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  1. Moondust Band and New Xperience were both in poor condition.
  2. Glad i shifted mine on .Bloody reissues.
  3. NCFC

    Taste Of Love-Love Meditation"T.O.L

    Killer double sider. Try that guy from Ohio who sells on Ebay. Sonpau or something like that.
  4. NCFC

    Blacknight records Gary Q?

    Gary is fine spoke to him recently.
  5. Flip popular with sweet soul collectors.
  6. NCFC


    I'll go with that too.
  7. NCFC

    Your Ten Top P.I.R. favorite titles...?

    Did you forget about Mcfadden and whiteheads - your someone to love.
  8. NCFC

    Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Nigel Parker put the other side on a tape for me that was mid to late 80s.
  9. NCFC

    In the Bottle Live - Super

    Saw him live back in 80s.Still my fave live act that i have seen.
  10. NCFC

    Import duty?

    I have just been tucked up.Again seller refused to remove it.
  11. Bloody hell i sold Clarkie my larom Baker in 1990 for £225.
  12. NCFC

    Couple of prices required

    Thought I would give you heads up.Rekon you've had a few pms at first estimate. Lol
  13. NCFC

    Couple of prices required

    Bit of interest Stateside for Sweet Breeze. Would have thought more.
  14. Double that with the deep pockets around at moment.


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