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  1. Absolutely love this.. https://youtu.be/2cLeJpconNU
  2. If it was unreleased how did he come up with this? https://youtu.be/KcZT__8hKm0
  3. I nearly pissed me sen when I first heard this. But like the version other version too https https://youtu.be/0irE98u6ng0
  4. The skip mahoney came out on underworld in the Uk, winder why they licensed it? Rather than release on uk salsoul?
  5. Interesting thread ken. It's such a personal thing, that for me has changed and developed over the years, but I reality as I think you're eluding the definition exists purely in the mind of the collector.
  6. Not and get that level of finish. That's my point, it looks like it's done at factory. You'd have to be a proper dab hand with those scissors, a Pele of pritt stick.
  7. Not sure about that personally. If they did looks like they soaked off the old labels first then had the labels cut professionally. Lot of hard work and costly for a vanity project.
  8. Totally agree, underated IMHO. Was playing the grapevine album the other night, forgot it was on that.
  9. Sydney Thomas- let's make a love- parallel.
  10. Pm me if interested, £3 UK post up to 3 tunes. Prince Harold ‎– Forget About Me / Baby, You've Got Me - mercury, really nice copy. Barbra Mercer ‎– "Hey!!" / Can't Stop Loving You Baby golden world clean copy! Tension ‎– Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is / It's A Fact - poison ring, garage style dancer Jackie Lee ‎– The Duck mirwood, purple Bad Boys ‎– What Took You So Long bell. Purple Image ‎–Why delite Jesse James – At Last / I Know I'll Never Find Another One -zay Ricky Allen ‎– Get O
  11. Pm if interested, post £3 UK. Up to three. All this lot £5!!!!!!! Alex unless stated. Bobby Earl Williams ‎– That's The Way She Is / Let Her Know- ix chains Classics IV* ‎– Soul Train / Strange Changes- imperial SweeTooth ‎– Dancing At The Local Disco- beauhaland Faith, Hope & Charity ‎– Baby Don't Take Your Love - Maxwell Black Velvet ‎– African Velvet - beacon The Globetrotters ‎– Cheer Me Up - RCA UK Jerry O ‎– Huckle Buck / Soul Sister - white whale The Funky Boys* ‎– Solid Funk RCA Les Cooper & The Soul Rockers* ‎– Let's Do The Boston
  12. I've had a couple of acetates of soul classics before, I had a ' I'm your puppet' and been told there not worth much more than a standard issue. Nowadays though bit of clever speil and who knows? Bet Manship could get a pretty penny, some of them do look asthetically attractive and they certainly seem authentic.
  13. Onyx-Brilliant ' you never fail to amaze me'
  14. Had a boot in the 80's seem to remember it as pretty pitted on the label. Went for the blue one, just to be certain when I re- purchased.
  15. Hope we're going to see you out and about, post covid, doing the Oxfordshire shuffle once more.

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