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  1. I have just returned home from Town, and I was told some very sad news by Tony Hulme (the Manchester 60's Singer) that Julian Lyons age 52 had died at his home in America at the weekend. I'm sure everybody at the Twisted Wheel Club would send their condolence's. Julian was the Twisted Wheel Club owner along with Jorge, till it sadly closed its doors for the last time in December 2012. Pete Roberts. Who rented the Twisted Wheel Club off Julian from (2000 to 2012).
  2. Simply fabulous again!! That's the pulling power of the Wheel. A Big Thanks Again. Robo 66.
    A REAL HUMDINGER OF A DAY AT THE TWISTED WHEEL CLUB IN MANCHESTER. Well where do I start, It was Fabulous!!.. And yes it's the Wheel Sundays that all the Pubs and Restaurants in Town look forward too, with all the trade that the Wheel brings to the City centre. What Fantastic Day!! Don't take my word for it ask the 100's that were there at this great Club, and believe me the Ghost of Whitworth Street was in attendance with us all. A big thanks to our guest Deejay JOHN KANE who had a ball and loved every minute of it! JOHN GREEN & JOCK HERON did the business in Room 2 and kept the floor bouncing all day with their great collections of across the board choices of Northern, RnB, Mod & Ska records. A BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR A GREAT DAY, AND FOR COMING TWICE A MONTH TO THIS GREAT 60' SOUL CLUB. It was great to see many of the old faces along with a lot of new ones who was buzzing, Hi to TAXI BOB from Barnsley and Wife, and our Next Wheel Sunday Soul Session at the Wheel is on Sunday 14 May with Yorkshire's Finest YOCKY. Best Regards Robo 66.
  3. Review to follow later - WOW what a Fantastic Day!! ... Packed to the rafters!! Robo 66.
  4. Please Note - There is NO football on at the Wheel, this is not a pub or anything like one!! If you want the telly the Twisted Wheel Club is not for you. See you all later for a Fantastic Time in this unique atmospheric 60's proper Club! Robo 66
  5. There's only one Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester, and its on today!! See you all later in the Basement at the Club! .... That started it all. With this weeks Special Guest Deejay the return of BBC Radio Mr John Kane who loves working at this Fantastic 60's Soul Club. Robo 66.
  6. Not long to go now!!, for John Kane's BIG 60th BIRTHDAY DO!!.. Tomorrow at the Twisted Wheel Club. I have just spoke to John on the phone, and I know that he is really looking forward to seeing you all. It would be nice if a lot of Johns Radio Shows listeners turned up to wish him a HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY. John Kane as done a Fantastic Radio Show for nearly 5 years on the BBC and done a lot of requests in that time for a lot of people, so it would be nice if some of them came to say hello to the man behind the microphone. Hope to see lots of you tomorrow, on what promises to be a great Day/Night. Robo 66
  7. Hi Tim & The Buxton Crew! ... looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday at the Wheel. On a much sadder note, I did see your mate Steve Neal along with 100's of others 2 weeks ago at Chinley Chapel for a very dear old friend of Jackie and I, at Claire Stamp funeral. Claire was a Diamond and she was loved by everybody that knew her! A TOP SCHOOL TEACHER IN ART AND DESIGN! I KNOW ALL THE KIDS WILL BE HEARTBROKEN. Sadly the last time I saw Nick & Claire was at the Wheel on Whitworth Street, but we did talk on the telephone. See you on Sunday Tim. Best Regards Pete "Robo 66" Roberts.
  8. 4 Days to go now,.... And counting down to what will be a Fantastic Day/Night on Sunday at The Twisted Wheel Club!! People are still asking me, Pete where has the Twisted Wheel Radio Show gone? Well yesterday I was invited to be a studio guest on the Paul Kidd Radio Show on KFM RADIO which I really did enjoy doing. Anybody wishing to listening to it, can do! Its on mixcloud via soul source, on the twisted wheel radio show on listen again. Its had 50 Hits already on there, and another 10 hits on a New mixcloud account that John Green kindly set up for me. So somebody must want to hear this voice. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday at the Twisted Wheel in that "Cellar Full Of Soul" at the Club that started it all. Robo 66
  9. just 5 Days to go now...... And it's Soul Time!! Robo 66
  10. 7 Days too long! ... I hate these 5 week months, but this time next week the Wheel will be rocking!! Robo 66
  11. Hi Derek & the Cambridge Crew. Nice to hear from you!... And don't worry about coming to the Wheel, I know that you love The Twisted Wheel Club and you come up to Manchester when you can, and Cambridge is a 400+ mile round trip for you...... I'm lucky I only live 5 miles away. I don't know who that Ugly Fat bloke is on the end of that photo that you put on your post? IT MUST BE ALL THE FREE DINNERS THAT I GET??... AND I'M THINKING OF HAVING A CASTER FITTED TO MY AXSE!! WHEN I CAN AFFORD IT. Derek, I'm sure I will see you in Blackpool and when you are up at the Wheel in June with our guest Deejay GINGER TAYLOR. Its a pity that you cant make Sunday at the Wheel on Sunday, for John Kane's Big 60th Birthday! Its gonna be a Belter!! Best Regards. Robo 66.
  12. Sunday 30th at The Twisted Wheel Club!... See's our Special Guest Deejay BBC Radio Mr John Kane celebrating his BIG 60th BIRTHDAY!! And where better to celebrate it, than in the Club that started it all. I know how much John is really looking forward to it, and he will be joined by his Lady T. I know that a lot of Johns Radio listeners will be coming to wish John a Happy 60th Birthday. So what a Fantastic day, we are going to have in that "60's Cellar Full Of Soul" It's gonna be a packer!! Robo 66
  13. Its only 7 days to go!.... But it will be well worth the wait!! Robo 66