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  1. Soz can't make this one hope you have great nite ️️
  2. Here we go to another fantastic blistering Sunday soul at at the box with usual djs and two brilliant guest this month the floor is going to be a very busy one so get those dance shoes polished ready to dance your f*ck socks off ktf ️
  3. Well soulies looking forward to this one it will be absolutely banging with soulful tune with guest dj ged beggs defiantly one not to be missed with sharpie and Gérard so bring your dancing shoes and keep the floor hot with all those fantastic dance moves. ️
  4. This is one not to be missed fantastic Sunday afternoon session never ever been a bad one in all the 8 years I have been attending only missed 4 due to working at the time so come along bring dance shoes and dance your socks off .️
  5. I suppose another handbag nite for the pop heads
  6. I pep do you know if it's card and cash at the bar or card only as will determine if I can go are not cheers sorry for being a pain ️
  7. Well this looks like it's going to be a firecracker of afternoon of pure indulgent soul music one not be missed as should be a banging with usual line up of dj's and of course the guest dj the one and only as himself mopsey so get your arses over and get the dance floor jumping. Ktf ️
  8. Visited this club a few months ago not had chance to get back to this fantastic venue does what it says on the tin absolutely brilliant tunes and they make you feel so welcome can't wait to return . Ktf ️
  9. One of the best Sunday sessions you will go to fantastic music amazing soulies and absolutely brilliant atmosphere if like your soul music this us the the place to be . So don't be fool and miss this event get dancing shoes and come and have a bloody good shuffle.️
  10. Absolutely fantastic night well done pep and the rest of the dj's hats of to you can't wait for next one cheers ️ktf.
  11. Well done pep and the dj's fantastic night can't wait for next cheers boys ktf ️
  12. Looking forward to this one
  13. Well what a Christmas cracker with the potbank is going to be with amazing fantastic line up of djs I can't wait for this one so get your shoes polished and dance your socks off to the utterly blazing sounds of soul music that's in your hearts..️
  14. Well boys and girls all set for sunday soul fantasia at the potbank with brilliant dj line up so get get shoes polished and soles waxed ready to dance your socks off to the amazing music what will be played. Ktf ️
  15. Looking forward to this brillaint venue after last month's taste the music is really great . Brillaint dance floor so come along and support this venue or loose it altogether. ️️

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