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  1. I think the larger venues certainly have more to loose by opening and more risk. The smaller social club type venues run by the members for the members may not have rent to pay, smaller financial commitments so can probably afford to open and just break even?
  2. Well Social Clubs can reopen as of today although no "live" music in front of an audience is allowed, I can see nothing specific in the guidance about dancing but it implies that it's not allowed. The Government has said that they will provide further information next week for other venues although they haven't been explicit but the list of still closed venues includes nightclubs and dance studios which is more in line with the soul scene maybe? So perhaps there'll be a timetable for reopening. My wild guess is the start of September.
  3. The Licensing acts of 1988 and then 2003 liberalised matters a lot and whereas previously clubs were allowed to operate differently if they were "members only" these exemptions became gradually totally removed so there was no reason to issue membership cards. On the other hands if a club was voluntarily "members only" and only allowed people to attend by taking everyone's contact details and addresses then perhaps that along with other measures such as temperature checks on entering could be used to demonstrate to the Government that the establishment was responsible and allow a greater degree of freedom?
  4. One of the best comedies I've seen in the last couple of years.
  5. Well he must hold the record for the number of attempts.
  6. Saw the Rugby on the telly yesterday from New Zealand, all restrictions lifted, stadium packed and they have no new cases and no one in hospital. https://www.health.govt.nz/news-media/media-releases/no-new-cases-covid-19-25
  7. Not sure if this belongs in this particular forum? But anyway. Anyone who is into facebook may find this group of occasional interest. A mate of mine asked me to join and at first it seemed to be of little interest but the next two weeks look amazing. What they do is every few weeks they select an artist, it's all genres so a lot of it is obscure rock and indie artists, but starting on Monday there's 3 weeks of Little Richard. They compile a playlist (usually on Spotify) with an album to listen to every day and a chat window for it. The first week is his 50's stuff, 2nd 60's/Gospel and 3rd 70's + the playlist the chap has compiled is excellent too. I like the idea of the structured listening and background as well. The same guy did Aretha before as well. I think the link is dynamic, so if you're looking at this in three weeks time it'll just take you to the group and make no sense! https://www.facebook.com/groups/tempfans/
  8. Well I met two people today who are back to work at different pubs on the 4th July. One seemed to think that the distancing would be down to 1m by then (despite any official notice that I can find) and both seemed to think it would include the inside of pubs. So how long before larger indoor events are back up and running?
  9. Truly the worst record I have ever heard is a sort of concept album called John Gavanti. It's nothing whatsoever to do with soul but since most of the ones above aren't either I thought I'd share my story of crushing disappointment. It was recorded in 1980 by members of two No Wave bands - for those who don't know No Wave was a very atonal form of music, short lived and originating in New York, some elements of it came from funk (The Contortions) and jazz (The Lounge Lizards) but it was mostly an atonal sort of parallel to punk but way less successful and very few people seemed to have heard of it. It was influential on other US bands and the occasional British artist and is better known today but still a very minority taste. Most people who are not fans find it hard going and tuneless, which it certainly is. I was a massive No Wave fan in the 80's but most of it was extremely hard to come by, I was a persistent collector though and got most of the releases by the main 4 bands - DNA, Mars, Contortions, and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks as well as a large number of offshoots and lesser known artists. The one record that eluded me was this, it was a collaboration of members of Mars and DNA (who were my two favourites anyway) it was listed in a few catalogues but was never available. It was quickly deleted and at that time there was little in the way of mail-order for this type of music. I'd read about it and, in my mind, and like many things you've never heard; it was built up to this amazing work of atonal genius, it's apparently based on Mozart's Don Giovanni and for years I just imagined it was the greatest unheard masterpiece of all time but resigned myself to the fact that I'd probably never get a copy. So imagine my excitement when in 1998 it was reissued on CD, even getting that was tricky but I did get a copy in about 2002. When it arrived I was shaking with excitement, finally I owned a copy of the greatest unknown album of all time. Sitting down and putting on the CD I could hardly contain myself and then it started. . . It is TOTAL sh*te, the best way to describe it is like a very bad school orchestra, none of whom can play and they're all drunk. It's truly the most amateurish mess ever, even down to the desperate cover art. I was horrified and couldn't sit through it. I managed to play it all the way through a couple of years later, it was no better. Still own it though, I would never let that baby go, it took me nearly 20 years to get a copy! I don't recommend you bother listening to it.
  10. The same riff is also on Captain Beefheart's Dropout Boogie, released the same year. The first time I heard Julien Covey I was amazed someone was playing a Captain Beefheart album track! I always figured CB nicked it off You Really Got Me. Also read that Ray Davies was trying to emulate The Train And The River, I am a massive Jimmy Giuffre fan but could never see the resemblance myself.
  11. Lovely lady, she was always at Wolfies Soul Club when I went there, drew her three times, always in roughly the same spot in front of the fire escape to the right. There will be forever a gap on the dancefloor there.
  12. Thanks, hadn't seen that. I guess by extrapolation it's possible to conclude that if the first three phases are May, June and July then "considerably longer" could be another three phases i.e. August, September and October? Of course it's all subject to change and if there's second spike it's back to square one.
  13. Interesting though, I've had an email from a festival promoter today and also seen two new FB events pop up for September and October. An outdoor festival may be more of a go-er though but the other events don't even mention social distancing so I guess they are betting on it being totally relaxed by then, otherwise they won't have a hope.
  14. That must be the change, I seem to remember something about that. I guess it depends on your intended audience, mine all look to attract people who may only have a passing interest so making them private wouldn't work. Years ago we got loads of spammers selling sunglasses and bitcoin and all that crap, now it's actually incredibly rare, can't think we've had one for a couple of years. Mind you we set some automatic membership questions and that seems to have done the trick.
  15. Not a clue, that seems very odd, I know they've recently changed the privacy rules though? I run a few FB groups and very few people bother with private ones unless they are really particularly interested, so it won't get the traffic a public one would.

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