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  1. Geeselad

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    In a time of great mediocrity, this sounds like the real deal
  2. it would only be ruined if you played it on a sandpaper slipmat.
  3. Couple of old digs, come to mind. First would be Vinyl exchange, Camden town around 1987. The basement was full of singles, in the region of 10k most without sleeves, many 10-50p. Loads of Motown, tune up british x2, one way out British, nothing to good good for my baby, British, ECT. Bought loads of imports blind lots of c and w, a couple of bits that later turned out to be interesting. Good education for me.
  4. Don't begrudge anyone doing it. Each to there own, but it's not an element, in collecting thats ever appealed to me, or the zest for the unheard, that's drivin the scene for so many years.
  5. If I was buying one I'd want the later personally.
  6. Suprised, that french cat looks a right dog, cant believe he was girl eye candy in the 6ts.
  7. In long term context I paid, £75ish of Anglo, around 2001/2002.
  8. Lyn Anderson did it too. We might be delusional there no YouTube, will check the collection.
  9. Mr Manship is a internationally renowned record dealer with staff Mike. I just think it's either disingenuous or a genuine cock up, to advertise an record, I assume as unreleased? For sale, that is actually a known release on a major label. Either way if I was in his position I'd think it might dent my credibility somewhat. Maybe that's a little extreme, and my language was a little colourful. I'm sure in reality John won't be worried he's amassed buyer confidence in droves through his reputation as an honest dear over he years. However, as said, I would have some basic research would have revealed the identity and that would have certainly made an impact on how the recording was advertised.
  10. Really popular at local soul nights.
  11. doesn't do his credibility any good, IMHO. It is a fairly easy mistake to make, but then I'm not making a fortune/ living out of flogging records. If I was, I'd find the time to check if an acetate was truly unreleased or not, otherwise I'd think of myself as a skanking bastard.
  12. you can covert the file to a vecta graphic, there usually some on free trial. sizing up doent distort with vecta, no matter how large you want it.
  13. Geeselad

    Angie Stone Live

    Looking forward to seeing this lady with a unique voice. Have to admit bi did know a lot by her other than, ' I wish.....' but youtube has revealed a diverse repitiore of quality material.
  14. You could transfer to vecta, sizing up not an issue then

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