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  1. For Sale Little Kenneth and The RhythmMakers on Carl What More Can I Say/ You Can Go On Home M- $400 OBO Free Shipping Domestic/International label scans and sound clip available upon request Thanks!
  2. Hello looking for copies of Darnell Pittman on Dean Four Andantes on Modo Love Experience on Cherry Records Laurene Lavallis on Tronic The TMG’s on Soul Shake Galaxy on Magic Carpet (fellow who wrote to me about this please write to me again, can’t find our old message bud ) Please DM, any help will be appreciate thanks
  3. Little Kenneth & The Rhythm Makers on CARL - what more can I say/ you can go on home. M- 300$ The Results on TOP CATT - color me blue/ think of me. M- 300$ scans and sound clips available upon request free shipping PM with questions thanks!
  4. There’s one on Discogs for an arm and a leg!
  5. Looking for VG+ or higher for The Admirations - My Admiration/Heaven please PM price and condition thanks
  6. Citations - Solid Soul : Hey Mr Love VG+++ 300$ Thee Dupremes - Dupremes : So In Love/ I’m So Happy VG++ 500$ —————— SOLD OFFERS WELCOMED THANKS
  7. Hello looking for a VG+ or higher of Thee Unknown Four on RPC Sad Girl/Hold It DM with price and condtion thanks
  8. Looking for VG+ or higher Galaxy on Magic Carpet Strange Things/ Unbreakable Funk please PM with price and condition thanks!
  9. Hello DM if interested Samuel Anderson and The Vantours on lexingberg - such a long time VG+ $700 OBO fabulous serenades on bglo - there can be better days VG+ $1500 OBO The citations on solid soul - hey mr love VG++ $350 OBO Dave Brady and the stars on Darby - baby I need you VG++ $300 OBO SCANS AND SOUNCLIPS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST THANKS
  10. Can’t believe lyndell record still available!!
  11. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302676360965 Just different label goodluck !
  12. Sigs 79 should have a Monterey’s 45 for sale
  13. The volumes reissue should be on discogs if I recall not to long ago about a few days I saw a copy still for sale wait it still is https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/6368849?ev=rb
  14. 9B693122-0379-47B6-8850-4FCE256B101C.jpeg
    Taking offers!!!!! Please write to me with an offer and we can go from there thanks! The Royal Chessmen on Custom Fidelity Beggin You/You Must Believe Me - VG++ WOL

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