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  1. Let's Dance Some Mo' Soul All Dayer

    Thanks for info Paul
  2. Soulchoons at The Prince

    Thanks Carol for posting the flyer. What a tremendous line up. We’ve got several more events before that to keep us going. It’ll soon come around. Can’t wait. See everyone there Paul (AKA Mod66) and Diane
  3. Soulchoons at The Prince

    Thanks Paul


    Love to go to this but cannot do the whole weekend. Will there be tickets available for Saturday night only Thanks Paul
  5. Soulchoons at The Prince

    We went to the last two - Absolutely fantastic. Southport and September Whitby are the high spots of the Summer Is there a flyer someone could post for this event on Soul Source - Know a lot of people who’d like to come Many thanks Paul (AKA Mod66) and Diane

    Thanks Pete for another fantastic session. Absolutely brilliant. Jos was great - something completely different. Will be back again as soon as we can. Can’t wait Paul (Mod66) and Diane from Shropshire, Ray from Bradford and Richard from Dunstable.
  7. Padiham Soul Club

    Thanks for your efforts. It’s 50 Years since we “scootered up” to Padiham and Burnley Mecca so are definitely up for this in the future. Not sure about May but could you provide a list all the 2018 dates for us Many thanks Paul (AKA Mod66)

    Attended past events at the Civic which were excellent Unfortunately can’t make this one. Can someone post details for other dates this year Many thanks Paul (AKA Mod66)

    Us guys are on our way from Stafford, Dunstable and Bradford after a great session at Stoke last weekend. Can’t wait for this one Love the Wheel Pete is always amazing Dont know Jos but he sounds like someone we need to see. Paul (AKA Mod66), Richard and Ray
  10. Kings Hall Stoke 'The UK's most popular All Nighter

    Stoke never fails to deliver - Superb Night. Got a few local ones, Stafford, Shrewsbury and Manchester to keep us going until the All Dayer in May. Can’t wait for it. Last year’s event was tremendous Paul (AKA Mod66)
  11. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Oh yes. Nice one Joey Stoke tonight and coming up for the Wheel next week on 25th I'm sure Pete will deliver the goods Paul (AKA Mod66)
  12. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Before everyone lost their way and were ' Going loco with Bernadette under the boardwalk whilst singing the Onion song!! We had these real Motown classics Love is like an itching in my heart -Supremes Why when the love has gone - Isley Brother...
  13. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    When all said and done Ian Levine did bring a lot of records into the country I go to all the major events but last week attended a small local club in Teddington (towards London). Unbelievably, Ian Levine was doing a set there. The best night I'v...
  14. Kings Hall Stoke 'The UK's most popular All Nighter

    Fresh back fro Ian Levine's incredible set at Teddington last week and now ready for the always superb Kings Hall Nighter. 69 and still doing one every week. It'll never be over for me Paul (AKA Mod66)
  15. Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Over 50 years ago since the original I'm 69 and going to more venues all over the country than I did when I was 17 The Wheel is one of my favourites and I regularly travel up from the Midlands. Keep up the good work Pete Paul (AKA Mod 66)

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