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  1. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    like both of those, well worthy of checking, thanks .
  2. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    George soul is white! wow!
  3. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    If my son is listening to such middle of the road, sanitised pap by the time he's 18, he's in for a kicking off me. it's worse than him turning into a Vale fan! Seriously though it's hard to lighten up. This stylised, home bargain soul, lacks any of the vig...
  4. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Not offensive but any better than Michael Bolton or simply red?
  5. sam smith- plastic syntho soul anyone?

    Big problem for me and goes for virtually all contemporary dance music too is just so transient. Selling off a lot of house records I've bought in recent years, all sounded great on the few Initial plays, but but even just a few years down the line sound so d...
  6. Does anybody else think this guy, and a host of contemporary artists, have all the styling's with none of the real emotion and authenticity of true soul
  7. Is it me, but?

    I bought mine and was pleased to get one for less than £50for the welcome to my door side which is awesome. First heard it on a dj muro mix, and it's a popular track with breaks collectors. So possibly the rise in value is due to appeal on another scene.
  8. The Casualeers

    That's really good, but I has it ever been played out?
  9. State of the Union??!!!x

    Was lemmy really a fan sooty? Did he have a hot box stored away with his collection of rare nazi memorabelia?
  10. Freeview Ch 82 Vintage Channel

    Been on before, but I think there a thread a few months ago
  11. Our Time Is Now

    geese, jez, kev john, Dave cartlidge, to name but a few
  12. Background to "Julian Covey"

    sounds a lot like brian is playing hammond on this, pisses on lbh IMHO.
  13. Our Time Is Now

    at last a BIT of upfront back in the city of soul
  14. Records that never quite made it....

    Their best uptempo cut imho
  15. Records that never quite made it....

    Chosen few got a lot of plays about 10 year ago in small nights, and but never quite made into the big rooms