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  1. Great result for the Foxes, never going to be a classic but we have a team that can win the cup, I was at the 69 final this our year ?
  2. I spent my best days watching the best team I had seen at Leicester run by Jimmy Bloomfield, a magical line up of players who loved playing and partying and up front was Frank Worthington, a legend on and off the pitch. He will no doubt be doing the same elsewhere. We will miss him.
  3. Correct, my mistake saying it was a sales list.
  4. No it's defintley not in issue 1, There's a page with a nite at the Catacombs 1974 and a page set aside with records for sale which I will put on this page later today, thats an eye opener.
  5. Richard Domar's first issue of the Owls Effort, purchased from Boogaloo Records Leicester.
  6. So much for my theory about keeping him till the end of the season.
  7. I reckon Lampard will see the season out and then the owner will decide, I really cant see Brendon wanting to change clubs with the development of LCFC and the problems some "big" clubs have handling their starlets.
  8. I now think we have the know how and belief to keep our form right to the end of the season, it could be a close run thing.
  9. I was in a fanatical Man Utd mates bar in Ibiza when we beat them 5-3, his face was a picture when Cambiasso scored.
  10. Lets be thankful for that, he had to be mad to take us on haha.
  11. No respite for us, Sporting on Thurs and Wolves Sunday afternoon, I think they may rest Vardy against Sporting.
  12. Great win for us, I see Leicester City Hellenic Supporters in Greece were loving it too.

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