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    modern first northern second,promoted events for Movin on a Groove and A Little bit of Soul,collecting all types since 1974......LFC through and through a scouser in manc land 

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    steve hay
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    Modern soul at its best still love northern,djing is my first love still have all the mobile equipment thrice over lfc without gnasher!!!dancing,cooking getting hammered rather than those dicks at our age STILL taking gear!!!!
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    Manchester/or N.Wales
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    you've been gone to long-ann sexton/any toon by marvin

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  1. Looks like he doesn't want to sell but cheers
  2. These Windows please on Onyx cash waiting
  3. Steviehay

    A Little Bit Of Soul

    Well its been over a year since we last dropped a tune here and a lot of water has passed under the bridge,( me a hell of a lot ) so after confirmation from the club itself we can start back i have left the friday,sat to others to haggle over because the 4th sunday or weekend was never ours to put an event on......We start with no guest as we need now to rebuild where we left off i have another premises in LLandudno that i will let you now if i can secure that later on but for now we concentrate here at the Vic club which has undergone, re paint,new flooring,outside area expanded, new fencing,
  5. What were you looking for though hammie
  6. One reply so far still looking
  7. Wanted excellent is a must in condition, baby I dig you .seen the one on cogs not prepared to buy from Japan so here it must be any help appreciated cheers steve
  8. until

    Stuart ,I have some money for bands that were posted onto me not sure if mr Johnson sent them or yourself ,I will gladly put my services forward again if you need them in the deejay department someone does have my number dave does I think but here it is again 07711855971 regards steve
  9. Jesus this is shock dave was a ticket for winsford back in the day,and I have had the pleasure of bumping into him at least 3 times a year this defo will be a big massive upset to dave C as you state steve R.I.P Mr spinner of this is England fame you will be sorely missed Dave
  10. Christ just after I've finally collected all 500 another 500 come to the fore great news kev any contribution I would glady put pen to paper ps i don't have the original frank though
  11. think johnny williams & precisions need a price m8
  12. soulboy has one for sale in sales jap copy

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