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  1. Looking for a copy. Dm please thank
  2. Looking for a copy of The Fabulous Three –Need It Now. Please dm thx kn advance
  3. Did you ever find a copy?
  4. Bigchinoe


  5. Bigchinoe

    Doc and sal my dream.

    Searching for Doc & Sal ‎– Cry And Wonder Why back with my dream on dynamic label. Pm please.
  6. Bigchinoe

    laurence Armour

    Is this still available?
  7. Bigchinoe

    Laurence Armour

    In search for Laurence Armour ‎– Throw The Guns In The River / You're A Winner. Pm please thanks
  8. Searching for a cleaner James Wayne And The Soul Soothers ‎– I've Found Someone/ my last letter. PM PLEASE
  9. Pm please looking for "Sugar" Ray Roll ‎– My Heart And I
  10. Bigchinoe

    The bees I love You on virgin

    This is a long shot but I’m looking for this one too.. the bees I Love you
  11. Looking for Delbert and the Stewart Sensation How Far Can Our Love Go? Pm please
  12. Searching for Bobbi Row & The Englishmen ‎– Why'd You Put Me On/Fact Of Life pm please
  13. Bigchinoe

    Ronnie west

    Searching for Ronnie West – Lil' Woman / Movin' On. Pm please
  14. Bigchinoe

    Delon Washington

    Delon Washington ‎–Princess Of My Dreams / Getting Mighty Close. Pm please
  15. Bigchinoe

    The Gremlins

    In search of


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