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    Fine times and fine fings
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    Bobb Reed- I'll find a way
  1. geeselad

    Sad News Paul Trouble Anderson Passed Away

    Gutted by this news. I was wondering how he was doing, and having heard he was ill a few years back. Had the pleasure of seeing him djing at Hq in the mid nineties, he was shit hot technically and with a taste and insight to be rivaled by only the American originators. Sadly at the moment he contribution is understated.
  2. geeselad

    Darlene Love - Lord If You're A Woman

    Big spin for a certain Mr jez Jones at change about 10 years back.
  3. geeselad

    Potential Soul Source Anthem?

    He spells it wrong, should be slowly moulding.
  4. Ojays everytime! If the Ojays did a version of gan gam style, it would be good.
  5. Nothing that's shocks too much, this time for me. Anyone the Dr Z?
  6. Two great fresh discoveries there. If there's any justice they both deserve to go really big.
  7. geeselad

    Non Vinyl

    New Jersey and connection is brilliant and perhaps, ironically, ripe for upfront northern dance floors.
  8. geeselad

    Non Vinyl

    OK fair point, I understand your perspective, hope you get mine. I apologise for any offence but I think that's how anyone with Northern nounce would se it. Atb. I geese.
  9. geeselad

    Non Vinyl

    Must be great hearing a track like that for the first time, but for most of us it's absolutely hammered to the point that the nails are coming out the other side. I most certainly not what you'd travel a distance to hear. Seriously I would I thought it's a 'most likely heard" down your grab a gran or grandad with trilby an Fred perry night. Really don't mean to sound arrogant but I'm surprised anyone who's found this site hasn't heard it, esp if from the UK.
  10. geeselad

    What's the best thing you ever won in a competition?

    Definitely a space 1999 figure, think it may have been Martin landau. In the primary school raffle in about 1977, still buzzing about ut now.
  11. geeselad

    Non Vinyl

    A counter point would be my recollection of attending Burnley about 10 years ago, for context burnley was renowned as one of the best upfront nights around. A dj played "a little togetherness". an the two dj"s, I was with, both well Know on the scene. said "that's the final straw I were not driving up here to listen to this". I think just about every track played that night wouldn't scrape the top 1000 but they were both really pissed of about the younghearts. And to be honest I wasn't impressed myself.
  12. geeselad

    Bootlegs ...What happens next..

    Have to say I can't it changing a thing, too many couldn't care a less, the're in the majority, those who do are not. The ethics of the scene have been exchanged for a kiss me quick hat, to cover the bald plate"s.
  13. geeselad

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    Not been out a great deal of late but I'd have to over recent years Dave Thorley Sean Haydon Doctor pickles, even though I'm not a big r and b fan, lol.
  14. geeselad

    Info needed: Women on the Northern Scene

    Jumping Joan is on here, she give you a good morning insight into the female perspective.


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