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  1. Obviously a deluded Breeder/Trainer/Owner who will tell you what a squeaky clean industry it is.Why not message me if they have a problem? Thought it was a good post as you can see how she has turned out Anyway that's me done.
  2. Fair enough.Don't think i will bother posting on Soul Source anymore.
  3. As you can Skye has settled in really well.
  4. She is out of that brutal game now.She was looking at people talking on beach. But fair to say she is not little fury friendly yet.B. ut we will work on her like we have done all our rescue greyhounds. Yep lovely looking dog a real fanny magnet
  5. After losing our greyhound rescue(Avatar pic) in Feb we have decided to give Skye a home.She will be here next Weds.Sofa waiting after a rather excessive 100 races.
  6. Sadly Steve up on Hickling we have had cases of eggs and caterpillars stolen by collectors in recent years.They pull up the milk Parsley with them on. End up with a pin through them on a board. Think they have two broods so anytime during summer would be time to visit. If your down let me know and i will take you for a buzz round the Thurne System on my boat
  7. I live about 2 miles from their and was born about 3 miles from their.
  8. Yes seen them here in Norfolk during winter.Saw a swallow on December the 4th 2018 was that surprised i remembered date. Thought no way it would survive being from a possible late brood but turns out it was a red rumped swallow.
  9. Fairly sure not all Blackcaps migrate.Must be warmer winters.Nice piccy.
  10. I paid less for a mint past present and future earlier this year.The copy listed is trashed.
  11. Parted with mine last year.Glad i cashed in.I don't feel quite so bad in letting it go now.A Blacknight £15 back in the 80s. PS reissues should be banned.

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