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    modern first northern second,promoted events for Movin on a Groove and A Little bit of Soul,collecting all types since 1974......LFC through and through a scouser in manc land 

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    steve hay
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    Modern soul at its best still love northern,djing is my first love still have all the mobile equipment thrice over lfc without gnasher!!!dancing,cooking getting hammered rather than those dicks at our age STILL taking gear!!!!
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    Manchester/or N.Wales
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    you've been gone to long-ann sexton/any toon by marvin

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  1. Had an offer for w/d but aint a clue what it goes for ideas??
  2. Someone out there must have one going please
  3. looking for can ex plus copy of this seen the discogs page no thanks if someone has a spare ta stevie will pay 80 for one condition a must though SORTED THANKS
  4. Anyone got the reissue of this double header either onewanted for er in doors reasonable price thanks for looking
  5. Cheapest postage ever glad to of contributed Mike
  6. Anyone got a 12 for sale desperate Christmas want ta in advance merry Christmas
  7. some belters here specially on disco edits many thanks for posting
  8. great double header not seen one for ages think last time i did was a £200+ job good luck
  9. samaritans phone number is............
  10. Heard this album only track on a tv add and thought it was mind blowing you couldn't pick the bones outta this French release the album is defo different with soul,reggae just sublime one to cross over ???
  11. some awful dancers if you can call them that on this !!!
  12. yep i got one of these on the day too still have it somewhere

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