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    56 yr old Welshman former Wigan Casino and Colwyn Bay Pier regular attendee 1976 - 1980.

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  1. Remember that disco ball light with white spots going all around the room. That was enough to get you drunk, then off to the bar to even things out.
  2. Does anyone rember Colwyn Bay Pier, Mark and Steve ( Skinheads Cool guys laugh Scooter .. Pills Bottles, Ffloyd Holyhead, Steve Soul, Jean, Barry Bach, saying that Penmanmawr boys were going to throw us over the Pier side, and there was going to be a big fight between LLanfairfechan boys and Penmaenmawr boys, that when there were about 13 policemen behind us that Nov night, shiting our pants before the night syartef begore then headong off to Wigan around 1 am returning 5 am. Too numb too think before thinoinf about dancing at the Casino. Fangs for the memories. Wigan Casino as it its initi
  3. She would promote Soul events, even brought me my first Spencer Bags from Wigan without reservation. Also R.I.P - Alan 'Tosh 'Davies both died peacefully within days of each other. Did anyone know, please R.S.V.P please. They were great. Thanks. R.I.P - Ambassadors of Soul

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