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  1. liked it when first heard, but as with most pastiche's they quickly fade into parody
  2. I'm guilty of every pleasure.
  3. That s really good, IMHO, be really interested to know who it's by myself. Where did you come across it? and to the above post, my mum told me, 'if you can't say anything nice, STFU.!'
  4. Often wondered about general collectors as you termed and them, just how many UB40 collectors, for instance, are out there and would they want read an article about Madonna, of they didn't collect that artist?
  5. They'll go wild at all those incontinence pants.
  6. A very well informed and interesting read, thank you.
  7. Just realised my 'cosha' and was most definitely not kosher.
  8. Just searched again, really can't see it on YouTube, but it's rayt bad! And it got played loads around Stoke nighters at lightwood Road , twice a night, it rammed the floor!
  9. To give you an idea it made this version sound as good as bari track, or sister Lee.
  10. Going back to my youth two that I loathed would be, doug backs-kept on dancing, and Howard guyton- I watched you slowly slip,. I don't mind either nowadays as both are only heard occasionally, mid 8ts however they were absolutely hammered. the worst sound from that era would have to be that instrumental version of Frank will wilson, that somebody knocked up on a bontempi organ. The anyone remember it? Can't find it on tube but used to have the it on a tape.
  11. Saw her myself lf about 29 years ago, her voice is knackered but her heart and skill as an entertainer allow her to carry off, still made me cry when she sung 'no one there'

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