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  1. Steve Hiscock is a very fair dealer also
  2. The boat has sailed on this price wise Try Adey Pierce Blue issue is the one to have if you can
  3. Looks VG but plays brilliantly,really nice,ex+ sound wise https://youtu.be/LcIFlfnfzwI £25 incl UK recorded delivery PayPal friends family
  4. PO not accepting due to tunnel problems. Said come back tomorrow, what a shit storm
  5. £50 plus £3 UK recorded delivery Mint minus PayPal friends family https://youtu.be/-BVnSgEHSlc
  6. Ex+ UK post included PayPal FF £40
  7. You had to be there,you know what I mean
  8. Ex+ £45 incl UK recorded delivery PayPal F+F
  9. Thanks for all the love Love you back
  10. Seen stranger dressed people at doos
  11. You need to reset or delete and put new in A right faff

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