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  1. Thanks Yocky As always you did a great job for us, and what another fantastic day it was at the Wheel on Sunday. Thanks again, and it's great to see Mandy looking so well. Pete.
  2. At last "THE KING OF THE CASINO" gets what he rightly deserves!! Sir Richard Searling as devoted life to the Soul Scene and it's been along time coming. A Fantastic DJ, and what a TOP Radio presenter with a great voice to match. Pete Roberts
  3. Yes. YOCKY Really looking forward to Sunday at the Wheel as always. Just having New Twisted Wheel Club Flyers done for "OUR BIG 19th ANNIVERSARY" On Sunday 14th July - 3pm - 9pm. Just £5 pounds on the door. WITH OUR GUEST DJ's JOHN MANSHIP - WORLD WIDE RECORD DEALER & DJ AND TIM. RABJOHN - BLACKPOOL SOUL CLUB And what a Day/Night this is going to be. NOT TO BE MISSED, AT THE CLUB THAT STARTED IT ALL IN MANCHESTER 1963 -1971 AND IT'S REBIRTH 2000 - 2019.
  4. Hi Yocky and Mandy Really looking forward to seeing you & Mandy, and you Dj'ing again for us at the Best 60's Soul & Mod Club. The Legendary Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester. Over 350 very happy people packed into that Unique Gritty Basement last Sunday. Pete Roberts.
  5. Can I please thank the 350+ people who attended the Wheel yesterday, and was packed into our unique Basement and for making it a fantastic day. A BIG THANKS TO OUR GUEST DJ's - BARRY FORD AND DAVE EVISON & JOHN GREEN FOR KEEPING BOTH OUR ROOMS BOUNCING. Looking forward to seeing you all at our next Sunday Soul Session on 9th June with our guest DJ - YOCKY. Pete Roberts.
  6. Absolutely Awesome!! I think Mod66 Review, says it all. Pete Roberts.
  7. Unfortunately JOCK will not be Dj'ing at the Twisted Wheel today, he is attending a family wedding in a Hotel. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few hour's time. Pete Roberts.
  8. PLEASE NOTE DJ TIMES Pete Roberts - 3-4 ROOM ONE John Green - 3-4 ROOM TWO Barry Ford - 4-5 ROOM ONE Dave Evison - 4-5 ROOM TWO Pete Roberts - 5-6 ROOM ONE John Green - 5-6 ROOM TWO Dave Evison - 6-7 ROOM ONE Barry Ford - 6-7 ROOM TWO Pete Roberts - 7-8 ROOM ONE John Green - 7-8 ROOM TWO
  9. Can somebody explain to me what is wrong with the above post ?
  10. Sunday 26th May we have got 2 fantastic guest DJ's - DAVE EVISON AND BARRY FORD on for you at the Wheel. So get them Tonic Mohair Suits on, and the Lambretta Scooters out!! And head for The Legendary Twisted Wheel Club. Pete Roberts.
  11. Its getting closer, to another unmissable guaranteed Day/Night at this fantastic 60's Soul Club as always. Pete Roberts.
  12. Thank you, Paul and Diane for your excellent Review on last week's Sunday 14th May Twisted Wheel Club. And like you said, you both know why this Soul Club is so well supported!! We play the records that all our Wheel regulars want to hear, and come back for twice a Month.. Not the ones we think you should like and nobody comes! We play the records that made Manchester's Twisted Wheel Club so famous, so only a FOOL would change a winning formula and the DNA of this great Club. Pete Roberts.
  13. NOT TO BE MISSED!! THIS SESSION AT THE LEGENDARY TWISTED WHEEL CLUB IN MANCHESTER IS GOING TO BE MASSIVE!! And like EDWIN STARR said The Wheel is " OFTEN IMITATED BUT NEVER EVER DUPLICATED " How true is that, the proof is in the pudding!! 19 Continuous Soulful Years and twice a month and we are still going as strong as ever. Pete Roberts.
  14. Well I could have a bet on that one!!
  15. Well, what another fantastic day at The Legendary Twisted Wheel Club yesterday!! The Sun was cracking the flags yesterday, and I knew a lot of people were having a BBQ in the lovely weather, and a lot people told me last week that they were not coming to the Wheel on Sunday because they were staying at home to watch the football. AND A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO MANCHESTER CITY FOOTBALL CLUB FOR WINNING THE LEAGUE !! So did any of this do any damage to the Wheel's attendance? .......Well what do you think, as always NO. And a Big thanks to you all for your fantastic support of this great Club for 19 continuous soulful years. Again can I thank our guest DJ's - ROD ALLSWORTH AND JIMMY SCRIV for doing a great job for us in both rooms. And our resident Wheel DJ's - JOHN GREEN AND ALBERT JOCK " The Kettler " HERON. Looking forward to you all at our next Wheel on Sunday 26 May, with are guest DJ's who is going to be DAVE EVISON AND BARRY FORD who will be celebrating his BIG 70th Birthday!! On the day. Thanks again. Pete Roberts.

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