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  1. Perry mason is shaping up well from HBO, of course.
  2. There's just a hint of a grudge about who started it I think. It seems odd he's not acknowledged, bet he's not that bothered, must be minted from owning Duffer.
  3. Norman's contribution is disputed, mainly by this guy. Couldn't find the clip I'd previously seen but its strange this Barry isn't mentioned in the list above, he was as certainly a main player when I was kicking about the west end in the mid eighties.
  4. Pm me to reserve. Post £3.10. Charlie Palmieri and orch- uptight/ boogalu - Atlantic demo. Ex, just a few hairlines. £ 45 Carstairs- he who picks a rose- okeh. Ex £55 on hold Roy Lee Johnson- boogaloo' no 5 - action ex £32 Charmers- looking for trouble- PIP. EX Old Stafford spin for guy. £50 Gino Washington With the United Cleaning Co.- hey football - perfecta ex £75 recently added to discogs, rare funky soul Bob and earl- baby I'm satisfied/ do the sissy. UK SUE- ex. Two great sides, hard on UK £25
  5. Is the barn still going? Never been lucky enough for an invite myself. But I think there will be some large extended house parties. The afternighter thing has become crucial for a certain quarter of the scene.
  6. It is a solution Len. Things that have been totally inflexible in the past have changed overnight in education, nothing seems unfeasible anymore.
  7. Am I losing it post covid? Or did the goodies listen to Don Covay before Dreaming up ' black pudding Bertha'. There something in that intro and the arrangement that convince me they did, both released '75, I note.
  8. I'm pshe lead at my school. The litter and environmental work tends to be with younger kids when the're enthusiastic. By the time they are in the teen years it's revert to type, if they had it from their parents it's instilled. Learning starts at home and the learning your receive from parents remains when all else is forgotten.
  9. I can remember frank Ellison devoting two pages to this exact point, that's half and hour of my life I'll never get back. If you think the following Lacks soul you're not on the same planet as me.
  10. Fair enough, I'd call it rock and roll but I bet the ted's would lynch me. I think it's awful in another way, what a waste of his amazing voice on such an inspid, wishy washy pop tune.
  11. Great news, might take a trip down to ribs legendary shop.
  12. Where would you put the ones coming in, year 7 and reception, for three months? The whole system is interdependent. What about university's? Just couldn't work I'm afraid.
  13. I'm a teacher, a couple of weeks ago I doubted if we'd be back in September, now I think all years will be back in more or less full time. The union issues a red herring, academies don't recognise them anyway.
  14. Pm to reserve. Post extra. Lollipops- cheating is telling on you VIP demo. Ex 45 Carstairs- he who picks a rose- okeh ex 45 Vernon Garret- if I could turn back the hands of time- modern ex 45 Charmers - if you're looking for trouble - pip ex 50 More to follow soon
  15. Ffs, that's total utter crap. Love it when the singing kicks in, he's does indeed sound drunk, they all do.

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