccadilly legionella outbreak that was occuring, was a water cooling tower situated about 30 metres from my open office window. In 2002 I was hospitalised as a procedural measure when it was thought I was possibly suffering from ricin poisoning. Third time lucky eh? I don't particularly want to go through that type of illness again, or even tedious NHS procedures, so while my defences are lowered I'm self isolating. On my second day now and it's pretty easy because I'm retired. Only 5 days to go and I might lay it on a bit so I can avoid all those little things that need doing around the house. Right.....time to wind the record player up. Keep safe, - Kev
  14. Thanks for that suggestion Julian. I doubt HSBC will offer it as they've been withdrawing all the other 'extras' that originally came with my account. I may be changing banks soon though so I'll definitely look out for linked travel insurance. Thanks again....I'll get you a cold one! - Kev

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