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    making an idiot of myself,cracking people up,smiling a lot and talking to trees.
    skype ... jeff.heads1
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    now skype jeff.heads1
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  1. headsy

    Paris soul/popcorn nights or clubs

    Great shout Straight off to the golf when it finishes
  2. Anything on next weekend or any good places to hear music?
  3. Mint minus Label has give it up both sides but plays give it up and just be strong which is a nice ballad. £75 plus post PayPal friends family
  4. headsy

    A Couple To Go

    Pm sent
  5. headsy

    Darren Leech. R.I.P

    Not on FB any more so probably everybody picking it up
  6. headsy

    Darren Leech. R.I.P

    Dear me Top lad known him years
  7. headsy

    anybody got any "BRITISH" classics for sale ?

    Ben e King The record?
  8. headsy

    small list

    a few for sale paypal friends family prices include uk post MY EX+ IS VERY CLEAN !!!! some would grade as M- Jimmy Dotson Volt demo EX+ very slight rub mark on one label side £25 I used to be a loser b/w I wanna be good Jean Dushon LENOX demo EX+ sol and small xol £25 look the other way b/w it sont stop hurting me Star-Tels LAMARR (pink) M- £15 what more can I ask for Jackie Payne SHOCK demo title underlined with small red line but mint minus apart from that. £15 I found myself Rozetta Johnson CLINTONE mine was real EX+ (stamp on label and X1 on B side) £20 Rozetta Johnson CLINTONE chained and bound Ex+ £30 Artistic Sounds SAVOY EX+ very feint/slight label lift £65 give it up The Exotics EXCELLO EX+ £20 Im gonna never stop loving you b/w boogaloo investigator Judy Green KLONDIKE EX+ £20 I cant get along without you b/w come on out of the crowd Billy Sha Rae SPECTRUM EX+ WOL both sides £20 do it b/w crying clown The Persians GWP GRAPEVINE EX+ £15 I cant take it anymore
  9. Reduced to £75 including delivery if this helps
  10. Unwanted gift in sealed box £85 plus £5.00 UK postage Paypal friends family
  11. headsy


    Try horse he got my old copy or Steve hiscock
  12. headsy

    2 nice dancers

    Price includes UK post PayPal friends family Adams John so in love M- £25 Silver Bull records https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/55768-so-in-love-give-him-up-pt2.html# The Formations loves not only for the heart. MGM demo vg++ nice and clean £35
  13. headsy

    Rosetta Johnson mine was real

    A yes or no to my message would be nice
  14. PayPal friends family Price includes UK post Ex+ £25
  15. headsy

    2 nice double siders

    PayPal friends family UK post £2.50 Jimmy Dotson volt demo very slight label smudge vinyl mint minus £25 I wanna be good I used to be a loser Billy sha Rae on Spectrum wol both sides Vinyl ex+ £18 Do it Crying clown


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