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    Bobb Reed- I'll find a way
  1. Soul sample ID

    Sounds like stevie tp me, its thst wavering in the voice
  2. OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    box primed and ready to spin.
  3. Final reduction - panic

    Really nice copy, mala promo, Now £75
  4. Really nice copy of panic on mala, yellow promo. Vinyl is Nm and has only very light wear, plays perfectly. Label has the slightest signs of ring wear. No writing or drill holes. Very nice copy of this indemand oldie. £90 for quick sale. Now£80!!!!!!!
  5. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    'Otis not the best artist on stax', blows your credibility for me, he is the king of soul IMHO, who on stax compares with that voice? that level of expression?
  6. Seven souls

    cheers steve
  7. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    that's the one ive seen before! godin a false prophet!
  8. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    Ok fair cop, dave still rules, couldnt remember the details but thought it relevant to bring it up.
  9. Is it me, but?

    well I can remember Brownie paying £40 for it at the 100 club in about 87, you could have bought a lot of good tune for £40 back then, probably 4/5 Jeanette's anyway!
  10. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    Wasnt there a thread about an advert for a Manchester band who played at the wheel and used the term to promote themselves? Havent dreamt this have it? It preceeded godin's use in print by a couple of years. Thus disputing his first use in print accolade.
  11. Seven souls

    Issue is rarer if this isnt?
  12. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    think we'd have a far better soul scene personally, the NS baggage isn't helpful. Hey maybe we'd even have a retro influenced yet progressive, cool, upfront scene where people could play what the hell they liked without someone saying "this isn't Northern!"...
  13. Seven souls

    £400-450for a quick sale sounds realistic
  14. Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    Love it, quality 70's pop rock. But at a soul night??
  15. Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    The most insulting has to be 'got anything good?'

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