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  1. Four Tops - How can i forget you. From Nature Planned it Lp
  2. Don't think many would believe what we used to play in the Black Swan all those years ago Andy. I remember playing Larom Baker. King Moses. Fluorescent Smogg and Mark Iv on Brite lite all in a row. Funny i put King Moses up for sale for £150 in Echoes and never had one phone call. Eventually i rang Clarkie and he reluctantly took it.
  3. But I've had it and sold it twice. I don't lose sleep over it.
  4. Your probably better off taking stuff back over to trade with collectors rather than cash.
  5. Think tastes only change because they think it's fashionable. Plenty buy slower records though gritted teeth for that reason. We all know it always has and always will be a dance orientated scene.
  6. Both watching the deer at Holkham Hall. Norfolk.
  7. Unfortunately quite a few of them about spoiling it for the real working class collectors. The real collectors will always have something they haven't got.
  8. Their are of course collectors who collect because they think it's fashionable.

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