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  1. With you on that Carl. He has auctioned stuff for me and was surprised how honest Jason's gradings are. Defo undergrades.
  2. Opposite ends of the Speed spectrum. Though our tortoise does scoot about.
  3. From what I remember they were a fairly short lived band. Remember them playing the 151 or possibly Brunswick. Ashley lived opposite us on St Georges Rd. Good luck with search and would love to see video if you find it.
  4. Norfolk Sunrise during the week whilst walking our greyhound.
  5. Enjoyed that to Kev. Happy New year. Huggy.
  6. Always had a soft spot for The Notations - There I go. Guess great soul records are great whatever your preference in genre within the soul scene.
  7. Was not fishing mate just had outboard serviced and was out early. A dozen cranes flew over just after I took photo. Fantastic birds
  8. I ledger for them and let them hook themselves.Flurocarbon is a must but as i age its a bugger to tie knots even with glasses.
  9. Buggers to hook but look stunning in the 5 am sunlight.Fantastic watching them swim away on release.
  10. Taken a couple of nights ago Scratby Norfolk.Starting to get a nice shine now that kennel coat has gone.
  11. Read all US Forces mail goes through Chicago also.Very busy place.

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