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    steve hay
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    Modern soul at its best still love northern,djing is my first love still have all the mobile equipment thrice over lfc without gnasher!!!dancing,cooking getting hammered rather than those dicks at our age STILL taking gear!!!!
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    Manchester/or N.Wales
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    you've been gone to long-ann sexton/any toon by marvin

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  1. 6,000 last I heard buy em sell em at that price
  2. Just before the lord mayors final on sunday what could be better
  3. Any one got one of the following for sale I know the big labels fetch but soul city etc Capitol one though has to be orig thanks for the last response all was sorted this lot however Admirations you left me SORTED Brown sugar the game is over Silvetti spring rain SORTED Precissions if that what love is SORTED Garnet mimms as long as I have you Garnet mimms Looking for you SORTED See as I said cheap as chips there is others but ones bank a count doesn't stretch to frankie Beverly which is another plus whatever ( wish I'd not bought the record player at Christmas) please help peeps
  4. Looking for one of these british ,usa ,boot whatever for a dodgy welsh girl ta please cash awaiting
  5. until

    If your coming bring a jumper at night goes cold but there again you'll be indoors getting plenty of heat on the floor
  6. Rather interesting thread as the man stated ,set, no mention of where so everyone presumes to a dancs floor which you would have to involve the last jocks set and build momentum from there,radio however I usual try the tried and tested Motown you have an audience but jimmy Saville was on before you
  7. class tune phil lp maybe a better option ??
  8. Thought it was very clear what you wrote fred !!
  9. I've a spare issue if not sorted £25 all in regards Steve
  10. steviehay

    A Little Bit Of Soul

    DJ times for Friday 15th 6-7 Steve 7-8 Colwyn Robert's 8-9.30 Ronny Wynne Jones & Brummie Kev 9.30-10.45 David Fairclough & Stewart Fairclough 10.45 -close Steve
  11. steviehay

    A Little Bit Of Soul

    AFRER After the preparation of my 60th gig which I was overwhelmed with,I have, due to the coast being saturated with events cancelled Saturdays event and changed it to a Friday ,so at least people can pick and choose where they want to go with A little bit being on Friday,connah's quay boys with their usual foray into another live act for you to have the pleasure of,and wings doing their bit as well on Saturday,and the county Sunday soul sessions....I'm 60 now not bloody 21 ..you can have a full or one day out weekend today we have the normal expanse of the talents of David & Stewart Fairclough ,Colwyn Robert's and myself with the welcome return of the chuckle bros Ronny Wynne Jones & Brummie Kev whom no doubt will keep you entertained throughout the evening from 6- 12 , £5 door tax car parks front and rear ,bus stops right outside the venue,if you are travelling the marine has rooms and a restaurant for your pleasure see you on the night for an evening of vinyl northern/Motown and a twist of modern don't expect to hear the snake though ....laters
  12. Well done the team of musketeers for surviving all that has gone on since its birth ( hope Brexit doesn't affect attendances in the future) if I can I will try to get there but have to get back from derby first .... to Wayne,Vance,Linda and Andy pat on the back for surviving where others shop at aldi instead of M&S

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