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    Northern soul, stoke city, real ale and a little flutter on the horses and the footy
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    Newcastle under lyme
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    Tried and convicted Bobby Womack. Plus many more

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  1. Stevecumbo


    It was a brill night sue up there with the best of them. See you next month. X
    Well what another cracking New Year’s Eve at Trinity soul club and definitely the best yet. All the DJ sets were brilliant and the dance floor was buzzing all night. The atmosphere was fantastic and that’s what sets it apart from anywhere else,it’s definitely the friendliest night on the circuit. So I would like to thank Sue ,Dave and Gerard for last night and also all the other top nights we have had there. Also we have another twelve months of my favourite night of the month. KTF
  2. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Looking forward to seeing you up there mike.
  3. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Line up looks brill can’t wait.
    As normal another brill night at Trinity. Always the best night out every month. All the DJ sets were excellent, playing a mixture of the classics and the rarer tracks. If you are local and love your northern soul you should give this venue a try you won’t find more of a friendly night out on the circuit. Cheers Dave/Sue already looking forward to next month.
  4. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Thanks Dave much appreciated. The 1am would be excellent if you got it. See you Saturday. KTF
  5. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Absolutely loved New Year’s Eve , a top night shared with people (now friends) that we have met at this brill venue. So pleased that we have another twelve months of this cracking night. See you all Saturday. KTF
    Thanks Dave/sue for an absolutely top New Year’s Eve night. Great music, great people and a cracking atmosphere. Think the southern soulies had a good time too. All the DJ sets were excellent,dance floor was buzzing . Also Brill news about we have another year of this top night at the end of the month. Already looking forward to the next one . See you soon X
  6. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Happy birthday Dave. It’s gonna be a good un. KTF
  7. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Yeh really looking forward to it Dave. Should be busy with it being a bank holiday and not one last month. See you tomorrow mate
  8. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Possibly the longest 2 months ever but getting close now. Can’t wait, see you all Saturday
  9. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    Last month was brill but then again when is it not. Roll on next Saturday, count down on.
    I couldn't agree more Jess it was such a top night. So many people dancing with a brilliant atmosphere. If I'm not wrong trinity soul club is coming up to three years old now and it is as good as ever. It's great to speak to people who haven't been before and are really impressed with the place. Roll on next month . KTF
  10. Stevecumbo

    New Trinity Soul Club

    That google map is useless,that street view is in wolstanton.Never mind one more sleep now
    Well what another excellent night at Trinity. The Music was brill ,great mixture of the classics and the more rarer stuff.Again plenty of new faces and a packed dance floor. All the DJ sets were brill ,especially Tofty's,he really does enjoy himself up there and its great to see.Roll on next month

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