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  1. Kicking off 2020 with where we left off, a night of absolutely blinding Northern Soul and Tamla Motown. Big Hits, Floor Fillers, Hand Clappers and Hipshakers. Played on vinyl In possibly the worlds friendliest boozer, small but perfectly formed. 8- Late, free entry Coalheavers Arms, Park Street, PE2 9BH
  2. 2 yep, that’s right 2 years. This will be a party night to celebrate in style putting on an authentic soul night in a friendly but very small venue since December 2017. A fantastically friendly pub, The greatest Northern Soul records played one after another on vinyl till we run out of time. Floorfillers, Shoe Shufflers and Hand Clappers and a few pieces of magic in between. 8- late, Free Entry. Bring a friend and a smile! Saturday November 30th, Coalheavers Arms, Park Street Peterborough PE2 9BH
  3. Autumn circles round and Soul At The Coal breaks the darkness, the coldness and drudgery to deliver you a night of heart cheering, soul searing, feet shuffling majesty. Big hits, Top 500 Northern Soul with a few sneaky gems slipped in for good measure, bit of Tamla and a bit of call it what you want. Very friendly boozer, Free Entry, 8-late. Bring your talc and towel, a friend and a smile. Saturday October 12th. Coalheavers Arms, Park Street Peterborough PE2 9BH
  4. I didn’t even clock the date stamp, just assumed it was a current post, lesson learned
  5. I was lucky enough to be blessed with an older brother who had very good taste from a stupidly early age and has actively been on the scene for 40+ years so, most of what I learned I got from him, the over riding theme is to get to events get to see DJs like Dave Evison, Ted Massey, Mick H, Dave Rimmer, Sean Chapman, Nige Brown, Kev Roberts, Martin Calderbank, Martin Stanford, Jordan Wilson, Andy Smith, Kev and Denise Draper there are tons of others I could name but, these guys know their stuff, play OVO, are approachable so, will answer questions and it's the quickest way to hear how approxim
  6. Yep, it’s that time again, get your dancing shoes on, your talc and towel packed and head on to Soul At The Coal. 8- late free entry, lots of favourite Northern Soul and Tamla Motown, floorfillers, handclappers and heartbreakers. Friendly boozer, approachable dj, bring a friend and a smile. Coalheavers Arms, Park Street Peterborough PE2 9BH
  7. It’s the one year anniversary of Soul At The Coal (yeah, I know) to celebrate we are having the Christmas Eve party to end all Christmas Eve parties. The very finest Northern Soul and Tamla Motown played on vinyl. Floorfillers, big hits and some gems that are less familiar. Coalheavers Arms Park Street Peterborough PE2 9BH 8- late FREE ENTRY. Bring a friend and a smile. It’s gonna be a big thing.
  8. Robgair

    Soul at The Coal

    Northern Soul and Tamla Motown played on lovely vinyl 8-late, friendly City pub. If you only do one Northern Soul night this month go to The Fleet tonight, a top night out but, if you fancy hearing some quality tunes in a cracking friendly venue, come along, bring a friend and a smile, free entry Coalheavers pub PE2 9BH
  9. Robgair

    The Whole Point

    A night of Magical 60s Mod, Quality Northern Soul, hand clapping Motown, Skanking Ska and Mod Revival with some 2-Tone thrown in for good measure, All played on glorious vinyl by a dj who knows how to keep the room on its feet and punters smiling 8 late, free entry. The Oxcart, Oxclose, Bretton Peterborough PE3 8JZ
  10. Robgair


  11. I'm looking for a quick sale of a collection of Mod/Northern Soul/Tamla/Ska/2-Tone/Mod Revival 7s (about 460 singles) plus 50 similarly themed albums all in playable to excellent condition,bootlegs,originals,rare and collectables. Only available as a complete collection, need to achieve £3000, (approx £5.50 per 7 and £10 per album) collection worth nearer £6000 if you have time to sell individually. If interested contact me at Robgair@hotmail.com or comment here. Buyer collects, serious buyers with immediate funds available only. Will throw in the carry cases for free.
  12. The Whole Point are proud to present the Sunday Hangover, An all dayer of epic proportions featuring the DJ talents of Rob Glover from the Buzz, Chris HiFi from Reggae Special and your hosts Rob Gair and Rob Jones. We will be playing on lovely vinyl only the very best 60s Mod/Northern Soul/Tamla/Ska/2-Tone and Mod Revival. Live music will be provided by The Psych - 0 - Bombs who will be doing 2 sets of top notch 60s Mod and Garage covers. We have a Hog Roast, Mod related Stalls and much more. Family friendly, Free entry. Unique city centre riverside venue with enormous seated outdoor area. Ch
  13. Robgair

    The Whole Point

    Hello Aaron, For the first few do's it will be me and possibly an old friend Called Rob Jones who dj'd (like me) for Hip Cat Express previously, for Roadrunner (like me) and for The Buzz in Northampton. I'm also hoping to nag my older brother (the bloke with his arm round you in your profile pic) to do some guest spots..............are you volunteering your services Aaron? Rob
  14. Robgair

    The Whole Point

    Apologies Mrs S, It's 9-late.
  15. Robgair

    The Whole Point

    The Whole Point slaying the non believers with the very best 60s Mod, Northern Soul, RnB, Tamla, Ska, Revival and 2-Tone. All played on precious vinyl in a boozer so great it restores your faith in drinking. Approachable DJ that loves doing that thing he does, free entry 9-late.If you haven't already been along to a Whole Point club night take a long hard look at your life, you need this.

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