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  1. I ledger for them and let them hook themselves.Flurocarbon is a must but as i age its a bugger to tie knots even with glasses.
  2. Buggers to hook but look stunning in the 5 am sunlight.Fantastic watching them swim away on release.
  3. Taken a couple of nights ago Scratby Norfolk.Starting to get a nice shine now that kennel coat has gone.
  4. Read all US Forces mail goes through Chicago also.Very busy place.
  5. It won't move from Chicago for a couple of weeks.They were slow even before Covid.
  6. Was a nice trip up in the Ford Fiesta with a few tins of paint for company.
  7. Remember Sam play Ronnie Barnes for the first time their and was blown away by it.Now that sort of sound is a million miles away from what i collect now. Huggy.
  8. Here she is checking out sunrise recently
  9. Not been on for ages.We sadly lost our new rescue greyhound Skye in November when she ran full pace into our patio door causing massive brain trauma and broken neck. All we could do is get another and just in time for Xmas we took on Winnie(above).Without doubt the easiest greyhound we have rescued.
  10. Will have a look. Would defo be first issue
  11. If not sorted message me.Copy round my mother's house.
  12. Obviously a deluded Breeder/Trainer/Owner who will tell you what a squeaky clean industry it is.Why not message me if they have a problem? Thought it was a good post as you can see how she has turned out Anyway that's me done.
  13. Fair enough.Don't think i will bother posting on Soul Source anymore.

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