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  1. KevinKent

    100 Club 39th Anniversary

    And don't forget, if you bought multiple tickets in order to get multiple copies of the single - it doesn't work like that anymore. One copy only per entrant. Spare tickets should be easy to get rid of. - Kev.
  2. KevinKent

    Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom


    Driving up from Kent for my first H&G Chillout and it's a long overdue visit for me. Will make a weekend of it, so any hotel recommendations would be welcome - preferably walking distance to the Horse and Groom. As I have Pam with me it must have carpet and curtains and more importantly it must have its own car park (not pay & display or street parking). Oh, and an address for the alldayer would be good too. - Kev. Edit .......SORTED. Hotel booked, and found the address for Saturday. See you at the Go-Go.
  3. KevinKent

    Technics SL 2000 Lid

    Bearing in mind that you can buy generic "one size fits all" lids, I'd be very surprised if the Technics lids weren't interchangeable. I bought a NEW lid for a Lenco L90 deck for £30 - £40 a couple of years ago from the Lenco website. It was by far the cheapest lid I could find and would have fitted numerous other brand decks. - Kev
  4. KevinKent

    Russian Spy

    C. Contaminate the door as he is certain to touch it. Success, plus my anonimity and escape would be most likely to be guaranteed by this method. - Kev
  5. KevinKent

    Northern Soul Amsterdam

    You can ignore me all you like.....I'm still coming!
  6. KevinKent

    TV tonight 1st Feb - Blue eyed soul

    Opened with Eurythmics, followed by Phil Collins then Hall & Oates. No longer matters how it's packaged - I'm changing channels. Sorry people. - Kev
  7. Just spotted this on the freesat TV guide: The History of Blue-Eyed Soul ....."Artists down the decades have been inspired by the silky, sultry sound of soul and we showcase some of their best songs here." Showing tonight 1st Feb 2018 at 8pm on 'Vintage TV' freesat channel 505. i've never viewed this channel before so have no idea of the format, but am guessing that it might be just a collection of film clips rather than a documentary. Edit - just seen a trailer and part of another similar programme, covering other genres, on this channel. Both had well reasoned choices and good narration. Could be worthwhile. Mods, please feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place. - Kev
  8. KevinKent

    Posting / Bumping events

    Oops.......just reported one of Kev John's posts on this thread. Flagged in error whilst scrolling. Sorry. On topic, have to say that I'm not a fan of bumping events by promoters or their mates, but due to action taken by the site it seems to be happening far far less than it was a few years back. What I find even more annoying now is when a genuine question is asked on an events thread and gets zero response. I've even missed out on one event because I wasn't certain it was still on due to lack of response. Reckon now that I'd sooner have an over zealous promoter than one that only comes on here to post up their event, and isn't interested in any form of elaboration of correspondence on the matter. - Kev
  9. KevinKent

    Northern Soul Amsterdam

    Looking forward to giving this one a go. Myself and Pam were looking for somewhere to mark an anniversary - what better way to do it. See you there! - Kev
  10. KevinKent

    New Street Adventure

    If you say so. However it seems strange that a song based on band members experience of the 100 Club niter has a title that could be a nod to Ady Croasdell .......but isn't. I believe Ady is a family friend of sorts so I'm not going to labour the point. Whichever is correct it's sad to see them go. BTW is their final gig tonight (26th) or the 29th? Best to get that bit right as there may be some reading this that might like to go. - Kev Edit: Just seen an earlier post that states the gig is on the 29th.
  11. I prefer tried and tested so I bought the wife a BRUSH. Light, cheap, and (unless I want her to cook my dinner and do the ironing at the same time as cleaning) it's hand held. Does the job. - Kev
  12. KevinKent

    Advice on hosting a possible weekender

    Got to agree with this. Also,in my opinion any 'nearby' hotels need to be within 1 mile, not a 5 mile radius. Hypothetical really 'cos if bingo is taking priority in any way then it's not a good sign. Sounds like a lot of work on your part for something that may not get a good take up. - Kev
  13. KevinKent

    The Ideals ‎– The Mighty Lover

    IMO if you really want an original you should be looking for a Mighty Lover, by the Mighty Lovers copy on the yellow label Boo-Ga-Loo. Same tune, same recording, correct name for the band, and original Detroit release. - Kev
  14. KevinKent

    Cancer Research TV Campaign

    Yes it's the Hitsville Weekender. Angie and July Greet dancing, and possibly Dave Greet on the decks. Don't recognise the tune but it sounds like it might be an instrumental. The clip is on YouTube under Cancer Research UK and is titled 'Thanks to research this is Angie right now'. Sorry, tried to load or link it here but failed. - Kev
  15. KevinKent

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    So I'm not alone on this one! I watched Dunkirk on a 4k disc and was massively disappointed with the film. The tenseness of the situation was provided mainly by the dreadfully overbearing soundtrack. The acting was limited and wooden as stated. The props and cast were insufficient in number and quality and totally failed to portray the immense scale of the Dunkirk evacuation. Three Spitfires, a handful of pleasure craft and a couple of hundred extras standing in lines didn't really do it for me. If you really must watch it I suggest good old dvd, not Blu-ray or 4k or whatever your set up will play. DVD, but wait 12 months and pick it up for £3 from Sainsburys. - Kev


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