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  1. BBC Pay List

    seem to remember c4 is part public funded

    sub cults are still out there for kids, music though seems less crucial to them, I suggest taking a look at your local skate park for clues. Skaters, bmxers and god loathe them micro skoot kids, all have strong elements of sub cultures.
  3. BBC Pay List

    sky is now making all round better quality tv than the beeb, for me esp music related tv, which the has with a few exceptions fallen of a cliff fro bbc recently
  4. Bargain Northern Originals!!

    its cloud 9 des, not 25 miles
  5. Gene Redding I got soul on bell records

    twas was very popular about 5 years ago, it seems quite a few are off loading it now its past its peak. ~Seen a few on here over and FB the last few months, I suspect the price of this one will drop gradually back to a realistic level of around £50.
  6. Top 5 This Weekend

    five from the Burnley sauna radients that'll git it soul Africa black sweat chuck jones booties limitations I'm lonely I'm troubled al Robinson sho bout to drive you wild
  7. Northern SOUL BO-LL-OX...!!

    great to hear such underplayed tunes as;. Jay traynor, celeste hardy, imperial c's all played in that bastion of underheard tunes- back room at the kings hall,.
  8. Northern SOUL BO-LL-OX...!!

    its not in top 500, not my version anyways.. But indeed very well known, to the average oldies night punter though, that much loved classic 'tribute' is much more likely to fill the floor. File under sad but true.
  9. they spin, they clap, the leg work, finially we have the true origin of northern soul dancing!
  10. GENUINE SOUL @ The Arms...is back !!

    he forgot to say. Yes its ovo!
  11. spent time looking if there was a northern version of green sleeves last night,lol
  12. GENUINE SOUL @ The Arms...is back !!

    Really looking forwards to it guys, but tinged with sadness as I know Jim's Smirk's seat will be empty this time, netherless he will be in all our thoughts and I'll certainly be playing some of his favorites on Friday.
  13. wade in the water- 1901. Beat that.
  14. dust my broom is of course robert johnson.1936.
  15. 'where of all the flowers gone is traditional' isn't it? Surely making it a contender, paper moon - Gino is an old jazz number , Dust my broom is an old old blues number too.