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  1. Extremely happy with the service and the awesome unissued Arthur Alexander on Kent. I must have missed the post saying now selling on Discogs,how long has this been going on Mike?
  2. Orange Was one in John Powneys lot that went to auction,everybody thought good stuff left in there but I looked at certain lots and one had that in. I think people thought I was spoofing to keep them away lol
  3. Vg+ plays great ,clean vinyl,shiny Vanity press rhythm and blues £50 incl uk delivery PayPal friends family Sound clip not from my copy,mine is better https://youtu.be/9FKmPjxTc2w
  4. Gaz Simon has Mystiques on ORR Wonder what that's worth
  5. According to someone it was 37,000 at the casino one Saturday
  6. Hurry up Mike better than the tele3
  7. Where does love go Issue or demo Playable copy please Ta v much
  8. It doesn't though, it shows payment less their %.
  9. So if you sell something on discogs and get paid, then you cancel sale cos it's not there, you cannot refund payment in full cos PayPal have already taken their %. You have to make separate payment at your expense to make up the difference back to buyer. Is it me ?
  10. £420 pay pal f+f Includes uk special delivery That's what I want

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