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  1. Timillustrator

    first three records to start a set

    I've noticed one or two DJ's seem to keep tweaking up the bass to the point where there's buzzing and feedback or the records jump due to the pulsing. It seems to be as the venue fills though after a couple of hours so there's more background noise and more bodies to absorb the reverberation.
  2. Timillustrator


    This event has been going since 2015 and I believe that they only do it a few times a year, I'd managed to avoid the last couple due to holidays or other commitments but so glad I made it this time. Superb venue, I've driven straight past many times and never given it a second glance but it's a big former bowling alley (and in the dim and distant past a cinema) which means there's loads of space and several levels, two bars, massive main room with a high ceiling and balcony overlooking it. This one holds its own against much bigger events and deserves to be better known, that said the main room was packed for most of the night and the second room also did well. Good range of DJ's and some great sets - Ted Massey and Little Scotty are always reliable but the final set from Dean Carr? (I think!) was amazing and so appropriate for that time of the morning one stormer after another. Great crowd and only £1 for lime and soda, what more could you want. Did a couple of sketches of the crowd (I think the balcony sketch was interesting) but failed to draw a DJ as in the main room they are too far away and in the second room behind the dancefloor; must try harder next time! I rarely give 5 stars - I've noticed most reviews are by the promoters of the events who inevitably give 5 stars to everything. I am trying to be objective.
  3. Timillustrator

    Any Ideas?

    My son (17) and daughter (13) have shown a vague interest but never taken them anywhere. There are a few Sunday do's that allow kids in by me but I think most if not all of the NYE ones would be ticket only and over 18s only. That's why we're not going anywhere special - usually go to a local social club which has loads of kids in.
  4. Timillustrator


    Another Friday with multiple choices of places to go - starting from the south there was Warwick, Halesowen, Wilson Hall; Darlaston, Soul in the Hole; Great Wyrely, Soul On The Real Side and Coven, Soulin The Village. Since I was near the M6 anyway I thought I'd head north. This wasn't too far from the motorway and despite some midnight roadworks on the way back it was not too hard to get to. Good night, missed about half of the first DJ but saw the rest including an, as usual, excellent set from Ted Massey. Nice venue, reasonably sized dancefloor, good sound system. Drinks were OK, although soft drinks only in bottles so a bit more pricey than some places but on the other hand it was only £4 in which offsets it really. Did a couple of sketches one of which I didn't finish so I won't upload it. This is a reliable local night and, although a little bit far for me to go to too often, I'd say worth a visit if you're in the area. I rarely give 5 stars - I've noticed most reviews are by the promoters of the events who inevitably give 5 stars to everything. I am trying to be objective.
  5. Timillustrator

    Non Vinyl

    Great list Grahame, I'd dance to nearly all of them - In Orbit and Going To A Happening in particular I'd drop whatever I was doing and run to the dancefloor. I'd echo SoundsOKEH; you'd hear a good number of these played in the West Midlands on any given night. In fact I was out last night at a small soul night in a village about 15 miles away and tonight at a larger event with two rooms and some bigger name DJ's (just got in actually) and from my (bad) memory I would say the following were played at one or the other: Wade in the Water, Tony Galla - In Love, Long After tonight Is All Over (a classic set ender), Hide Nor Hair, Soultime, Duke Browner, Tomangoes and The Younghearts. Of course that's only 8 so 5% of your list so I could see you may think that people are not playing popular stuff but go out every week and by the law of averages you'd pretty much hear the whole lot over 20 weeks. There is a lot more out there though and as BabyBoyAndMyLass says these are all top 500 so some people, particularly those who do go out every week, will have heard some of these played to death. I think the more you go out the broader your horizons will become and you'll see that these do get played but some have become so hackneyed that much of the audience will not be delighted to hear them - the ones that spring to mind are Frank Wilson (you sometimes hear it but it really depends on the venue), Afternoon of the Rhino - which I don't think I've ever heard played out and Sliced Tomatoes which seems to be taboo after the B&Q advert!
  6. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    What about these 3? Less of the fuzz guitar and farfisa, more of the horns, but all have been "described" as garage. Perhaps the vocals and minor chords in a relatively simple arrangement?
  7. Timillustrator

    Non Vinyl

    It would be interesting to see your list, I like to see other people's perspectives on things. If you could save it to your computer somewhere as a PDF or JPG you should just be able to drag it into a post as you type below.
  8. Timillustrator

    Non Vinyl

    Hi Grahame, Good post! I'm not sure the vinyl or non-vinyl is the issue here, lots of DJ's will have (as others have said) various top 500 tunes with them and most will play one or two at least. I suspect it may be the venues you've been to. Locally to me there are Rare/Northern Soul events that range from mainly top 500 to mainly not top 500 with all shades in between; I haven't counted but I'd say probably every night you'd hear at least 10 or so or sometimes a lot more. I also think you need to look at it from a DJ's point of view - say you'd been DJing since the 70's and collected records all that time, you'll want to play all the stuff you think is great much of which will be new, not just the same 150 records over and over again. It would get so stale, even if you love those records, after the 500th spin anyone would get a bit bored. So I don't think it's snobbery more like sanity! Having said that there are venues that just unashamedly play popular stuff - there are a couple not that far from me. One is billed as a "Soul night" has video DJ's and apparently plays a bit of Northern, a lot of Motown, 70's + 80's soul etc. I've not been to that though. The other I have been to is similar - popular soul Cameo, a bit of Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Billy Ocean some 60's and again a few Northern things. It was OK, free in more a place to have a drink than a dance although some people did. These events are not listed on soul source though, I think they are both on Facebook. I think what you are suggesting would, however, be the worst of both worlds - by not having a vinyl policy it would alienate most people on the soul scene but at the same time sticking to the top 500 even would alienate the more casual dance music fan who only know the S song, DILY and one or two others and would find most of the top 500 obscure.
  9. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    Going a tad off piste here but as pointed out by Dis57 (Can I get A Witness) and Spain Pete (Philly Dog Around The World), most garage groups simply re-wrote (stole?) stuff and took the credit, not that they probably made a penny off it at the time though. The first time I heard this 30 odd years ago I instantly thought it was Barefootin' - it's certainly got a lot of similarities, but I bet Robert Parker never got anything. That first Grateful Dead album sounded pretty garag-ey to me too mostly R&B rewrites with a bit of wordplay thrown in (forgive me for posting the GD here, I'm not a fan of their other stuff much).
  10. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    Very good thanks mate; hope you are? I used to sing, my mate, the guitarist, was a WAY better musician than me and actually everyone else in the band but never got any credit at all. Going back to Thank You Baby, I can see what you mean about punk the bass playing could be Dee Dee Ramone - one note at 100mph!
  11. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    Brill, I just love their publicity photograph too - they look uncannily like the Beach Boys with a Brian Wilson lookalike (bottom left) and Al Jardine (bottom right)!
  12. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    Fantastic, I have that on a CD somewhere. Concur with your analysis it does sound like the musicians are all just starting out and can keep a riff going until a break but not much more. The backing vocals sound a bit more sophisticated though. Do you think this was the same band? The bass playing is certainly a lot more accomplished and there's an organ on it too.
  13. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    Yes, but on the wrong speed! I thought for a minute you meant that the title translated to that in English as well. Google translate tells me it's "The Sun Is A Drug", I wonder what the rest of the words are?
  14. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    What about this one? It's a million miles an hour and has a real soul feel but listen to that organ solo! shame it's all in Spanish though.
  15. Timillustrator

    US 60's Garage bands

    Wow love the baseline on that one! Pretty smooth vocals too, as with a lot of the others posted it's got the right beat and a slightly hybrid feel but the rinky dink organ and twangy guitar at the end really gives it away as a garage track.


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