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  1. I’ve just read with great interest the topic “audio set up” and as a follow up would be equally interested in knowing more about the gear a DJ would use in say a room the size of Mr Ms or a bit smaller (100 or so people). That’s just a vague size to give a starting point. I know a bit about home HiFi but nothing about the kit a mobile Dj would use and realise it’s a completely different ball game or can you get home hifi with serious volume? It’s the speakers and amp requirements that I find most interesting and whether you can achieve hifi clarity when you jump up to higher volumes. Levels that I don’t think your 50 or 100w hifi would reach or would they? Back on the DJing gear... Passive vs active speakers, vintage equipment vs modern, amp output, acceptable levels of Decibels etc. Some gigs I’ve been to have a great sound system whilst others have problems with distortion, a lack of clarity and can be painfully loud. I love listening to mainly sixties recordings and like to hear it loud and clear, after all I think it does sound better that way.
    A great night. Lowest numbers I’ve ever seen at the kings hall maybe <500. Music a tad predictable. Shame the other room was closed. However if I had to choose just one venue to go to this would still be it or Blackpool as I just love the big ballrooms. What about having a rarest of the rare all-nighter (ritz) or have those days gone.
  2. Cleaning out the attic today found hundreds of record lists from the seventies. Soul boul, record haven etc etc also found black echoes '76 to '80
    Another great night at the Kings Hall, except for the beer drinkers on the dance floor and the girl with the camera.
  3. Thanks for the link...interesting read "In the same stack was another single — “Heartache Souvenirs"/"Chicken Shack,” by William Powell — that has fetched as much as $5,000 on eBay. Nearby sat a Cuban album by Ivette Hernandez, a pianist who left Cuba after Fidel Castro took power"
  4. Thanks for posting the flyer I had a look for mine but couldn't find it. I remembered it looking a bit scrappy with the Andrea Henry label on the side (first time I heard it was there and loved it). I didn't realise that was the first one. It was a brilliant night, packed, people were even dancing on the stage. I must do a re-edit and put the flyer in.
  5. The year? I couldn't remember for sure, but 1994 fits with the guy I went with who moved to Scotland soon after. Also later on in the night one dj mentioned a forthcoming event on Friday the 17th June. I was looking for the flyer which I have somewhere (it had records round the edges one of which was "need you like a baby" which I think Richard played). I will try to upload the whole video sometime. I also have a load of photos from Stafford that need digging out and sorting. I have time at the moment as I've just had an op. re. Stafford... had to say I'm really enjoying the podcasts on soul underground, brilliant stuff.
  6. I don't know who the first dj is. He was working with Richard for some of the time at the beginning of the night. Gary is the guy with the back to back super rare stuff. He did about 2 hours and seemed to have just about every top rare sound of the day. I never hear of him these days did he sell up?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiVXoomSTiQ Just a snippet of footage I shot at the Ritz in Manchester, rarest of the rare allnighter.

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