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  1. Tbh, it's a fine version, she's got a decent voice but the vocal is just a little too prodominant in the mix of the track, album cut often sound like that to my ears. Was this ever played it wigan? Did it go take off?
  2. I remember dave rivers spinning this out a lot about ten years ago.
  3. Picked this album upon amsterdam many moons ago. I've never been into island soul but this does have something that I keep returning too.
  4. I've got hyme of the 7th galaxy, by return to forever band, think I've topped you there.
  5. I didn't mean to get into pedant's corner with this one, I was just jibing my ancient brother, Mick. . Its an interesting sub topic, classics originally played from albums. Isn't there some Motown cuts had there first plays off mfp LP's? Anything else? That Wigan instrumental, supertime?
  6. Come on grandad, get with the program. You could put, ghost in my house, and all the bobby bland stuff on if you applied that to this thread. There's a fair few classics that were originally spun from LP's that have been subsuently pressed on 45. Otis's- loving by the pound, Charlie rich ect
  7. I voted sack second rooms but on reflection, certain records, from a wide variety of genres, only work in certain settings. Some great tunes are destined to be second rooms some sounds, not because of quality, but production or just sound and feel. I've had some great fun in back rooms, spinning and dancing over the years. Long may they continue.
  8. If theyve just spent a silly amount on a record, they want to get there money's worth, it's the obsession with rarity, even if all the djs present gave a copy with them, that determines what most DJ play, ego, pure and simple.
  9. Pro and cons on both sides as well highlighted in the conversation, on the weight of it and for the reasons soulacola highlighted, I'd take pre net. tastes change, the mainstay of my collection had been the left feild things you used to be able to speculate on. Their is a value to everything now, less real shops, junk shops ect.
  10. Country boy hadn't had the attention it deserves yet, possibly due to how big his others have been.
  11. It's on Tim Ashley's FB page apparently.
  12. Heard on FB this well known stoke soul lad has passed. An amazing dancer and promotor of the bear, soul night in Newcastle under lyme during the 80's.
  13. Think the use of the term, Northern soul, is ambiguous in this case, it should be straight forward but isn't. . For me Northern soul has always included a healthy element of sounds from at least the 70's, if your talking rare soul or oldies. Are you asking people to state if it's an oldies night where only 60's are played? Honestly don't think you'd find many, unless it was a wheel revival. Because as stated initially, 70's, what I assume you're referring to, as modern, has been played since the torch.
  14. Just been reading the thread about the biggest ever nighter, which seems to many there worst ever nighter! Atmosphere is generally created by folk being in close Proximity. It doesn't have to be more than 30, in the right size of venue. Personally I'm dying to get out again, especially as I'm going to be facing 150 kids on Thursday, but I think I'd hold out till things are done properly.
  15. Most clubs were on there knees before this, how can they possibly make money with these kind of restrictions?

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