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  1. 52 now. But at this rate - 3 every day, they'll only get to £3,898 of the £6,500 goal
  2. Looking hopeful, they're nearly a third of the way there. At this rate they'll do it.
  3. It's here? Already got 7 backers, still a long way to go though! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wigancasino/last-night-at-wigan-casino-0?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=last night at wigan
  4. It certainly looks more realistic - he's reduced the total by about £4,000; but it still needs twice the backers he had last time though. £20 for a book ain't bad either.
  5. A lot of people overestimate Kickstarter, if you just look at the number of failures on there. I think there's a specific combination of cult appeal and an age demographic that is likely to use Kickstarter before it gains critical mass. That plus the need to massively plug it once it's launched. Best of luck to him though!
  6. Quite good programme on Sky Arts last night about the rise of cassette, CD, MP3 formats. Was anyone else suckered in by the changing formats? I know I was - started buying more cassettes late 80's for convenience so I could listen in the car then moved pretty much exclusively over to CD's in the early 90's. A friend of mine (as was mentioned in the programme being quite common) got rid of his entire record collection and bought the lot again on CD, at first he sold off his albums but when it got down to about the last 50 he gave them to me, still got them, but at that time (late 90's) you lite
  7. Thought it was a pretty good list though, not totally obvious. Nice the see rare earth in there too - largely forgotten.
  8. With you there I avoid them at all costs usually, after they delivered something to the wrong address and refused to refund me, insisting someone had signed for it who I had never heard of.
  9. Looking on Amazon I see there's a "Special Edition" and the "Definitive" one is the 4th revised edition. They seem to go for a lot as well. I've got the black and white one but still a great book.
  10. Were there only two previous versions? I've got the original and I know there was "the definitive" version some years later with different order and some changes.
  11. He's good, there was a thread about him on here a few years back, I'll see if I can find it.
  12. Nu Soul / Rare Soul / Latin Soul / Philly Soul. Maybe promoters should be rationed to just 3 or 4 types each?
  13. I sympathise but the phrase Northern Soul does now cover quite a broad spectrum. Depending on the venue it's not unusual to get maybe one DJ who does an hour of modern and crossover. There's something to do with geography too - round Birmingham and the Black Country it's pretty standard, up Nottingham and the East Midlands it tends to be a bit more pure "Northern", further south there's a bit more early R&B. As Len says you have to do your own research and DJs like birds tend to flock together so once you know a few names you can sort of tell what is going to be the style.
  14. Hopefully, I am a bit dubious still. People are already putting on events for the 25th June but although the headline is "All legal limits on social contact will be removed" and "Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen" it's still No earlier than and if you read the small print there could still be limits in terms of mask wearing and temperature checks etc. I hope that's not the case but some people are talking like it's all over already.

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