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  1. Hi Gillian Thanks for your reply. Have sent you a personal message Very best wishes Paul
    No offsides, no own goals and some fantastic headers from Mr Scoffin !! Pete, Jock, John, and Chris's bar staff completed the winning team for an absolutely fantastic session at the Legendary Twisted Wheel Club. I've said this before but where else in the Country is there a Mod/Soul club with the history and pedigree of the Twisted Wheel. I'm sure everyone who's been, and that's hundreds every month, would say the same. For anyone who hasn't been, I think the question is why not. Nothing to loose and so much to gain. Paul and Diane The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire
  2. Mod66

    T.S.O.P. 2020

    Absolutely Fantastic Can't wait a year until the next one!! So the next TSOP ASAP please
  3. Mod66

    T.S.O.P. 2020

    Pete Roberts - What a guy Always going above and beyond in his dedication to The Scene. See you tonight my friend Paul, Diane, Ange, Mark, Ray and Les Just a few of your dedicated Twisted Wheel regulars who will be in attendance.
  4. Mod66

    T.S.O.P. 2020

    Will certainly try Paul and Diane - Shropshire Ray - Near Brighouse (Ginger's neck of the woods) Ange and Mark - Huddersfield Les - Stockport Steve and Doris - Bury
  5. Mod66

    T.S.O.P. 2020

    Premier League DJs for seven quid. Why would you want to go anywhere else. Can't wait for this. It's going to be 'Monster' Paul and Diane The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire.
    Excellent tunes from all the DJs and Yos's cinematic contribution was just out of this world, The Twisted Wheel never fails to deliver and yesterday was no exception. Without doubt this is the best Mod /Soul Club in the Country. Forget the imitators, there's only one club you'll ever need and the Twisted Wheel is it. Paul and Diane The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire
  6. ''It might be winter outside'' but There ain't no stopping us now'' So ''Come on Train'' ''Get ready'' (cause he we come) Paul and Diane The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire
  7. You won't be disappointed. We travel from Stafford twice a month.
    Great afternoon with the Small Fakers and Pete and Jock on the decks. The place was packed with lots of new faces and the atmosphere was electric. Yet again the Twisted Wheel exceeded all expectations. Absolutely Brilliant Paul and Diane The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire. Sent from my iPhone
    What an absolutely fantastic session on Sunday with the superb Chris King. The Twisted Wheel attracts all the Premier League DJs and add to that the highly polished and professional residents, how could it fail. Hundreds of attendees can't be wrong. Clubs come and go but the Twisted Wheel goes from strength to strength. I think 20 CONTINUOUS years says it all. Paul and Diane - The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire
    Another packed Session at the Twisted Wheel yesterday. We were in by 3.01 and from the word go, those magical Wheel sounds resonated throughout the building Guesting was the Legendary Ginger Taylor. Now there's a DJ who'll never let you down - Absolutely Fantastic. With Pete, John and Jock added to the mix the session couldn't fail. 8.00 came far too quickly, but at least we're safe in the knowledge that in a fortnight's time we'll be doing it all again. In the meantime there's always the Twisted Wheel Club Radio Show with 'Mr Roberts' , broadcasting directly from the Club every we
    It just gets busier and busier but it's no secret why. It's simply that Twisted Club is the best Mod/Soul in the Country, delivering the very best music from the very best DJs. Pete, Guest DJ Tim Rabjohn and the rest of the Twisted Wheel DJs certainly delivered the goods yesterday. There was only one downside to the session and that was closing time!! Paul and Diane The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire
    Wow - Another Christmas Present. The Twisted Wheel just keeps on giving. John Kane , Pete, John and Jock had the place rockin at another packed session today. Absolutely Brilliant. Great people and fantastic music. This club always delivers the goods, time after time. There can't be any other Mod/Soul Club in the Country which enjoys this sort of success on such a regular basis and is still going strong after nearly 20 'continuous' years. Any 60s Wheelers out there who haven't been here, I think the question is why. Trust us you'll not be disappointed . 130 mile found tri
    Another excellent session and the prefect prequel to Christmas. Some absolutely brilliant tunes from Pete and the Guys, creating a truly electric atmosphere. The Twisted Wheel always delivers and Sunday was no exception and that's the truth. Paul and Diane The Soul Time Travellers from Shropshire Sent from my iPhone

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