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  1. Does seller not get 15k ? Auction house charges buyer 28.8% of sell price. Or have I got this arse over elbow?
  2. So starting at14k Plus 3,340 and 672 VAT it's at least £18 032 Is it a one off ?????
  3. There you go Dead easy..... Many thanks
  4. Another senior moment....... Male group Mid tempo dancer "I'm sorry that I met you, I wish I could forget you, But I know my heart left me that's why I'm holding on, I've got to find a new love....." Then group harmonies say "you've got to find a new love"
  5. All good mate You coming up for weekender?
  6. £50 dlvd uk recorded delivery PayPal friends family Private press demo Vg++ plays fine Clip from YouTube David del Conte 'I lie' Delcon demo https://youtu.be/9FKmPjxTc2w Scan attached
  7. Mint condition as per photo Clip not from actual record Nashville matrix, never booted on a demo £300 plus £8.00 special insured delivery PayPal f+f or add 4% for fees https://youtu.be/pJt2Y_Bsvgc
  8. Thank you been waiting 11 days now.....
  9. How long does it usually take for a record to arrive in UK? What's usual cost as well?
  10. Vg+ both play fine with no noise Scans attached PayPal friends family UK post £3 recorded. Little Milton sometimey £15 https://youtu.be/VzOOkHhtR1Y Maurice and radiants baby you've got it £35....NOW SOLD https://youtu.be/Sr6UvwD601k Has one slight click at start only. Sound clips from YouTube
  11. I think they do ridicule the scene by dressing like that but it is a free country and they CAN dress how they like..

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