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    making an idiot of myself,cracking people up,smiling a lot and talking to trees.
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  1. Brothers Cain Acta demo

    PayPal friends family Price includes UK post Vinyl mint minus Tear on label £50.00
  2. Mint minus £35 PayPal friends family
  3. 3 good cheap records

    Paypal f+f Price includes UK post Ruby and romantic baby come home Kapp Vg+ £15 Jive five then came heartbreak UA issue Vg++ £30 Jimmy Dotson Small smudge on label I used to be a loser Volt demo Vg...
  4. Chained and bound M- £30 Mine was real Vg++ nearly M- £30 PayPal friends family price includes UK post
  5. Before JOSIE release mint minus PayPal f+f Price includes UK postage £45 https://youtu.be/ijPcSvEJOxg
  6. Jimmy Jules Abet demo

    Mint minus £40 incl UK post PayPal f+f
  7. 2 nice mint minus dancers

    PayPal f+f UK post £2.50 Jimmy Love two sides to every story JOSIE records £40 Artistic Sounds give it up SAVOY £65 ( 100 on Manship)

    You mean records like this !!!!
  9. Roger has a WM in his sales list on here
  10. £100 on Manship £60 from me incl UK post Mint minus PayPal friends family Give it up
  11. Mint minus PayPal friends family £30 incl UK post
  12. PayPal friends family Price incl UK post Albert Jones Kapp demo mint minus It's going to be a lovely summer £25 The Exotics I'm gonna never stop loving you Excello issue mint minus £20
  13. Suzannek. Birthday

    Have a great day babes
  14. Since you've been gone Mint minus £45 incl UK post PayPal friends family YouTube clip not mine

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