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  1. Does anyone know the release year of this? I'm between 1972 and 73, but would love to have the exact year.
  2. Hi Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm looking for a sound clip of Charles Brimmers "Man Has Landed On The Moon", the B-side of – "Black Is Beautiful" Does anyone own a copy and can make me a sound clip? I will pay for the effort!
  3. Prices in £, ask for shipping costs Caviar - Never stop loving you - Survivor M- 150 Ice - Hard times - TGNMC M- 35 Johnny Watson - It's better to cry - Valise M- (red vinyl) 45 K.L. Hamilton - I'm trying - Rip Pro M- 50 Living color - Plastic people - Sophisticated FunkVg+ (Couple of nail scratches, DNAP) 150 Maurice Jackson - Lucky fellow - Candle Lite Vg++ 80 Royal gospel singers - There's hope for this world - King M-25 The Stratoliners - What do you want with my love - Federal M-250 Tony Love - Crying time is over - Instant M- 20 True Movement - Depression - Mystic Insight M- 50
  4. Great record, several for sale here (demo is vinyl BTW):
  5. Buy the pink demo Ian, different take than the orange issue!
  6. I'll pay good money for a at least Vg+ copy of Dee Dee McArthur "Girl We're In Love"
  7. The Stratoliners - What Do You Want With my love – Federal (WD) M- £200 Sage - I'm Alive – Head M- £150 SOLD Kenny & Larry With The Hidden Persuaders - You And I Are Through – A Bem Sole – M- £150 The Harvey Averne Dozen – Never Learned To Dance – Ex- £1000
  8. until

    I think we're finished in a way, was only supposed to do it 5 years
  9. until

  10. until

    It's Gardermoen. Torp (cheaper flights?) is 1,5 hour away by bus or train.
  11. until

    15th and 16th of june 2018 yes!
  12. until
    15th anniversary weekender and our final Oslo Soul Experience!
  13. Anyone got a Vg+ (at least) copy of Dee Dee Mcarthur - Girl We're In Love (Universal sound)
  14. Buddy Ace – Screaming please – Duke Ex £200 (not sure if this has the "bad" sound, ask for a clip)Roscoe Thomas – American girl – World Ex £250 SOLDLucille Mathis – I’m not your regular woman – A-bet Ex (WOL) £200 SOLDCold blood – I’m a good woman – San Francisco Ex (WD) £110Rex Garvin – You don’t need no help – WSJ Ex+/M- (original on vinyl) £150Roy Roberts Experience – You move me – House of the fox M- (a small «Vinyl buble» at the start of run in groove DNAP) £200 SOLD

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