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    modern first northern second,promoted events for Movin on a Groove and A Little bit of Soul,collecting all types since 1974......LFC through and through a scouser in manc land 

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    steve hay
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    Modern soul at its best still love northern,djing is my first love still have all the mobile equipment thrice over lfc without gnasher!!!dancing,cooking getting hammered rather than those dicks at our age STILL taking gear!!!!
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    Manchester/or N.Wales
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    you've been gone to long-ann sexton/any toon by marvin

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  1. until

    There is now a modern room blended in with other soul music wristbands and accommodation are selling very well over a 1,000 quoted in jan have booked all details above get to it ....jog on folks
  2. Steviehay


    Well after a quiet start and I mean quiet due to a slight hiccup with the system, it was quickly resolved ,the djs of the day did supremely well and the building soon filled up with one person from as far as afield from Plymouth couple of welsh were there to,sue has this place under the belt and rightly so with george and den eventually managed to get there as well steve played some belting 70s tunes which mixed in well with the northern ,ange whom I followed is an up and coming young lady with a taste for soul ,me I just did what I was paid to do ,the residents did an do play their part in making walkden a place to visit and will carry on thriving it was a pleasure to participate once again and I thank vance and linda for turning up as well as pete and his lovely other half ....who ate all the pies???? If you haven't been here try it you will NOT be disappointed thanks for you time steve x
  3. Steviehay

    Can You Dig It S S S

    I'm deejaying in walkden the same day but have her in tow from wales and another friend so without being rude I may leave there earlier than I normally would to attend here we will see
  4. Steviehay


    I'm sure it will den ,cracking friendly venue music is second to none
  5. Steviehay

    A Little Bit of Soul

    with the four resident djs who join together playing the usual quality soul music accompanied by this months guest from Manchester radio diamond and local club jock Mr John Mitchell 4pm start till late £5 otd hotel 2 minute walk please note post code will take you to the queens court which is opposite the vic club raffle prizes greatly recieved
  6. Yep they are but I've one at £80 all in
  7. Steviehay

    A Little Bit of Soul

    We bring between the four residents a superlative night of soul music what ever your bent is we will have it, from the manchester area ,Halifax and wherever whom plays some crackers I'm sure you will enjoy this £5 door tax raffle towards the club funds 6.30 start all details on the flyer if you know the area take the post code for queens court we are opposite....cheers
    Was a bit phased by the attendance boom 90 odd soulies in by 8.30 so a good night had by all, upstairs was a breath of fresh air being held to keep the floor with young guns elvin and kev playing tunes that are known by everyone, michael came on next changing it to the 70s side of soul and did a resounding spot ,needs a bit more advertising the upstairs room but all went well I thank all invovoled for the invite Brilliant night to say the least
  8. Lee if not sold as a full set I need duke to fill my collection so would appreciate first offer ta steve
  9. Will be bringing all the ritz ,mecca,casinelli,Angel's tunes so throw back into the jazz funk scene plus a couple of upfront tunes hoping it's a great success
  10. Steviehay

    A Little Bit of Soul

    DJ times for the night as follows 6.30- 7.15 Stewart Fairclough 7.15-8.00 Colwyn Robert's 8.00-9.00 Lorna Beattie 9.00-9.45 steve 9.45-10.45 Lorraine Hughes 10.45 -11.45 Dave Fairclough 11-45- close steve Please feel free to donate any unwanted gifts towards the raffle which will be gratefully recieved towards the club funds thank you all
  11. Nice to be invited from the guy who introduced me to the Manchester soul festival and playing in the 2nd room with a little bit of different music but it's all soul good luck on the night to all ...believe me if the first event is anything to go by get there early and reserve your floor space
  12. Steviehay

    A Little Bit of Soul

    A bit quiet on our last venture but music was second to none usual suspects on the decks with our residents but its ladies night and the feelings right with 2 welcomed return quests whom have done A Little Bit at the Marine ,but not appeared here with no further ado I give you Lorna (RnB Queen )Beattie whom needs no introduction and Lorraine ( I love paddling in my dress) Hughes whom also provides the wares on the decks it's a fiver on the door it's a 6.30 start till 12 all hotel bus stop details are on previous posts PLEASE USE POSTCODE PROVIDED be lucky outhere
  13. Ok people see you all on the 18th, charity raffle proceeds to Cancer center glan clwyd, all raffle donations greatly appreciated. Early start DJ times 18:00-18:45 Mike Moonshine 18:45-19:45 Nigel 19:45- 21:00 John Roberts and Richard Lewis Jones 21:00-22:00 Chico 22:00- 23:00 Steve Hay 23:00- end Geoff Allman All from the celebrated pen of Nigel

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