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  1. Mod66

    ritz(venue 73)

    Hi Ginger Ray will be there as usual. Sadly, I can't make this one. However, Diane and I will be at the Wheel and Stoke in December to hear your excellent tunes. All the best Paul
  2. Mod66


    Thanks Pete and guest DJs for another fantastic afternoon. The Wheel always delivers. We absolutely love it. As I said to you if we lived in Manchester we’d be at every session. Loved every minute. Thanks for playing my requests but sorry Private Number cleared the floor - nevertheless a good tune. Next trip - The Small Fakers in a couple of weeks and also back in December. Cant wait Paul (nee Peter!!!!) and Diane
  3. Mod66

    Whitby Motown Weekender


    Well done Kev and Co. Absolutely Fantastic Booked hotel for next year already Paul (Mod66) and Diane
  4. Mod66

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    Our third year and we’re already planning for the next one. Absolutely fantastic. Great tunes, atmosphere and people and all for charity - tremendous. Thanks DJs and Organisers Paul (AKA Mod66) and Diane.
  5. Mod66

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    Nice pics Rodders Three and a half days to go - pacing the floor! Can't wait Paul (AKA Mod66) and Diane
  6. Mod66


    Coming up from Stafford on Friday afternoon and staying with my good friend Ray from Oxenhope You know who we are, Ginger. Four and half hours solid dance to top tunes from yourself and the other fantastic DJs We saw Yocky at the Wheel last Sunday - great sets. Looking forward to hearing more of the same on Friday. Counting the days Paul (AKA Mod66)
  7. Mod66


    As always another fantastic session. Great atmosphere, wonderful friendly people and of course top tunes. If we lived in Manchester we would go twice a month! Thanks Pete See you in September Keep up the good work Paul (AKA Mod66) and Diane
  8. Mod66


    Hi Pete A few tracks we'd like if possible. Back in my arms again - Supremes Itching in my heart - Either version My elusive dreams - Moses and Joshua Dillard Why when the love has gone - Isley Brothers Just too many to choose from!! Look forward to seeing you on Sunday All the best Paul
  9. Mod66

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    The Wheel this Sunday ( another terrific venue) Then a week off Then Southport Can’t wait - love this event. Paul (AKA Mod66) and Diane from Telford
  10. Mod66


    Hi Pete Looking forward to our return to the absolutely fantastic Twisted Wheel for what is always a brilliant session. Can't wait We love The Wheel. Makes us feel 17 again!! See you on Sunday Paul (AKA Mod66) and Diane and friends from Bradford and Dunstable
  11. Mod66

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    Happy to help You will enjoy it - 100% No Doubt Paul
  12. Mod66

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    Our third year. Absolutely Fantastic Event - Love it. We travel from the Midlands. Don't worry about tickets. Get a wristband on the door at 1.00 pm, even if you don't want to get 'Out On The Floor' until later. We stay at the Hotel where the event is. Prince of Wales on Lord Street. Doubt if they'd give any discounts. They have stuff ( not necessarily Northern) on all the time, so pretty busy place. Paul (AKA Mod66)
  13. Mod66

    Blackpool Tower Soul Reunion 4

    What a truly sensational line up Thank you for an exceptional night. We go all over the country and this event has certainly the best so far this year for us. Very hot - 6 shirt changes!!!! Fantastic tunes which kept the floor full all-night. Absolutely brilliant Thanks again guys Paul (AKA Mod66) - Telford, Ray - Bradford Richard - Dunstable
  14. Mod66

    harold soul club bradford no more

    Sorry to hear the news. Live in the Midlands but have connections in Bradford. Have seen you guys at other venues, always playing great tunes All the best Paul (AKA Mod 66)
  15. Mod66



    Sorry it should have gone the “comments” section


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