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  1. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Not seen any for days here in Norfolk.House martins are starting to group.
  2. World Athletics Championships

    Third fastest time in history so doubt the Brits would have been caught.
  3. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    Steve i paid a lot less for the other Inclinations 45 and it took over 25 years to find a copy for sale.
  4. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    Charles johnson their must be hundreds of copies kicking about.
  5. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Swifts are on the move. Large numbers heading south over Norfolk.

    I spun Sonic Explosion flip at last sweet deep and soulful Durham. Great sweet soul.
  7. J Manship Auction Results 26/07/2017

    Think it getting hoovered up by people jumping on the Sweet soul bandwagon with no real interest. People who have collected this stuff a long while will say the same £40 tops. Think I sold you a copy for £30 a few years ago. Not the Notations best...
  8. J Manship Auction Results 26/07/2017

    Notations jeez £40 tops
  9. Value of Three Records Needed Please

    Ralph weeks £350 pending condition though I was just offered a vg- copy that played really well for$100.
  10. BBC Pay List

    Did Terry Walton make the list?
  11. BBC Pay List

    I have always found the BBC a little biased when reporting on conflicts around the world.
  12. BBC Pay List

    I wonder how many on the list voted labour in election.
  13. Brothers of Soul, Dream (Shock)

    Sent you a pm