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  1. geeselad

    The Funky Bass Book (ed. Bill Leigh)

    does the book give any insight as to how r and b bass developed from jazz?
  2. geeselad

    Young soul rebels

    I wasnt aware of that joan, rather rude. I certainly like to read more of your perspective on the scene. I can remember pete, but at the time he scared this young youth from stoke to death.
  3. geeselad

    Young soul rebels

    He really put into Context, chalky, give a sense of the time and place.
  4. geeselad

    George Power RIP.

    A legend, i believe he was the first UK dj to mix.
  5. geeselad

    Young soul rebels

    Personally thought its the best book on the subject since 'the in crowd'. Which is for me the most definitive. Stuart's book had lots of detail and insight id not seen covered before,
  6. geeselad

    Top Ten Northern Soul Towns

    Come on , stoke is an essential, weve got f all else, even the potters ccant play anymore!
  7. geeselad

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Another apparently wise man once said 'if it ever becones like the teds thing, its over' .......... Somebody on here said you used to get whole families of teds in the 70's. Now we often have mums and dads and there kids into baggies and holy st james. Says it all really.
  8. geeselad

    northern soul - the current state...?

    They certainly are, vinyl is now a respected format that's growing all the time. The 'get with it grandad' aporoach doesnt quite fityfor me, vinyl is part of a movement towards 'slow music' in much the way as slow food and the fact that books and even newspapers seem to have survived the flood of digitalism. Convenience misses the point of music, food and reading. I truely believe People will still read paper books, listen to records and even use plates in a hundred years time. Course the masses will choose the convenient, they always have, but then listening to soul has never been about the masses.
  9. geeselad

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Top man well said, divs are divs, whatever they wear.
  10. geeselad

    northern soul - the current state...?

    A long time ago a wise man said to me 'never judge a man by the width if his trousers'. Ive been ignoring his advice ever since. Lol.
  11. geeselad

    Picture Framed Three Before Eight

    I can remember these being sold in beating rhythm around 2000, pretty certain the're facsimiles or the originals, even then, tobi legend would have set you back considerably more than what you paid for the three. Sorry to disappoint you.
  12. geeselad

    The blurred line...

  13. geeselad

    The blurred line...

    Its not as simple as that for me i love some synth based sounds, italo disco and euro disco can sound really underground and were really experimental for the time . They were also crucial in the synthesis of house music, without them soulful house and true garage just wouldnt have happened.
  14. Fair play it certainly played a massive part in evolving the sound.
  15. really kev, I know a lot of great 7ts were played in the last hours but Crossover style sounds?


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