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  1. Panama, Texas, Sweet Soul Records For Sale

  2. Hello, selling of a few records SHIPPING FREE IN US 9$ OVERSEAS El Paso Premiers - Frogdeath Let Me Call You Darling/This Is The Beginning—— VG+ 350$ Afternath - Phoenix Gretchen/Someones Taken Your Love —— VG 80$ ...
  3. Michael Washington on CROOKSHANK

    I mean it’s not for sale, just wanted to let you know that I have one.......
  4. Michael Washington on CROOKSHANK

    I have a VG+++/M-
  5. Brief encounter with sweet soul musicSORTED

    One on eBay at the moment at a great price too https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222704601645
  6. Some Nice 45's Up For Sale

    For Sale - Sugar Ray Roll - on BEAUTY My Heart and I/Got To Move Out VG+++ 700$ The Questions - on Gold & Soul ?/? VG+++ 700$ LT & The Soulful Dynamics - on SOLO Crazy About You Baby/Ever...
  7. Mellow fellows / Soul Superiors

    Looking for: Mellow Fellows and the Super Heavy Funk Band - When You're All Alone/People Come Together The Soul Superiors - Trust In Me Baby/Got To Find That Girl PM with price and condition thank you!
  8. The Four Andantes - MODO

    Looking for a Vg+ or higher The Four Andantes - on MODO HIPPER THAN ME b/w END OF LOVE PM WITH PRICE AND CONDTION THANKS!
  9. WANTED: vestax pmc 06 pro

    Hello looking for a nice very good working condition in either black or goldish faceplate thanks in advance PM with any info!
  10. Damn overly priced IMO Good luck sigs
  11. Merryweather v McGregor - just about money ?

    Nicely said bud
  12. ULTIMATE 1999

    Is that on Aquarius as well??
  13. [SOLD] The Marvell's - Finer Arts

    The Marvells on FINER ARTS: Tomorrow b/w I'm A Fool For Losing You M- 140$ plus shipping REDUCED : 110$ plus shipping PM with any questions Thank You
  14. For sale VG+++ Condtion Reanna Coleman - Konduco 12" You're in my pocket/ instrumental 200$ plus shipping OBO THANK YOU!
  15. Top 5 fave films

    Shawshank blood in blood out training day Office Christmas party bad moms the maginficent seven secret life of pets i can go for days, my top 5 change every other week