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  1. The first in 2020 of our bi-monthly Hip City Soul Club events brings us the legendary DEAN PARRISH from NYC, USA ! Backed by the fabulous Berlin based - Rhythm & Beat Organization - Resident DJ`s Marc Forrest (birthday kiddo ) and Franz Heidl plus VERY special guest DJ`s tba ! Entry 8pm, concert 9 pm (sharp), Allnighter from 10 pm till 5 am 15,- € / 7 € after 10 pm
  2. Tiaras Op–Art Gorgeous George Peachtree Admirations Peaches Please pm - thank you
  3. yes, and they came from Ricky himself if I remember correct. Alongside his Next Time version on that yellow label.. No Arthur Willis there and then though..
  4. The one Steve Jeffries had and which resides now with Kevin was Soul Sams copy. 6 copies all together.
  5. 6 copies now I know of and who owns them, 4 in the UK. Dont know where last nights copy is going to, maybe back to the States. If it stays in the UK its 5 copies then in the UK. 2 of them whole 6 came from the same source (in the States). This auction copy I believe was also recently found in the States (different source than the aforementioned 2).
  6. Well my copy aint mint...more like vg+ does that qualify ;)
  7. True Mark, spoke to Tim the other day. Heres his story "I got this copy in a box of random 45s from Craig 1989, That was the first copy to have entered the UK. Started playing it as c/up. That was before Martin got hold of a copy and put it on his tape.";)
  8. Haha, Benji....for a moment I thought you are being serious. You are not, arent you ;)
  9. Not a Ted nor a Soul Sam record, by far not. Actually its been played at Stafford already, Steve Smith aired it. But it might have been just the odd one or two spins which explains why when Tim Brown started olaying it after him (the better of the two great sides, I Didnt Have To) he claimed to have duscovered it. So its Steve and Tim. Mid Eighties.
  10. hand written pencil and stamped, yes just like mine. One of the two Steve had.Didnt know he had two though !
  11. no havent seen any in the flesh, no demo, no issue. Only ever saw the one white stamped test pressing I own.
  12. How longs ago my friend, do u remember ? Think Val infact has an issue and at least one demo in existence see pic ("knicked" via utube)
  13. Funnily enough my WD which came via Dobber used to be the very same copy that Steve Smith once had, so there you go we are talking about the same copy that can look back on quite some travelling ! I know Val Shively has one (for the Doo wop side), dont know about Greg Tormo or any others in circulation.

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