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  1. Bunny Sigler R I P

    Terry Heath’s and Wheel classic Let the Good Times Roll Thanks Bunny RIP
  2. The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Up in Yorkshire to visit relatives and first time at the Black Cat. After a slow start it was a fantastic evening. Great DJs and nice people - great to meet you Kathryn. And what a bonus having 'Premier League' DJs Sam and Andy. What a coup for the Black Cat. Next stop Whitby Weekender. Thanks everyone Paul and Diane
  3. The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Thanks Paul
  4. The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Hi Kathryn We'll seek you out. Fantastic scene we meet new people all the time and we do a lot of events. We do more now than when we were 17!!! Paul, Diane and now Ray from Oxenhope.
  5. The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Andy and Sam were at Southport Charity All Dayer last Sunday. Fantastic sets from them both. We'll be enduring the M6 from the Midlands for the Black Cat next week. Can't wait. Paul AKA Mod 66 and Diane (nee Robinson and formerly from Low Moor herself)
  6. The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Thank you Paul
  7. The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Thanks Kathryn Seen her at lots of venues including the mighty Kings Hall Stoke. In Bradford visiting relatives so thought we would give it a try. Whilst I've got this thread going, Can ask if you have any idea how Ginger is. Pail
  8. The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Guest DJ Is that Sam Evans from Hinckley Only on other sites it's advertising Andy and Sam Baskett We're up from the Midlands anyway but just curious. Paul AKA Mod66
  9. Polish Club Stafford Motown Night

    Our first time at this one. Really Northern fans but wanted to check out the location for the future so decided to give the Motown and 70s, one off night a try. Fantastic night. Loved it. Superb DJs - Terrific dance floor and very friendly people. We will definitely return for the Northern sessions. Paul and Diane
  10. Blackpool July 14th

    Coming up for the Tower Soul Event on Saturday 15th July Does anyone know if, apart from the Soul Suite, there are any events or pub gigs on the evening before (Friday 14th) Paul AKA Mod 66
  11. Try the Wheel Plenty of 60s Soul Motown, Stax, Atlantic and Bell etc etc with the odd bit of Nothern from the 70s Wheel
  12. Lichfield House

    Back in the 60s we used to go to soul nights at Lichfield House in Stafford. Not really a venue just an empty large house, Good tunes and lots of scooters Anyone remedmber it.
  13. Teddington Northern Soul

    Thanks Ann for another fantastic night The guest DJs did a great job In spite of Cleethorpes etc, the venue filled up nicely within an hour. Fantastic atmosphere. Hoping to make another visit soon Nice to chat with you when we arrived Paul (Shropshire) Ray (Yorkshire) and Richard from Wendover
  14. 1600 People 12 Djs 3 Rooms 1 Venue The King Power Stadium

    Sounds a fantastic gig Only just become aware of this event Anyone know if anymore are planed this year
  15. What about Burnley Mecca

    Sorry when I started this post I should have said mid 60s The building was the same in the 70s but branding was different. I would presume there was a smattering of Motown together with chart music of the day during that period. To be fair Mecca on ...