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  1. I care. If you play out and can't afford an original, buy a different original that you can afford. That way we won't have everyone playing the same tune. - Kev
  2. I first got to know Roddy when we DJ'd together in Switzerland. He was excellent company for the week. Thereafter met him at various venues and enjoyed his frequent visits to the 100 Club. Roddy you will be missed. R.I.P mate.
  3. Nail on head. If not, how would the audience know when to start applauding? It's only the "Egyptian" bit at the end that provides the clue, particularly in a live set which would be likely to be extended. The applause starts before then. It's fake. - Kev
  4. Without a doubt George Carrow is the one that does it for me. It's the version that harks back to my youth and is the one that, when unknown to me, Dave Godin recommended to me along with a handful of others in one of London's Berwick Street record stores. Amongst the other tunes were Bok to Bach...Father's Angels, Cat Walk....Gerry & Paul and the Soul Emissaries, and Spreadin' Honey....Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band (get anything with "Watts" in it, he said). Still got all the vinyl I bought that day in '71. -Kev
  5. Kevinkent

    100 Club 6TS

    Hi Jan, and congratulations on attending what was presumably your first 100 Club niter. You could have bought a bottle of water at the bar - it's what the venue expects and is fair enough I reckon. Once you'd used the contents to either quench your thirst or clean the place up a bit, hey presto... you'd have another empty bottle! Every niter I attend has a low spot for me because I am old and grumpy, but is more than compensated for by the rest of the night. You should have persevered, the music for the 5 hours you missed was outstanding! -Kev2hermesetasandapinchofsalt
  6. When Doc Martens first really took off in Northamptonshire, coinciding with the original Skinhead era of the late 60's, ALL DM's were known locally as 'Airwair'. It was just what we Northampton boys called them. The factory was in Rushden I think and the only outlet that I knew of was their tiny shop in Bridge St, Northampton. That and an occasional 'boot mountain' on Northampton market - a five foot pile of 'seconds' (or maybe memory fails me) which you could sort through until you matched a decent pair. There was a time when they were the only footwear I owned. Happy days! - Kev.
  7. Happy St George's Day everyone! I can't believe that it almost slipped past me unnoticed. When I worked in a suit I always wore a red rose buttonhole on April 23rd. This year I had to be reminded by the card I received from Pam. Sad to say that only one of the card shops in our local shopping precinct carried a stock of St George's Day cards yet they all go OTT for the Irish equivalent. - Kev
  8. I used to try and purloin unusual notices like these from places I visited during the course of my work. One is from a Belfast police station and the other from the British Embassy in Athens:
  9. Cheers Baz. Maybe see you at Donny in August, if not before. - Kev
  10. Thanks for the good wishes guys! I have to say that, sexy centennial or not, with extreme old age comes two things - IT incompetence and forgetfulness. I thought I had replied to your posts yesterday, but I can't remember what the hell I said. - Kev
  11. I'm shocked to hear this very sad and unexpected news. Such a nice and popular bloke. RIP Winnie. Condolences to family and those closest to him. - Kev
  12. Kevinkent

    Down votes

    But if you hit it accidentally there's no way of retracting it - or then giving a negative to balance things out.

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