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  1. For me,the Chi-Lites version is the definitive one.
  2. We all get old,and the sad thing is that our bodies and voices in most cases get old too,for singers we too often only remember them as they were as some hold up well vocally but some don't and that's sad when they don't realize it,like anything else in life we have to adjust and some artist just don't.
  3. Yep,riding the[bus]was the way to go back then as we hung out with our friends and chilled,once and awhile some fool would start something[maybe a gun was involved]but it was quickly handled and we rolled on,I guess my fondest memory is having a date and she didn't mind you not having a car[that would never work today].
  4. Nice post,I have a little set up with a few movies mostly for when the weather is cold and I can't get out.
  5. I watch[Family Feud]and some of the dumb answers the contestants give drive me nuts.
  6. Great question...music is a time capsule for we can all remember where we were,and what we were doing when our favorite song came out...for me it's the flute of[Herbie Mann]the eternal trumpet of[Miles]the too soothing guitar of[Wes],the five part harmonies of the Temptin Temptations-the sweet raw soul of Etta James and Aretha-the too smooth interplay of lyrics of Smokey-the funk of James Brown-the sweet sexy Mary Wells-the beauty of high pitched harmony from The Impressions-Minnie Riperton taking us on notes so high we may never come down-the comedic Coasters keeping us laughing and dancing-the smooth but powerful soul of Marvin Gaye-a love message from Barry White-the southern soul funk of Al Green-the always hip O'Jays..music can take you anywhere you wanna go without actually going anywhere!
  7. When preparing to leave my favorite record store some years ago,I looked down and on the floor sat the one gem I had been searching for over twenty years[Neverending Impressions]in mint condition,I didn't know whether to laugh or cry with joy so I just swooped up this gem and smiled all the way home with what I call The Impressions best LP,and it's in my collection.
  8. Two of the best are-prove it[aretha]-i can't find[smokey].
  9. My Summer Love-Ruby An The Romantics-an absolute gem.
  10. I love the sounds of[Wes Montgomery]..Down Here On The Ground..Small Group Recordings..Wes And His Brothers..California Dreaming.
  11. Gotsoul

    How Rude

    It happens,I don't think folks are being rude,you're not gonna get a reply every time.
  12. How did I miss this post...anyhow for me the great Temps classic-Girl[Why You Wanna Make Me Blue]from[1964].
  13. If there's a copy of it on the[Chess]lable it could be,but there may be copies on the[Tamla]lable.

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