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  1. Thanks for the tip Ste. that was a new Larry Williams tune for me!
  2. Thanks a lot Ez! So then you might agree that “society hill” is just a metaphor for the finer part of a town? And maybe he used "steel mill" cos it fits?
  3. Thanks a lot Kenb, it answers my question! So even if the 45 is released on a Chicago label, the "story" is from Philadelphia
  4. Hi soul sourcers I’m writing a book where I use lyrics from soul 45s, and Tony Clarkes’ “Poor Boy”, on Chess records, is one of them. He’s using the word “society hill” and I was sure it was just an metaphor for the finer part of a town, but searching for it, I found out that it was (might be?) a famous neighborhood in Center City Philadelphia, PA. So, what do you think, is he singing about Philadelphia? Is there a “valley by an old steel mill” close to Center City? I’d appreciate any help! “You can look, but brother don’t you touch/ Go ahead and care, it can’t matter very much/
  5. Charmels - As long as I've got you on Volt. Will pay good money for a at least Vg+ copy
  6. Hi Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm looking for a sound clip of Charles Brimmers "Man Has Landed On The Moon", the B-side of – "Black Is Beautiful" Does anyone own a copy and can make me a sound clip? I will pay for the effort!
  7. Prices in £, ask for shipping costs Caviar - Never stop loving you - Survivor M- 150 Ice - Hard times - TGNMC M- 35 Johnny Watson - It's better to cry - Valise M- (red vinyl) 45 K.L. Hamilton - I'm trying - Rip Pro M- 50 Living color - Plastic people - Sophisticated FunkVg+ (Couple of nail scratches, DNAP) 150 Maurice Jackson - Lucky fellow - Candle Lite Vg++ 80 Royal gospel singers - There's hope for this world - King M-25 The Stratoliners - What do you want with my love - Federal M-250 Tony Love - Crying time is over - Instant M- 20 True Movement - Depression - Mystic
  8. Great record, several for sale here (demo is vinyl BTW): https://www.discogs.com/Winfield-Parker-Starvin/master/744140
  9. Buy the pink demo Ian, different take than the orange issue!
  10. I'll pay good money for a at least Vg+ copy of Dee Dee McArthur "Girl We're In Love"
  11. The Stratoliners - What Do You Want With my love – Federal (WD) M- £200 Sage - I'm Alive – Head M- £150 SOLD Kenny & Larry With The Hidden Persuaders - You And I Are Through – A Bem Sole – M- £150 The Harvey Averne Dozen – Never Learned To Dance – Ex- £1000
  12. until
    15th anniversary weekender and our final Oslo Soul Experience!

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