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    Carrying on my quest to find venues and events which don't play the same track list week in and week out we went along to the first outing of 'Soul Express'.... We had a very good night indeed. Friendly, welcoming atmosphere, an excellent host, a very eclectic, enjoyable mix of music all night.... Music to tap your foot to, music to dance to, some rare and underplayed but not the sort that 'soul anoraks' listen to.... More the sort of 'this is different' in a good way. In a nutshell, I would say a pretty successful first night. The venue is fairly small and gives off a more intimate feel, there was a good turnout, the bar was appropriately staffed and there was never a problem getting served. The car park is quite small, so if you want your car off road you need to arrive early. I would recommend boarding the 'Soul Express' .... It's the first stop to a great weekend.
  1. I which case... 3 of my favourite garage tracks.....
  2. The Baroques - Mary Jane (1968) 2 of my favourites.... Along with The Seeds - Pushing too hard (Probably not garage though)....
  3. Steve King - Satan is Her Name (1965)
  4. sed1959


    Undoubtedly the dj line up was first rate, the music was first rate too. However, the evening seemed to be missing that spark which turns a good evening into a great evening. Maybe it was due to the event being slightly less busy than on previous occasions or maybe a little too much was expected from so many top grade dj's? Moldie, on first and on a hiding to nothing played as good a set as I have heard anywhere of late.... Not sure why he is always on first?
    We had never been to this event/venue before and as I have been looking out for new venues lately I thought we would give this a try. We were not disappointed. The club has a very friendly feel about it. The dance floor is very good and Paul, the guy running it is very welcoming. The music was superb all night. Yes there was a few staple records but on the whole it was refreshing, up-tempo, northern soul, R&B, popcorn, 60's and 70's high energy music banging out all night. Just the sort of thing that floats my boat..... The only downside was a very low turn out? Not sure why this was....? I particularly like the sets from Murray Miller but all the DJ's had a real passion for what they played. If you, like me get a bit fed up of attending the same events, month in, month out, listening to the same playlist over and over again, I would recommend you give this place a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.......
  5. sed1959



    Came along last year and found it was an excellent few days of great music and dj's. Was toying with the idea going to Benidorm this year instead but decided against it. Holiday booked and its Ibiza here we come.
  6. The first event was very good indeed.... Let's hope they keep it up...
  7. sed1959



    We have been to many venues, weekenders, all-nighters and all-dayers but have to say this was one of the friendliest we have attended. Great music, lovely venue and fantastic people. The music policy was very simple... 'just play original vinyl and only the good stuff' which was adhered to by every DJ during every slot. The organiser, Steve Spencer and all involved did a very great job in organising, promoting and executing the event. We have no hesitation in recommending this event to any who are interested in next years' Modified. What could be better than great people, great weather, great venue and the music we all love? To sum it up.... Thanks for a fabulous time.....
  8. sed1959



    Is there a running order? Even a loose one.... More so for genres than dj's. I am more into ska, mod, northern oldies and classics. I can't make every night so would prefer coming along on the nights they're playing my preferred styles.
  9. sed1959


  10. What a fab night lined up at one of the friendliest clubs around..... Can't wait.
  11. Thanks Cunnie. I got my wife to ring back, who after a little sweet talking got put through to reception and managed to book a room..... Hoorah!!!!! Leicester here we come.
  12. Just rang at 18.15..... told that no rooms available.... drat......
  13. sed1959

    True Blue Soul Club

    Excellent mix of music, friendly crowd, full dance floor.... What more can you ask for. Definitely be going again.

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